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Marco Maneta
"Nobody trusts a model except who wrote it. Everybody trusts a measurement except who made it."
- Anonymous


Welcome to Marco Maneta's hydrology lab at the University of Montana.

My most active research area revolves around the connections between vegetation and water and energy fluxes at the watershed scale. While a large portion of the work done in our lab involves computer modeling, our lab maintains a research site in hte Bitterroot River Valley south of Missoula. This site is under active use and provides valuable information for model testing and process observation.

The models used and developed in our lab include dynamic feedbacks between vegetation, the hydrologic system and the partitioning of the availabe energy into the different components of the balance. These models are used in conjuction with state-of-the-art regional climate models to evaluate long term impacts of climate change on the hydrologic functioning of mountain landscapes. I invite you to check the lab's webpage and lear more about our activity and the work that current student are doing.