Award Recipients

See where GPH Award Recipients have gone!


GPH student at a maternity ward in Uganda

GPH student Sophia Friedl recieved a $500 GPH Award for the GPH External Advisory Committee to help support her trip to Uganda with the Global Grizzlies. Sophia worked in the Gombe Hospital, mainly in the maternity ward and the operating theater helping the nurses and observing births. As a result of the GPH experience Sophia switched her major from Human Biology to Sociology and is now planning to pursue a Masters in International Public Health at University College Dublin in Ireland.

Ecuador and Bolivia

GPH student at clinic in Quito

GPH student Cara McKee recieved a $500 GPH Award from the GPH External Advisory Committee to help support her trip to Ecuador and Bolivia. Cara spent 8 weeks volunteering with Child Health International, where she was able to have hands-ons experience in public and private clinical settings as well as a chance to improve her medical Spanish. Being able to see firsthand what public health looked like in both urban and rural settings aided not only her understanding of public health in Ecuador and Bolivia, but also furthered her personal comprehension of and connection to global health.

South Africa

GPH student with elephants

GPH Student Rachel Schmoker was awarded $500 from the GPH External Advisory Committee to fund her IE3 global health experience in South Africa. Rachel traveled to Cape Town where she spent three months working alongside health professionals with the AIDS organization, Treatment Action Campaign. This experience confirmed her love of public health as well as her fascination with Africa, and validated her future career plan of working in health care access.


GPH student Madison Schwarzkoph received $500 toward her medical volunteer trip to Tanzania Summer 2016. This scholarship is awarded by the External Advisory Committee to help support her trip to Tanzania with the Global Grizzlies.  The Global Grizzlies, which is a group of ten students on campus, who plan a 4-week volunteer trip to another country on their own with guidance from the previous year's group. Global Grizzlies pay for the entire trip on their own, so the students spend the year fundraising individually and as a group.  Madison gave a presentation about her trip at the Global Public Health Lecture Series on April 19, 2017.  The award covered most of her medical and vaccination expenses, which she says was a huge help! 

Northern India


Madelyn Covey received a $500 GPH Award from the External Advisory Committee, (EAC Award), to help support her trip to India for 10 weeks. Her experience included traveling to northern India for 10 weeks participating in a women's health internship. She worked under a gynecologist in the local hospital, alongside nurses providing free health care checkups in rural villages, and with an epidemiologist's guidance constructed and reported the results of a survey regarding the limitations women have to health care in the area. Maddie presented on what she learned as part of the spring lecture series along with her co-award winner Madison Schwarzkoph, on April 19th.