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Gilbert Quintero

Gilbert Quintero


Office: Skaggs 153A
Email: gilbert.quintero@umontana.edu
Fax: 406-243-4525
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Culture, Health and Healing (ANTY 426)
Seminar in Medical Anthropology (ANTY 522)
Contemporary Anthropological Thought (ANTY 500)
Drugs, Society and Culture (ANTY 435)
Ethnographic Field Methods (ANTY 431)

Personal Summary

Gilbert Quintero is a broadly trained cultural anthropologist with expertise in the areas of applied anthropology, medical anthropology and Southwest ethnography. He has an active research agenda focusing on social, cultural and political economic aspects of drug use. The majority of his research has consisted of applied ethnographic studies of drug use, predominately with Hispanic and Native American populations in the Southwest as well as young adult populations in Western cultural settings in the United States.


University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
Ph.D. Cultural Anthropology, 1997

Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona
M.A. Cultural Anthropology, 1992

University of Texas, Austin, Texas
B.A. History, 1987

Field of Study

Medical Anthropology and Public Health: Emphasis on the cross cultural study of the body, health and illness related behavior; cultural models of health and the semantics of illness; healing systems as cultural systems; social and cultural dimensions of alcohol and drug use; ethnomedicine; health inequality, political ecology and disease. Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs

Applied Anthropology: Emphasis on the study of social and cultural determinants of disease and the anthropology of public health; health promotion and disease prevention intervention development and evaluation; expertise in using qualitative research methodologies in applied settings and computer assisted qualitative data analysis.

Southwest Ethnology: Field work experience in Hispanic and Native American cultural settings in the southwest United States; inter-ethnic cultural relations; expertise in Navajo healing systems and Hispanic culture change; research ethics in minority communities; US-Mexico border.


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Specialized Skills

Sociocultural Anthropology; Medical Anthropology; Applied Anthropology


American Anthropological Association
National Hispanic Science Network on Drug Abuse
Society for Applied Anthropology
Society for Medical Anthropology