Graduate Students

Patrick Wright

Patrick Wright

PhD candidate

Office: ISB 405
Office Hours:

Wednesday 1-3 pm

Current Position

Teaching Assistant


GEO 102 Intro to Physical Geology Lab (Fall 2015)

GEO 488  Snow, Ice, and Climate (Spring 2014, Spring 2015)

Personal Summary

I grew up around Dubois and Jackson, Wyoming, and still call the area home when not out pursuing work and education. I started here at UM in January of 2014, as part of the UM Group for Quantitative Study of Snow and Ice, working with Dr. Joel Harper. We spend about a month every summer camped on the Greenland Ice Sheet drilling boreholes and setting up instrumentation to measure icesheet deformation and velocity, and basal water pressure. These instruments run year-round (hopefully!), giving us a very unique and exciting dataset to examine the Greenland Icesheet.

When not in Greenland or working in the lab, I can be found out on my skis, my bike, or my feet, exploring the beautiful Montana backcountry.


M.S. Atmospheric Science, University of Houston (2012)

B.S. Geology and Environmental Science, University of Oregon (2005)

Field of Study

Glaciology. Icesheet dynamics, deformation, and basal hydrology.


Bergin, M., Hu, J., Strellis, B., Dibb, J., Sokolik, I., Sheridan, P., Ogren, J., Wright, P., Carmagnola, C., Domine, F., (2015). Direct Aerosol radiative forcing over central Greenland: The influences of light-absorbing aerosols and snow albedo variability. Geophysical Research Letters, (manuscript under review).

Wright, P., Bergin, M., Dibb, J., Lefer, B., Domine, F., Carman, T., Carmagnola, C., Dumont, M., Courville, Z., Schaaf, C., & Wang, Z. (2014). Comparing MODIS daily snow albedo to spectral albedo field measurements in Central Greenland. Remote Sensing of Environment, 140, 118-129.

Carmagnola, C.M., F. Domine, M. Dumont, P. Wright, B. Strellis, M. Bergin, J. Dibb, G. Picard, Q. Libois, L. Arnaud, and S. Morin (2013). Snow spectral albedo at Summit, Greenland: comparison between in situ measurements and numerical simulations using measured physical and chemical properties of the snowpack. The Cryosphere, 7, 1139-1160.


Wright, P., Harper, J., Humphrey, N., Meierbachtol, T., Constraints on the magnitude and variability of basal water pressure, western Greenland Ice Sheet margin, International Symposium on Hydrology of Glaciers and Ice Sheets, Hofn, Iceland, June 2015 (Abstract #72A1740 and poster).

Dumont, M., Carmagnola, C. M., Domine, F., Wright, P., Bergin, M., Dibb, J., Arnaud, L., Picard, G., Champollion, N., Libois, Q. and Morin, S., Modeled and measured albedo of surface snow over central Greenland, European Geophysical Union (EGU), Vienna, Austria, April 2012 (Abstract #2012-2882 and poster).

Wright, P., Bergin, M., Dibb, J., Domine, F., Carmagnola, C., Courville, Z., Lefer,B., Sokolik, I., Strellis, B., Carman, T., Schaaf, C., Wang, Z., Field validation of MODIS daily snow albedo over central Greenland, American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Dec. 2011 (Abstract and poster).

Strellis, B., Bergin, M., Sokolik, I., Dibb, J., Sheridan, P., Ogren, J., Wright, P., The Influence of Light Absorbing Aerosols on the Radiation Balance Over Central Greenland, American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Dec. 2011 (Abstract and presentation).

Wright, P., Carmagnola, C., Domine, F., Dibb, J., Bergin, M., Spectral albedo and snow specific surface area at Summit, Greenland 2011, 3rd workshop on Air-Ice Chemical Interactions (AICI), Columbia University, New York, NY, June, 2011 (Abstract and poster).

Teaching Experience

Snow, Ice, and Climate (2014-2015, University of Montana)

Weather Information Lab (2011-2012, University of Houston)

Introduction to Global Climate Change (2011, University of Houston)

Mineralogy Lab (2005, University of Oregon)  

Professional Experience

Summit Research Station, Greenland, April – June, Aug. – Nov., 2012. Science technician for the ICECAPS campaign. Operation/maintenance of atmospheric instrumentation including: cloud radar, LiDARs, microwave radiometers, infrared interferometer, SODAR, twice daily weather balloon launches, and snow crystal microphotography. For a feature on micro snow crystals and atmospheric optics, see:

T.M. McCoy & Co., Consulting Geologists, Sept. 2006 – Dec. 2007. Wellsite geology and mudlogging for oil and gas drilling in WY & CO. Collect rock samples, monitor gas levels, maintain a stratigraphic log of rock formations, microscope analysis of samples, and interpretation of reservoir rock quality.

Pierson Land Works, Sept. 2005 – June 2006, Jackson, WY. Field surveyor, operating Total Station instruments, GPS, and levels for property surveys.

International Experience

Tien Shan Geology Field Camp, August 2006, Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia. Geologic mapping of active faults and uplifted river terraces to determine uplift rates in the Tien Shan mountains. (Univ. of Oregon, Eugene, OR)

High Arctic Field Course, July 2005, Thule, Greenland. Studying water and carbon cycling in response to climate change. Assisted fieldwork studying vegetation, permafrost, soils (patterned ground), and hydrology. (Univ. of Washington and Univ. of Alaska, Anchorage)