Advisory Boards

The College of Humanities and Sciences maintains three advisory boards that counsel the Dean on a variety of strategic initiatives to better serve and support the students and faculty in the College:

  1. The External Advisory Board consists of H&S alumni and supporters
  2. The Faculty Advisory Board is comprised of faculty representatives from a variety of disciplines across the College
  3. The Staff Advisory Board consists of staff representatives of the College

H&S Advisory Boards 2021

External Advisory Board

The H&S External Advisory Board is an external support group comprised of alumni and friends of the College. Board members act as ambassadors for the College helping acquaint alumni, prospective students, and the larger community with our mission and activities; offering guidance on strategic initiatives; and helping the College identify and secure financial support for students, faculty, programs, and facilities. 

List of people on the H&S Advisory Board
Joe Batts Lakeside, MT
Lana Batts Lakeside, MT
Mark Bohr Batavia, IL
Dennis Burns Avila Beach, CA
Phillip Guay Missoula, MT
Karen Kracher Dykstra Paradise Valley, AZ
Joe Marra Seattle, WA
Doug Marsh Batavia, IL
Jenn McColly Woodinville, WA
Brian Morgan Missoula, MT
Jim Murray Bethesda, MD
Lisa Parks Missoula, MT
Bob Stromberg Bellevue, WA
Mary Stromberg Bellevue, WA

Faculty Advisory Board

The H&S Faculty Advisory Board serves as the body for deliberation on current issues within the College, providing insight and advice to H&S administration. The Board is also charged with assisting the Dean with broad strategic thinking and planning.

List of faculty on the faculty advisory board
Amanda Dawsey Social Sciences Economics
Anisa Goforth Social Sciences Psychology
Greg Larson Social Sciences Communication Studies
Kelly McKinnie Natural Sciences Mathematical Sciences
Amy Ratto-Parks Humanities English
Tobin Miller Shearer Humanities History and African-American Studies
Scott Wetzel Natural Sciences Division of Biological Sciences
Travis Wheeler Natural Sciences Computer Science

Staff Advisory Board

The H&S Staff Advisory Board deliberates and advises the H&S administration on the fundamental operations and daily workings of the College.

  • Janean Clark
  • Susan Elliott
  • Cheri Ferguson
  • Laura Jones
  • Kallie Moore
  • Diane Rapp
  • Taylor Keelan
  • Indy Singh

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