Internship Final Report Form

Report Guidelines

Use this form for both undergraduate and graduate internships.

Congratulations on the completion of your internship this semester! As part of earning academic credit for your internship, you are required to complete a short reflection paper/report. This report should also be useful to you as you think about applying for jobs or other programs in the future.

Hot Career Tip:  Even if you don’t need a recommendation letter at the moment, ask your supervisor at the internship if he/she would be willing to write a generic one, or jot down notes about your work, to keep on file.  That way, if you need a letter a bit further down the road, when they may have at least partially forgotten you, you might still be able to get one.

Final Paper Specifications

Please submit a reflection paper/report of approximately 4-6 pages to your academic advisor and to the Graduate Internship Coordinator by a date agreed upon in advance by all parties.  Your paper should address the following questions:

  1. What were your responsibilities at your internship this semester? What skills or knowledge did you acquire or put to use?
  2. How did this internship contribute to your career goals? Please be specific.
  3. What surprised you the most about your internship experience?
  4. What was the most challenging aspect of your internship experience?
  5. What was the most rewarding aspect of your internship experience?

To submit your report, please complete the form below and upload your document(s).

Note: this fporm must be completed in one session.

Internship Promotion Option

The History Department would like to continue to develop this internship program and to promote it among our graduate and undergraduate students.  With your permission, we would like to have a short synopsis of your internship experience to use on our website, social media pages, and/or printed materials, such as the department newsletter.  If you are willing, together with your final paper, please submit a brief synopsis (1-2 paragraphs), written for informational and promotional purposes.  If the History Department can use your photo together with the synopsis and if you are willing to be contacted by interested students, complete the "Optional Promotional Materials" section of the form below.

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