Emeriti Faculty

David Emmons Professor Emeritus of History

Email: david.emmons@mso.umt.edu
Field of Study

Modern American History; Immigration, Ethnicity, & Labor

William E. Farr Professor Emeritus of History; Associate Director, Center for the Rocky Mountain West

Email: farr@crmw.org
Field of Study

Native Americans and the Rocky Mountain West; Medieval and Reformation Europe

Dan Flores A.B. Hammond Professor Emeritus of Western History

Email: dlfnewmexico@aol.com
Field of Study

American West, U.S. Environmental History, and Native American History

Linda S. Frey Professor Emeritus of History

Email: linda.frey@mso.umt.edu
Field of Study

Early Modern European History, particularly France and Germany; International Law and the International State System; The French Revolution

Harry Fritz Professor Emeritus of History

Email: harry.fritz@umontana.edu
Field of Study

Early American History; The Civil War; Military History; Montana History

Paul Gordon Lauren Regents Professor Emeritus of History and Distinguished Mansfield Fellow

Email: paul.lauren@mso.umt.edu
Field of Study

International Human Rights; Diplomacy; Modern International Relations; and Foreign Affairs

Ken Lockridge Professor Emeritus of History

Email: kenneth.lockridge@mso.umt.edu
Field of Study

Early American History to 1820; Gender, Social, and Demographic History; Swedish / European History, 1500-1900

Frederick Skinner Professor Emeritus of History

Email: frederick.skinner@umontana.edu
Field of Study

Russian and Soviet History