Scholarships and Awards

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Peter H. Koehn & Phyllis B. Ngai Scholarship

The Peter H. Koehn & Phyllis B. Ngai Scholarship has been established to provide an annual one-time-only scholarship award of $500 to a student in the Global Public Health Minor.

To qualify, students must:

  • Be a sophomore, junior, or senior who is registered for the minor program at the time of the application
  • Have an ethnic or citizenship background that is underrepresented in the minor
  • Have an overall grade point average of 3.0 or above

Applications are open in the spring and the award recipient will be announced by the end of the school year. The scholarship is awarded for the following academic year.

For more information contact:

External Advisory Committee Award

The GPH External Advisory Committee annually offers an award of $500 to a UM GPH minor to further a GPH field experience.

To qualify for this award, students must:

  • Be a sophomore or junior in the GPH program.
  • Have a GPH related educational experience (project, internship, volunteer opportunity, community health related project, etc.) that will be completed by the beginning of the upcoming spring semester.
  • Provide a presentation describing your GPH experience in next academic year. 

Applications are open in the spring and the award recipient will be announced by the end of the school year. The award can be made available as soon as recipients are announced and contacted.

For more information contact:

GPH Internship Award

The GPH Program offers a $500 Internship Award to support unpaid Global Public Health internships. Applications will be acceptedon a rolling basis. They will be reviewed and awarded based on merit and the availability of funding as they are received.

To be eligible, students must be enrolled in the GPH minor, and be committed to a 3 credit internship (a minimum of 135 hours of total work over the semester (about 9 hours per week)) experience from the list ( or one approved by the Program Director, Peter Koehn. International internships are also eligible. 

The award is competitive and the number of awards we make depends upon funding. Payment of the award is made after the internship is satisfactorily completed. 

To apply for the award please email the following to The applications will be reviewed, and awards announced as applications are received.

    •   Submit a letter of interest that includes:
            o   What internship opportunity are you pursuing? 
            o   How the internship contributes to your professional goals
    •   Submit a Resume that includes:
           o    Typical Resume information
           o    GPA
           o    List of GPH course taken so far
           o    Major and other minors

Awards will be made on the basis on your eligibility, how the internship contribute to your professional goals, your GPA, and the availability of funds. 

Eligible Opportunities include:

   •  YWCA Missoula
   •  Poverello Center Medical Respite 
   •  League of Women Voters of Missoula
   •  Consumer Direct Hospice
   •  Missoula Forum for Children & Youth
   •  Global Grizzlies
   •  Missoula Medical Aide
   •  Global Public Health Program
   •  Missoula City-County Health Dpt. Health Promotion Division Programs:
      o  Buckle Up Missoula County 
      o  Cancer Control
      o  DUI Task Force 
      o  Emergency Preparedness
      o  Infectious Disease, 
      o  Let’s Move! Missoula 
      o  Missoula Invest Health
      o  Suicide Prevention
      o  Tobacco Free Missoula County
   •  IE3's International Internships
   •  Centre For Social Medicine in the Loni-Pravara area of India
   •  Unite For Sight
   •  Others as approved on a case by case basis

Contact the Program Director or the Program Coordinator for more information!

IHH Ridge Scholarship in Health or Healthcare and Humanities

UM's Institute of Health and Humanities awards $1,000 scholarships for research and creative works on topics at the intersection of health and/or healthcare and the Humanities.

Post Graduate Scholarships