Lockridge History Workshop

ken lockridge

Named to honor Professor Emeritus Ken Lockridge, the Lockridge History Workshop meets five times each semester and serves as a venue for graduate students, faculty, and visiting scholars to present works in progress. Articles, chapters, and research proposals (of no more than 35 pages) as well as public and digital history projects are welcome. All papers are pre-circulated, and the format is an open discussion. The sessions provide the department with a venue for intellectual exchange and afford presenters the opportunity to receive valuable, constructive, and friendly feedback on their research and writing projects.

Workshops begin at 3:30PM via Zoom and last about 1 ½ hours. Papers are pre-circulated by email. Contact Prof. Kyle Volk (kyle.volk@umontana.edu) w/any questions and/or to receive the paper in advance of the workshop.

Lockridge Workshop Schedule

Fall Semester 2020


Scott Arcenas, Assistant Professor, UMontana History/Classics
“ORBIS: The Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World”

Oct. 8

Bob Lambeth, PhD Candidate, UMontana History
“The Science of Cooperation”: Wartime Mobilization and the Defense Council System in the U.S. West, 1916-1921”

Oct. 29

Diana DiStefano, Editor, Montana The Magazine of Western History
“Conflict and Cannibalism on the Overland Trail”

Nov. 12

Chelsea Chamberlain, PhD Candidate, UPenn History
“Educating Exceptional Children: Progressive Pedagogy from the Institution to the Special Class”

Spring Semester 2021 

Feb. 11

Sari Chabot, MA Student, UMontana History
“‘Amin Bey Will Remind Us of the Priceless Value of Union’”: The Ottoman Envoy and the Geopolitics of American Nationalism, 1850-1858 

March 11

Sam Scott, Missoula County Clerk & Records Office
“Map Missoula: An Initiative of Missoula County”


Nat Levtow, Associate Professor, UMontana History
“Inside Out, Upside Down: Curses that Invert Human and Political Bodies in Ancient International Treaties”

Fundraising Effort

The History Department currently is seeking financial support for this workshop. If you are interested in honoring Professor Lockridge and supporting our intellectual community, please contact Professor Kyle G. Volk.