Collaboration Policy between H&S and Missoula College

Collaboration Policy between H&S and Missoula College printable PDF

  1. Proposals for new courses should be brought forward with adequate time for full review by faculty members and the administrations of H&S and MC.
  2. When a course is proposed based on an existing H&S general education offering, it should be based on the existing syllabus of that course. It is the responsibility of the cognizant H&S department to provide a current syllabus.
  3. If a new course is proposed, but has overlapping content with an existing offering in H&S, the syllabus should be reviewed by H&S faculty in consultation with MC faculty to achieve agreement on appropriate content.
  4. Instructors for MC general education courses are solicited/chosen by the MC administration. However, consultation with H&S is expected in order to assure comparability of credentials and background between offerings by the two colleges. In addition, wherever possible, the use of advanced graduate students from H&S should be considered.
  5. Graduate students in H&S departments can be considered for instructional positions teaching MC courses if they meet with the approval of the cognizant MC department and the MC administration. In that H&S e they will be compensated at the regular MC adjunct rate. To facilitate a positive working relationship between H&S graduate students and MC faculty, H&S departments should recommend the most senior and qualified graduate students available on a competitive basis. Such graduate students will be known as Science (or Humanities) Teaching Fellows, but as indicated, the final decision of who teaches a MC course would be with the MC.

[Prepared and reviewed by Deans Comer and Good, Provost Brown]

Revised March 26, 2012