Humanities Institute Supported Projects

Faculty Research Grants

Why John Locke’s Mistakes Mattered: How Experience Came to Trump Theory in American Politics, 1787-1832
Claire Arcenas, Assistant Professor of History

Discovering Ancient Maya Political Changes in the Belize Valley through Ceramic Sourcing
John Douglas, Professor of Anthropology

James Boswell's Tour in Italy, Corsica, and France
John Eglin, Professor of History

The French Revolution and International Law: A New Paradigm
Linda Frey, Professor of History

The Resurgence of the Wild in the Anthropocene
Christopher Preston, Professor of Philosophy

Devout Demonstrators: Sacred Actions in Social Protest Movements
Tobin Shearer, Associate Professor of History; Director of African-American Studies

Montana Workshop in Sinosphere Literature
Brian Dowdle, Assistant Professor of Modern and Classical Languages and Literature
Eric Schluessel, Assistant Professor of History and Political Science

Baldridge Book Subvention Grants

Mining for the Nation: The Politics of Chile’s Coal Communities (Spanish edition) Jody Pavilack, Professor of History

Drake Award for Student Writing

Undergraduate Winner: Julia Sherman: L.A. Rebellion: Setting the Stage for New Black Cinema
Graduate Winner: Patrick Mulford O’Connor: Tobacco’s Reconstruction: Federal Fiscal Policy and the Transformation of an American Industry, 1862-1868