Course Lists: UM Catalog

Past Course Highlights

  • LSH151L Intro to Western Humanities (Antiquity) W course
  • LSH 152L  Intro to Western Humanities (Modernity) W course
  • LS161L Introduction to Asian Humanities
  • LSH/MCLL 191/291/391 Elementary, Intermediate & Third-Year Hindi (Gen Ed Lang credit)
  • SSEA/LSH 202X  Introduction to India
  • RLST225L Christianity
  • SSEA/RLST 232HX Buddhism
  • RLST/SSEA 234X Hinduism
  • LSH328L Gender and Sexuality in Indian Cinema
  • RLST 320 Origins of Judaism and Christianity
  • LSH329 Fathers & Daughters in Western Literary Traditions
  • RLST 370 Mysticism
  • RLST 366 Tibetan Civilization
  • LSH327L Gender and Sexuality in Twentieth-Century Fiction
  • RLST353 Gandhi: Life and Times
  • LSH 416E  Talking to God: the Bhagavad Gita
  • RLST 391 Religion and Violence
  • RLST 310 Prophets and Prophecy
  • LSH326L Stories East and West