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Anna Phelps

Anna Phelps

Grad student, research assistant

Office: CHCB 320

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Summary

I'm in the second year of my Master's in Geoscience. I was fortunate to spend all summer doing field work in the Bridger Range outside Bozeman, Montana! Spring semester 2013, I interned with ConocoPhillips and Apache Corporation in Houston, TX. I'm originally from Minneapolis, MN, but I've spent the past few years, prior to graduate school, working on ranches in Wyoming. I completed my undergraduate degree at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, CO. In my free time I like to hang out with my dog Harper and explore Missoula!


M.S. University of Montana, Missoula, MT, expected 2015

B.A. Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO, 2010

Research Interests

Sedimentology and stratigraphy of Devonian and Carboniferous carbonates and silliciclastics in Colorado and Montana.


Facies Characterization, Lithologic Heterogeneity, and Stratigraphic Architecture of the Late Devonian/Early Mississippian Sappington Formation (Bakken-Equvialent) in Southwestern Montana.


Phelps, A.S., Hofmann, M.H., Hart, B., 2014, Stratigraphic architecture and facies characterization of the Late Devonian/Early Mississippian Sappington Formation, Bridger Range, Montana: Geological Society of America, Annual Meeting, Vancouver, B.C., Abstracts with Programs, v. 46, No. 6, p. 774.

Myrow, P.M., Hanson, A., Phelps, A.S., Creveling, J.R., Strauss, J.V., Fike, D.A., Ripperdan, R.L., 2013, Latest Devonian (Famennian) global events in Western Laurentia: Variations in the carbon isotopic record linked to diagenetic alteration below regionally extensive unconformities: Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. v. 386, p. 194-209.

Myrow, P.M., Hanson, A., Phelps, A.S., Creveling, J.R., Strauss, J.V., Fike, D.A., Ripperdan, R.L., 2012, Upper Famennian carbon isotopic excursions in Western Laurentia linked to diagenetic alterations during lowstands: Geological Society of America, Annual Meeting, Denver, Abstracts with Programs, v. 44, no. 7.


2014 Apache Graduate Research Scholarship

2014 Geological Society of America Graduate Student Research Grant 

2013 Geology Alumni Award (University of Montana)

2009 The Patricia J. Buster Research Scholarship for independent senior research (Colorado College)

2009 Donald B. Gould Scholarship Award in Geology (Colorado College)

2009 Darrell M. Putman Scholarship in Geology (Colorado College)

2009 The Harrison Tout Scholarship Fund (Colorado College)

Specialized Skills

Petra, GeoGraphix, Golden Strater

Professional Experience

2014 Geoscience Intern, North American New ventures, Apache Corporation, Houston, TX

2014 Geoscience Intern, Bakken Implementation, ConocoPhillips, Houston, TX

2014 GSA Short Course: Siliciclastic Core Logging for Graduate Students

2013 ExxonMobil Short Course: Reservoir Characterization of the Monterey Formation, CA

2013 Teaching Assistant, University of Montana Department of Geosciences


American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Geological Society of America (GSA)

Association for Women Geoscientists (AWG)