Regional Hydrology Lab - UM

Welcome to Marco Maneta's hydrology lab at the University of Montana.

Our laboratory takes an interdispciplinary view of hydrology that considers the hydrologic cycle as the background process that sustains and connects ecological and landscape processes.

Under this perspective, the study of how water flows in the landscape is both a final objective and a means to achieve an integrated understanding of our environment.

Our mission can be summarized in three broad topics:

1) Understanding the interaction between hydrologic, climate and ecological processes from the perspective of water as the common agent that links these components.
2) Understanding how impacts in the environmental system derived from natural or economic activity are propragated.
3) Developing advanced predictive and analysis tools that can be used to inform policy and decision making.



Marco Maneta
Assistant Professor
Geosciences Department 32 Campus Dr., #1296
University of Montana
Missoula, MT  59812-1296
Office: Charles H Clapp Building, Room 316
Telephone: 406 - 243 - 2454
Fax: 406 - 243 - 4028
Email: marco.maneta{at}umontana{dot}edu