Lecture Series Videos - 2014

Mountains Beyond Mountains

These lectures are videotaped and published to the web by Missoula Community Access Television as part of its Media Assistance Grants Program. For more information visit mcat.org.

Global Health in the Global South

Lecture 1 - "Introduction and Overview" - Peter Koehn, PhD, Department of Political Science, UM

Lecture 2 - "Global Health: the Big Issues" - Tom Bulger, MD, Internist/Emergency Medicine, St. Patrick Hospital

Lecture 3 - "Missoula Medical Aid: Improving Health in Rural and Impoverished Communities in Honduras" - P. Andrew Puckett, MD, Orthopaedic Surgery, Missoula Bone and Joint and Surgery Center​

Lecture 4 - “Global HIV/AIDS” - Nancy Fitch, MD Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

Lecture 5 - “Emergence of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV)- Evoking of SARS at the 10th Anniversary” - Heinrich Feldmann, MD, PhD, National Institute of Health/NIAD

Lecture 6 – “The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital: Capacity Building in the Global South” – Brian Sippy, MD, PhD, Rocky Mountain Eye Center.

Lecture 7- “Maternal and Infant Mortality in Low income Countries” – Genevieve Reid, MD Global Midwife Education Foundation

Lecture 8 - “Improving Read Safety in Developing Countries” – John Miller, MD Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana

Lecture 9 - “15 in This Minute: Addressing Childhood Mortality, Aid Equity, and the Social Determinants of Health” – Michele Sare, MSN, RN Journal of International Nursing.

Lecture 10- "Transmigrant Health in a World of permeable Borders: Place,m Access & Transnational Competence," - Peter Koehn, PhD. UM Department of Political Science

Lecture 11 - “ How International Experiences as Students Led to an Interest in Pursuing Family Medicine as a Career” – Nerissa Koehn, MD with Harshiad Chaudhari, Megan Svec, and Sarah Zuger

Lecture 12 - "The Epidemiology of Tick-borne Relapsing Fever," - Tom Schwan, PhD, Rocky Mountain Laboratories, NIAID/NIH

Lecture 13 – “Heart Disease and the Children of Ethiopia: Nurture and Nature” - Joe Knapp, MD The international heart institute of Montana