UM Society for the Study of History

The UM Society for the Study of History seeks to unite those with a shared fondness for the study of history. We encourage the gathering of new information as well as the sharing of that information with other group members. We also plan to extend our love of history to the UM campus, the city of Missoula, and other places through participation in events such as Phi Alpha Theta, lecture series, and community events. While our purposes are mainly academic, we strive to combine the academic with the social by bringing students of history together in a fun, cooperative, and informative environment. Our society is a registered student group at UM and has received financial support from ASUM. This organization is advised by Professor Kyle G. Volk and Professor Anya Jabour.

If you are interested in joining, please contact our co-presidents, Kayla Irish and Jolie Scribner.

Fall 2020 Events