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Alex Brekke

Alex Brekke

Graduate Student

Office: CHCB 320
Office Hours:

Thursdays 1-3 pm

Curriculum Vitae

Current Position

M.S. Graduate Student


Geology 102 Intro to Geology: Sections 9 & 11

Personal Summary

I am a Montana native, growing up in Bozeman.  I completed my undergraduate degree in geology at the University of Idaho. 

I am currently working with James Staub on the Eagle Formation around Billings, Mt in order to understand the changes in depositional environment during the Late Cretaceous.  This research will help define transgressive-regressive events that occured during the Upper Cretaceous period and will allow for a better paleogeography of the Western Interior Seaway.


2008 B.S. in Geology.  University of Idaho

Field of Study

Stratigraphy and sedimentology, especially in respect to foreland basin evolution

Professional Experience

Ballard Petroleum Holdings, Billings, MT Summers: 2011-1012