All-Faculty Meetings

October 4, 2016: Meeting Minutes


  • Volunteers needed for several UM committees
  • Outstanding performance award for non-TT faculty will start this year
  • We had a request from the Missoulian to provide info on interesting things going on in our classrooms this semester
  • The College is seeking an H&S Rubric to better locate highly interdisciplinary courses
  • Main Hall has shared concerns about self-support, on-line courses, and also is encouraging development of regular on-line courses as per the President’s recent SOU address.
  • We are working toward more 2+2 agreements with Tribal Colleges
  • The Humanities Institute was approved by the Board of regents! (Thank You Ashley and Anya and many humanities faculty who came to Meetings to discuss and plan over the past 2 years)


  • The upcoming UMF campaign was discussed. There is still time for more departmental input. Please send your ideas to the Dean’s office
  • Discussion with Provost about cross-listing: she is supportive of keeping/reviving it.

State of our Budget:

  • Many decisions will have to await some better information on budget projections that will not be available for several more weeks
  • Ad-Hoc requests for support: Funds for these are severely limited.  With our few remaining dollars we will give priority to student requests
  • A group will be looking into the possibility of helping to preserve some travel support for faculty
  • Recruitment: we expect there will be few if any searches approved this year.
  • The H&S Faculty and Staff Advisory Committees have been activated to consider strategies for dealing with any additional budget pressures that may occur this year and to start discussing longer term planning


  • MUN anniversary coming up this year
  • Fed Res. President will be here in October (the 13th)
  • Nov. 5 we will be celebrating Elouise Cobell’s birthday

November 20, 2015: Meeting Minutes


  • Kevin Kicking Woman was introduced as the new Tribal Liaison for the College.  This is a part-time position that Kevin has agreed to occupy – a major duty is to help us better connect with and recruit from Tribal Colleges.
  • Congratulations are due for Professor Doug Emlen, who won Teacher of the Year, representing Montana and, Derek Crittendon, a Chemistry, Math and Philosophy major who is a Rhodes Scholarship finalist, interviewing in Seattle as we meet.
  • Information updates were given on renovations in the LA building, progress toward establishing a Humanities Institute, and on recent visits with Chinese universities that have interests in collaborating with H&S.

State of the Budget:

  • The budget situation we face was reviewed. 
  • The Dean indicated that for the time being searches remain in place, but search committees should not invite candidates to campus until we have some clarity about true impacts from the President’s recent announcements. 
  • There will be some impact on vacant faculty lines.  Its magnitude is presently unclear.  We hope to minimize impact on staff positions and graduate assistants. 
  • The Dean’s office will work with the departmental Chairs and program Directors, and with the College’s faculty Advisory Committee to review information and make decisions as rapidly and fairly as possible.
  • There was robust discussion and great concern about how we arrived at this situation, prospects for recruiting to strengthen enrollment, and how to minimize potential difficulties in our ability to help students get the courses they need and complete.

March 7, 2014: Meeting Minutes

At the beginning of the meeting there was a moment of silence for Michel Colville, wife of Regent’s Professor Emeritus, Fred Allendorf.  Faculty were reminded that a fund has been set up for Fred and they were asked to contribute if they are able.  The fund is the Allendorf Family Fund, at Missoula Federal Credit Union, 3600 Brooks St., Missoula 59801, 406-523-3300.


  • A set of general items were announced and briefly discussed.  The new name  of the College is being rolled out gradually at this point.  A formal event to recognize the new name will be scheduled later in the Spring or next Fall.  The College has created logos for College of Humanities and Sciences.  They can be found on the H & S web page for use by departments.
  • Ian Withrow was introduced.  He is a new staff member in the College Office.  This is not a new position.  We lost an Associate Dean position with this year’s cuts and created this position with a piece of the Assoc. Dean line.
  • Congratulations are in order for the Philosophy Department and three of its students: Hayden Hooker, Joel Johnson, Alan Rolph won first place in the International Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl!
  • Progress continues on the Cobell Land & Culture Institute.  The College applied for two grants to help bring it to life and this past week has learned that both will be funded.
  • Thanks to faculty from the various departments that have made calls or sent e-mails to recently admitted students.  Being proactive to stimulate student registrations is something that will be important to the future of each department, the College and UM.
  • Also Loey Knapp asked the Dean to let faculty know that she has had great experiences, and much cooperation, with departments about establishing templates for degree audits!
  • The main H & S Teaching awards: The Cox Award and the Award for Teaching Across the Curriculum have applications due on March 15.  Forms are available on the College web site.
  • A Committee of faculty to discuss design of a Humanities Institute is just beginning work.
  • A Committee to review H&S budget practices is well into its work.  Chair Steve Schwarze gave a brief report on their activities and findings to date and plans for the future.  The Committee on Budget members include Professors R. Bendick, O. Renner-Fahey, S. Schwarze, and T. Shearer; staff members J. Clark, and J. Fowler; and student member C. Panarese.  Two members of the Faculty Advisory Committee, K. Sugden and K. McKinney have also joined the effort.

State of the Budget:

  • Update on the FY 15 budget: Academic Affairs managed to come up with a projected budget for the Colleges which requires some cuts, but much less than had been feared even a few weeks ago. 
  • The College expects to see some reduction in operating funds for the H&S administration and for departments (but at a relatively modest level), some reduction in the number of TAs supported – mostly from the Grad School, and reductions to our vacancy savings pool that will retrict some hiring of adjuncts next academic year. 
  • A new feature of this budget will be that CHS will receive a lump sum disbursement for Summer / Winter / Online instruction.  This suggests we should be very strategic about where we put our resources for these sessions.  Details will be shared with the ad-hoc budget committee before they are finalized.
  • Deans Comer and McNulty will be meeting with the Registrar to talk about rationalizing our academic calendar.