Using “UM Jobs” to Hire Tenure-Track Faculty

Recruitment Help sheet Printable PDF

Human Resource Services has introduced a software system to facilitate the recruitment and hiring process. This Help Sheet seeks to capture how to use this system for the recruitment of academic personnel as distinct from classified staff.


  1. The Department Chair calls the HRS Recruitment Manager, to let him/her know the Department is about to initiate an academic search. the Recruitment Managermay have some specific suggestions to offer.
  2. Prepare two versions of the job announcement. The first follows a standardized format and is posted on the UM Jobs website. An example can be found on the HR Recruitment page. The second version is the one sent to professional journals for recruitment purposes. Emphasize in this job announcement that application materials must be submitted through the UM Jobs website.
  3. Fill out, obtain signatures, and submit the Recruitment Authorization Form. Attach your job announcements (assuming they have received the Dean's approval). In addition, send electronic copies of the job ads and the Academic, Administrative, and Professional Recruitment Plan form (often referred to as "the recruitment plan").
  4. When you specify the materials you want applicants to upload, ask for unofficial transcripts (some schools do not release official transcripts directly to applicants for uploading), to maintain confidentiality of letters, add this language: "Have your referees send their confidential letters of recommendation by email attachment directly to"
  5. Once all parties have approved the job announcement, HRS will post it at UM Jobs and in Higher Education and Inside Higher Education. It will also be sent to professional journals and other recruitment sources identified in the Recruitment Plan.
  6. Send the HRS Recruitment Manager a list of names of everyone who will be involved in the screening process, including the administrative assistant. The Recruitment Managerwill generate a group login and password for the committee to access applications.
  7. Reviewers will receive an email from Open Hire Customer Support when access has been given and files are ready for review.
  8. Tell HRS how often you want filed updated with newly submitted materials (everyday, twice a week, once a week). Reviewers will receive an email announcing newly added materials according to the schedule you set.
  9. To review application materials, follow these steps:
    • Log on to OpenHire by clicking on the link provided in the OpenHire email you received for access to the applicant files. Your username and password will be provided in the email. Click on "Review Requests."
    • Click on each candidate's name to review their materials; use the "Resume/CV and Attachments" tabs to find the desired materials (cover letter, resume, transcripts, etc.)
    • Reviewers can take individual notes relative to the stated qualifications, or they can work with HRS to develop a shared screening tool.
  10. The committee meets to discuss the applicants and reach consensus regarding which candidates do not meet minimum qualifications, which candidates are qualified but are not necessarily top-flight candidates, and which candidates are the most promising. Do not rank order the candidates.
  11. One  person, typically the search committee chairperson, is designated to enter the "justifications" for the committee's decision with respect to each candidate. Do so as follows:
    • In each candidate profile, click on "Select an Action" and then "Complete Review."
    • When the dialog box opens, click on "Select an Evaluation" and then click on the most appropriate option. If you would like to invite a candidate for a phone or campus interview, select either "Accept: Phone", or "Accept: Interview." If you are not inviting a candidate for an interview, select one of the following three options (do not choose one of the final two options listed):
      • Decline: Does not have requisite skills.
      • Decline: Does not meet desirable qualifications.
      • Decline: Other (explain in comments box.)
    • In the comments box, write in a more specific justification for the Committee's decision and then click "Submit."
    • When you have finished with all of the justifications, be sure to log out of the system.
    • Inform the HRS Recruitment Manager that you have completed the evaluation process and send her a copy of your interview questions.
    • Advice: For candidates with "acceptable" credentials but who are not among the top two or three individuals selected for interviews, click on the "Accept: Schedule Interview" option. Add "Tier 2" in the comments box. This allows you to return to these candidates if the interviews do not result in a successful hire.
  12. When your interview questions and selections for interviews have been approved by HRS, you may begin arranging for the campus interviews. Let the Dean know how many candidates you intend to bring to campus for an interview (no more than three). Keep in mind that video conferencing is a possibility for candidates located far away; LA 103B is equipped for this purpose.
  13. HRS will email "letters of regret" when you notify HRS that the process has been successfully completed. However, your academic unit is responsible for sending letters of regret to the interviewed candidates who were not ultimately hired.