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Robert H. Greene

Robert H. Greene

Associate Professor of History

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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Summary

Professor Robert H. Greene sadly passed away in December 2020. To learn more about Professor Greene's life and scholarly work, please visit the In Memorium page that we have established in his honor. 

Field of Study

Cultural, Political, and Social History of Russia and the Soviet Union; Religious History


Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2004 (History)
M.A., University of Michigan, 1998 (History) 
B.A., University of Rochester, 1997 (History and Russian Studies)

Selected Publications

* co-editor and translator, with Eugene M. Avrutin, of The Story of a Life: Memoirs of a Young Jewish Woman in the Russian Empire (Northern Illinois University Press, 2012).

* Bodies like Bright Stars: Saints and Relics in Orthodox Russia (Northern Illinois University Press, 2009).

 * “Making Saints: Canonization and Community in Late Imperial Russia,” The Carl Beck Papers in Russian and East European Studies, no. 1801 (University of Pittsburgh, 2006).

* co-editor, with Valerie A. Kivelson, of Orthodox Russia: Belief and Practice Under the Tsars (Pennsylvania State University Press, 2003).


"A Nineteenth-Century Life of St. Stefan of Perm (c. 1340-1396)," in Orthodox Christianity in Imperial Russia: A Source Book on Lived Religion, ed. Heather J. Coleman (Bloomington: Indiana UP, 2014)

"Orthodox Petitions for the Transfer of the Holy Relics of St. Stefan of Perm, 1909," in Orthodox Christianity in Imperial Russia: A Source Book on Lived Religion, ed. Heather J. Coleman (Bloomington: Indiana UP, 2014)

"Bodies in Motion: Steam-Powered Pilgrimages in Late Imperial Russia,” Russian History 39 (2012): 247-68  (Honorable Mention for Distinguished Scholar Award, Association for the Study of Eastern Christianity, 2012)

Reviews in Slavic Review, Russian Review, Revolutionary Russia, Canadian-American Slavic Studies, Canadian Journal of History, Journal of Church and State, Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society, Journal of World HistoryThe HistorianChurch HistorySocial History, and Montana: The Magazine of Western History


HSTR 102H: Western Civilization II
HSTR 104H: Western Civilization II (Honors section)
HSTR 200: Intro to Historical Methods
HSTR 357: Imperial Russia
HSTR 358: History of the Soviet Union
HSTR 363: Eastern Europe
HSTR 363: Eastern Europe: Life and Death on the Eastern Front
HSTR 400: Microhistory
HSTR 457: The World of Anna Karenina
HSTR 458: The Russian Revolution
HSTR 502: Readings in Modern Europe (grad course)
HSTR 516: Modern Europe (grad course)
HSTR 544: Readings in Modern Russian History (grad course)
HSTR 595: Readings in Modern European Cultural and Social History (grad course)
HSTR 595: Readings in Kievan Rus and Muscovy (grad course)
HSTR 595: Readings in Imperial Russia (grad course)
HSTR 595: Readings in Soviet History


Co-director of the Russian Studies Program

Faculty affiliate and member of the advisory council of the Central and Southwest Asian Studies Center



Cox Family Award for Teaching Excellence, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Montana (2012)

Rackham Distinguished Dissertation Award, University of Michigan (2005)