GMM Mentors

Mentor Department
Amy Kinch Public Policy/ Faculty Development
Anisa GoForth Psychology
Beth Hubble Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Creagh Bruener Biology
Deanna Cooper Social Work
Donna Beall Pharmacy
Hayley Blackburn Pharmacy
Elizabeth Gillaspy Mathematics
Emily Stone Mathematics
Erin Landguth Computational Ecology
Jacquie Brown Psychology
Jen Brooks Mathematics
Jennifer Bell Physical Therapy
Kari Harris Public Health
Kate Chapin Social Work
Kathy Kuipers Sociology
Katie Kane English
Kelly McKinnie Mathematics
Kim Nielson Planning and Construction
Kimber McKay Anthropology
Libby Metcalf Forestry and Conservation
Lisa Eby Wildlife Biology
Nicky Phear Climate Change
Ramona Grey Political Science
Sara Halvorson Geography
Sarah Certel Biology
Suzanne Tilleman Business -Management
Suzanne Tilleman* Business -Management
Yolanda Reimer Computer Science
Yoonhee Jang Psychology