UM/UG Mentorship (GMM) Program for Women


We are excited to begin this mentoring partnership between our Universities.

What is the program?

It is a mentoring program that matches experienced female faculty/staff (mentors) at the University of Montana with female participants (mentees) at the University of Gondar.  The goal of creating a networking and mentorship platform is to use the expertise of the faculty/staff at UM to provide professional development support for female faculty at the UoG. The program will (1) improve the capability of UoG female faculty in regards to research methods and academic writing, (2) increase the awareness of all participants of women’s rights, laws, policies, and strategies as well as the differences between UoG and UM, and (3) enhance the knowledge and competency of leadership principles, models and qualities of all participants.

How will the program work?

The program will operate electronically – through a combination of individual and group communications.

Individual Communication

Each mentor/mentee pair will communicate electronically (E.g. E-mail, Skype) on a weekly basis, as a community is not formed until individuals know each other.  E-mails can be a short check-in to see how things are going, or a more detailed communication if there is a project or issue happening. Mentees will submit various documents (E.g. resume, application, and proposal) to their mentor for review and comment. Mentors will assist mentees in professional development activities (E.g. attending conferences, seeking external funding, advancing their careers, obtaining access to journal articles and seeking further education.)

Group Communications

All participants will be part of an e-mail group that will be used periodically by the organizers to share various materials. Individuals can also use this group e-mail to pose questions as well as to share readings or information with the whole group. For example, at the start of the program, the organizers will share materials on various models of mentoring.

Video Conferencing

All participants will be invited to several group video conferences. These will allow participants to “meet” and to share ideas about the program with all. It is anticipated that the first video conference will take place in September 2018.

How long is the program?

Length of Commitment to the Program

The commitment to the program is 1 year, July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019. As the GMM program grows, experienced female faculty from UoG who have participated in the program as mentees will serve as mentors for new UoG mentees.