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Marco Maneta
"Nobody trusts a model except who wrote it. Everybody trusts a measurement except who made it."
- Anonymous


Marco Maneta - Watershed Hydrology

My teaching and research focus on water and energy flows in the landscape at the watershed scale. Specifically I am interested in how vegetation plays a strong role in the energy and water budget and therefore is a primary control on hydrologic processes. Because vegetation is sensitive to climate change, a good understanding of the feedback between vegetation, atmospheric forcing and hydrologic processes is necessary to properly evaluate the impacts of climate change on future water availability at the local and regional scales.


Marco Maneta
Assistant Professor
Geosciences Department 32 Campus Dr., #1296
University of Montana
Missoula, MT  59812-1296
Office: Charles H Clapp Building, Room 316
Telephone: 406 - 243 - 2454
Fax: 406 - 243 - 4028
Email: marco.maneta{at}umontana{dot}edu