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Marco Maneta
"Nobody trusts a model except who wrote it. Everybody trusts a measurement except who made it."
- Anonymous



Peer reviewed journals

Woelber, B, Maneta, M, Jencso, K and Harper, J (in preparation). Energy controls on diurnal snowmelt events and stream recharge in a semi-alpine catchment in western Montana.

Maneta, M, Pan, LL, Pasternack, G, Chen, SH, Fogg, G, Grismer, M, Harter, T, Hopmans, J, Puente, C, Ustin, S and Wallender, W (in preparation). Resilience of a high-precipitation water supply region to future climatic change in California.

Silverman, N and Maneta, M (in review). Detectability of Change in Winter Precipitation within Mountain Landscapes: Spatial Patterns and Uncertainty.

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Maneta, M, Singh, P, Torres, M, Wallender, W, Vosti, S, Rodrigues, L, Bassoi, L, Young, J (2009). Parsimonious Crop Water Productivity Index under Unforced Conditions for Large Basins. Area, 41(1): 94-106.

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Lavado, F, Maneta, M and Schnabel, S (2006). Prediction of near-surface soil moisture at large scale by digital terrain modeling and neural networks. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 121(1-3): 211-230.

Peer reviewed book chapters

Jetten, V G and Maneta, M P (2010). Calibration of Erosion Models. In: Morgan, R and Nearing, M (eds), Handbook of Erosion Modelling. Willy-Blackwell, pp. 33-51.

Schnabel, S. and Maneta, M., (2005). Modelling suspended sediment time-series produced by runoff peaks in small semiarid catchments: A neural network approach. In: R. Batalla (Editor), River/Catchment Dynamics. IAHS Red Books, Solsona, pp. 91-100.

Maneta, M. and Schnabel, S., (2003) “Aplicación de redes neuronales artificiales para determinar la distribución espacial de la humedad del suelo en una pequeña cuenca de drenaje. Estudios preliminares”. En: J. Álvarez-Benedí y P. Marinero (Editores), VI Jornadas sobre Investigación en la Zona no Saturada del Suelo. ITA, Valladolid, pp. 296-304.