Research Projects

Kaleidoscope Connect: Framework for Resilience:

In Spring 2015, Dr. Brown and her lab started collaborating with a non-profit organization in Missoula, called Brightways Learning, to evaluate and demonstrate the effectiveness of their program, Kaleidoscope Connect, which targets adolescent resilience. Since then, Dr. Brown's lab has collaborated with Brightways Learning on various projects involving data that has already been collected, in addition to collecting new data, in Montana and other rural states (e.g., Alaska). For example, Dr. Brown's lab conducted a longitudinal study (Fall 2016-Spring 2019) that collected pre-and post-intervention data examining the effectiveness of Kaleidoscope Connect for middle school students. Dr. Brown will also be examining the effect of Kaleidoscope Connect in middle and high school students in multiple rural school districts.

School Psychologists’ Experience with and Training in Suicide Assessment:

During the 2016-2017 academic year, Dr. Brown and her lab conducted a project that surveyed school psychologists in Montana to obtain information about their involvement and training in suicide assessment, and the related challenges they have encountered. Dr. Brown also collaborated with her school psychology colleagues, Drs. Anisa Goforth and Greg Machek, on this project. Dr. Brown would like to conduct a second study in the future using the same survey with school psychologists in other rural areas across the United States.

School Psychology Research and Practice in Asia:

During the 2015-2016 academic year, Dr. Brown and her lab conducted a project examining the perspectives of school psychologists regarding past, current, and future research and practice in East Asia. School Psychologists were surveyed from Japan, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China, Taiwan, Thailand, and South Korea. Dr. Brown collaborated with two professors in East Asia from Japan and South Korea, and one professor in the United States.

Other Projects:

The PhD students in Dr. Brown’s lab are engaging in a variety of interesting projects related to resilience, social-emotional learning, and crisis prevention and intervention. Please feel free to learn more about these projects under the “Lab Personnel” page of the GRAY website.