Humanities Institute Supported Projects

Research Grants

  • Why John Locke’s Mistakes Mattered: How Experience Came to Trump Theory in American Politics, 1787-1832, Claire Arcenas, Assistant Professor of History
  • Discovering Ancient Maya Political Changes in the Belize Valley through Ceramic Sourcing, John Douglas, Professor of Anthropology
  • James Boswell's Tour in Italy, Corsica, and France, John Eglin, Professor of History
  • The French Revolution and International Law: A New Paradigm, Linda Frey, Professor of History
  • The Resurgence of the Wild in the Anthropocene, Christopher Preston, Professor of Philosophy
  • Devout Demonstrators: Sacred Actions in Social Protest Movements, Tobin Shearer, Associate Professor of History; Director of African-American Studies
  • Montana Workshop in Sinosphere Literature, Brian Dowdle, Assistant Professor of Modern and Classical Languages and Literature and Eric Schluessel, Assistant Professor of History and Political Science

Baldridge Book Subvention Grants

  • Mining for the Nation: The Politics of Chile’s Coal Communities (Spanish edition), Jody Pavilack, Professor of History

Drake Award for Student Writing

Undergraduate Winner

Julia Sherman: L.A. Rebellion: Setting the Stage for New Black Cinema

Graduate Winner

Patrick Mulford O’Connor: Tobacco’s Reconstruction: Federal Fiscal Policy and the Transformation of an American Industry, 1862-1868