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Jillian Campana

Jillian Campana

Professor of Theatre

Email: jillian.campana@umontana.edu
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On sabbatical 2016-2017                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Curriculum Vitae

Current Position

Professor of Theatre - Head of Theatre Performance


Applied Theatre

Theatre of the Oppressed

Teacher as Actor

Documentary Theatre


Physical Performance


Methods of Teaching Theatre

Personal Summary

Jillian has lived and worked in the theatre communities in Europe, Asia, Egypt, and Brazil, and is the Co-Artistic Director of Studio Three Theatre in India which focuses on social, political, and cross-cultural performances. From 2007-2011 she lived in India where she was a visiting professor at Mumbai University’s Academy of Theatre Arts and where she also created a social-justice program that continues to use drama therapy with girls who have been rescued from the human-trafficking industry. Jillian has been involved in an ongoing research project in Scandinavia in conjunction with the Swedish rehabilitation center Framnas Folkhogskolan that looks at theatre as a tool for brain-injury rehabilitation. Jillian has been honored at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., for her directing work and her 2005 documentary The Making of the Puzzle Club, which aired on PBS. She has written numerous articles, book chapters, and plays and her new book, Acting for Non-Actors is due out this summer. She is a graduate of CalArts, NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and the American University in Cairo. Jillian's new book, Acting Successful: using performance skills is everyday life was just published and released with Cognella Press: https://titles.cognella.com/acting-successful-9781626617032.html


B.F.A. Acting. California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), 1992.

M.A. Teaching English. American University in Cairo, 1994. 

Teaching Credentials/Liscense: English and Drama, Chapman University, 1995.

M.A. Performance Studies. New York University, 1999.   Master’s Thesis:  The Efficacy of Play.

Ph.D. Theatre and Psychology. University of Montana, 2004.   Doctoral Dissertation:  A Participatory Methodology for Arts-Based Research.



Acting Successfully – using performance skills in everyday life. San Diego:  Cognella Press. 2014

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“Teatro do Graduada.” In The International Educator. 1998


Home Department

School of Theatre and Dance 

Area of Expertise

Acting; Applied Theatre; Documentary Theatre; Methods of Teaching Theatre; Physical Performance; Teacher as Actor; Theatre of the Oppressed; Theatre as Rehabilitation Tool


Teaching Experience

University of Montana                                                                                          1999-2007 and 2011-present

Professor of Theatre -Head of BA, BA Drama Ed, BFA, MA, and MFA Performance

University of Mumbai, Academy of Theatre Arts, INDIA                                        2007-2011

            Visiting Professor for Academy’s graduate program in theatre.

             Directed original theatrical pieces for public performances.

Whistling Woods International Film and Media Institute, INDIA                            2007-2011

             Professor of Acting

 Lulea University (Universitet Tekniska Lulea), SWEDEN                                       2005-present

             Visiting Scholar/Professor

Drama Specialist, The Beekman School.  New York, NY.                                       1998-1999

            Developed and directed a new drama program.

Theatre Teacher, Associacao Escola Graduada. Sao Paulo, BRAZIL                      1995-1998

            Head of Performance

EFL Professor, American University in Cairo.  Cairo, EGYPT.                                   1993-1994

            ESL Instructor for political refugees

International Experience

International Schools Theatre Association International Baccalaureate workshops            2014

            Dominion Theatre, London, UK

Multi-modalities in Doctoral Research                                                                             2013

            Universitet Teknikinska, Lulea Sweden

Physical Theatre in the East and West                                                                           2012

            The International School Bangalore, India

East Meets West: Merging Physical Theatre Techniques for Actor Training                        2012

            Association of Theatre in Higher Education, Washington, D.C.

Devising a Text Using Physical Theatre Techniques                                                          2012

            Dulwitch College, Beijing, China

Kathakali and Realism                                                                                                    2011

            United World College, Hong Kong

IB Theatre Practices                                                                                                       2011

            Munich International School, Germany

Identity                                                                                                                          2011

            TedX Mumbai, India

Physical Theatre Styles:  Noh, Kabuki, Commedia and Indian Hastra Mudras                     2010

            Drill Hall, London, England

Movement Therapy                                                                                                          2010

            Bombay Hub

Mask Work in the Character Process                                                                                2010

            IMJ, Mumbai, India

Devising Original Performances from Personal Narratives                                                    2009

            Folkshogskolen College, Pitea, Sweden

Why a Career in the Theatre is Possible                                                                               2009

            Ravindra Natya Mandir, Bombay, India       

East Meets West – Gesture meets Realism                                                                           2008   

            International Schools Theatre Association, Singapore                                              

Participatory Research                                                                                                           2008

            Lulea Teknika Universitet, Lulea, Sweden                                                    

Developing a Theatre Curriculum                                                                                          2007

            International Schools Theatre Association, Taipei, Taiwan                                       

Acting and Other Artistic Disciplines                                                                                      2007

            Framnas Folkshogskola, Pitea, Sweden                                                                     

Acting and Theatre Studies in America                                                                                   2006

          Lulea Teknika Universitet, Lulea, Sweden                                                                  

The Theatre of Physical Rehabilitation                                                                                  2006                                             

            Folkshogskolen College/Head Trauma Staff, Lulea, Sweden                                  

South American Forensics Festival. Sao Paulo, Brazil.                                                          1999                                   

Directing Plays in English

Brazilian International Arts Conference. Rio de Janerio, Brazil.                                               1998

Devising an Original Performance

Eastern Mediterranean Activities Conference. Cairo, Egypt.                                                   1995



International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA):  http://www.ista.co.uk/




UM's B.S. Neuroscience degree program