Individual Performance Record (IPR) Template

Note: The use of this template is NOT mandatory. The IPR template is meant to aid faculty in the preparation of their evaluation materials.

IPR Template printable document

University of Montana
College of Humanities and Sciences
Individual Performance Record (IPR)
Evaluation Period: : Sept 1, 20__ - Aug. 31, 20__



A. Personal Statement

State annual increment request – normal, merit promotion or tenure; note the highlights from this review period. 250 word limit is recommended.

B. Teaching

Attach student evaluation numerical summaries for at least one course per semester at end of IPR – do not attach individual student comments.

  1. Courses Taught (List course #, course title, semester taught, enrollment, contact hours and please denote “*” General Education, “W” writing.)
  2. Undergraduate Advising (List general and special advising & number of advisees.)
  3. Graduate Advising
    1. Professional Papers, Creative Works, Portfolios, Theses, Dissertations (Include level of involvement: Major Professor/Advisor or Committee Member.)
    2. Major Professor/Academic Advisor (List student names and degree objective.)
    3. Other Graduate Committee Membership
    4. Student Honors, Grants, Presentations, Publications
  4. Other Teaching Activities (E.g., Independent Study, Internships, Undergraduate Theses, Student Teaching Supervision, Continuing Education, Innovative Courses.)

C. Scholarship, Creative Activity, Research

Do not forward entire books or articles, but include full reference/citation; abstract/cover pages need not be included.

  1. Books Published (Provide full reference/citation.)
  2. Articles in Refereed Journals (Provide full reference/citation.)
  3. Other Peer-Reviewed Refereed Publications (Provide full reference/citation.)
  4. Professional Publications not Peer Reviewed (Provide full reference/citation.)
  5. Book and Software Reviews (Provide full reference/citation.)
  6. Professional Presentations at Meetings; Performances (Include type of presentation: paper, poster, reading; and denote “*” with students.)
  7. Participation in Workshops, Symposia, Panels (Include title, location, date and level of participation.)
    1. National and international symposia, plenary addresses
    2. Panels
    3. Workshops
  8. Colloquia and Other Research Seminars Presented (Include title, location, and date.)
  9. Grants and Contracts Awarded or Continued (Do not forward proposals List project title, authors, agency, contract #, dates, amount awarded.)
    1. Grants Awarded or Continued as Principal Investigator/Project Director
    2. Grants as Co-Principal Investigator/Co-Project Director
  10. Grants and Contracts Submitted (Do not forward proposals. List project title, authors, agency, contract #, dates, amount awarded.)
    1. Grants Submitted as Principal Investigator/Project Director
    2. Grants Submitted as Co-Principal Investigator/Co-Project Director
  11. Other Scholarship, Creative Activity and Research Not Captured above

D. Honors and Awards

  1. Teaching
  2. Research and Scholarship
  3. Service
  4. Other

E. Professional and Public Service

Give a brief description/name of committee, years and level of involvement [chair, member, etc.].

  1. University of Montana
  2. Department/Unit
  3. Professional Association Service
  4. Public Service
  5. Other Professional Service
  6. Professional Association Memberships and Activities (E.g., offices held)

F. Additional Information

Cite activities not covered above that you deem relevant.


I certify that this evaluation record is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge for the period Sept 1, 20__ to August 31, 20__.

Sign and date the document

Revised 9/20/14