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Award and Honors Recipients and Information

The title of Regents' Professor is awarded to a very select group of full-time faculty with an outstanding record of commitment to the University; who have demonstrated true excellence in all three areas of University expectation: instruction, scholarship, and service; and who have demonstrated distinctive impact through their work as a faculty member.

Professor Year Department Research Area
Anya Jabour 2016 History U.S. women's history
Ragan M. Callaway 2014 DBS Ecology
Fred Allendorf (Emeritus) 2004 DBS Population genetics and conservation
William W. Woessner (Emeritus) 2004 Geosciences Basic and applied hydrogeology
Albert Borgmann (Emeritus) 1996 Philosophy Philosophy of society and culture with particular emphasis on technology
Paul Lauren (Emeritus) 1991 History Diplomacy, international relations, and Human rights

The Helen and Winston Cox Educational Excellence Award was established to encourage and reward junior faculty members in the area of teaching. Criteria for evaluation include superior teaching, student advising and mentoring; accessibility to students beyond normal office hours; scholarly and professional activity; and campus/community service.

Cox Award Nomination Form
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Previous Cox Award Recipients

Recipient Year Department
Sara Rinfret 2017 Political Science
Matt Roscoe 2017 Mathematical Sciences
Cory Palmer 2016 Mathematical Sciences
Meradeth Snow 2016 Anthropology
Kyle Volk 2014 History
Daisy Rooks 2013 Sociology
Tobin Shearer 2013 History

The Award was established to recognize faculty members for their excellence in teaching at all levels of the curriculum. Criteria for evaluation include superior teaching at both the upper (300+) and lower (100-200) levels of the curriculum, student advising and mentoring, and accessibility to students beyond normal office hours. This award is presented by the H&S Advisory Board.

The William Reynolds Award for Excellence in Teaching Across the Curriculum
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Previous Recipients

Recipient Year Department
Kathy Kuipers 2017 Sociology
David Shively 2016 Geography
Stephen Yoshimura 2015 Communication Studies
Erick Greene 2014 Divison of Biological Sciences
Nate McCrady 2013 Physics & Astronomy

Supported by the David B. Friend Memorial Fund, this award was established to recognize excellence in teaching by non-tenure-track faculty members teaching our introductory courses. Nominee must be at least a .5 FTE non-tenure-track faculty member in any department or program in the College of Humanities and SciencesCriteria for evaluation in descending order of importance are: Superior teaching at the fundamental (100-200) levels of the curriculum, student advising and mentoring (especially at the undergraduate level); accessibility to students beyond normal office hours. Though emphasis will be placed on excellence in teaching broadly, accomplishment in the other areas is a plus.

The David B. Friend Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching at the Introductory Level Nomination Form
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Previous Recipients

Recipient Year Department
Kevin McManigal 2017 Geography
Michael Cassens 2016 Computer Science
Lauren Fern 2015 Mathematical Sciences
Diane Friend 2015 Physics & Astronomy

The Baldridge Book Subvention Fund supports the publishing of scholarly books by H&S faculty in the areas of African American Studies, Economics, English, History, Liberal Studies, Linguistics, Modern and Classical Languages & Literatures, Native American Studies, Philosophy and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies. This fund is meant to support costs that an author may be obligated to pay to a publisher in order to accomplish production. Examples of such costs include photograph reproductions, translations and indexing.

Application Form (PDF)

The Toelle-Bekken Family Memorial Fund was established to honor the memories of J. Howard Toelle, a long-time faculty member in UM’s School of Law (1926-1956), and his daughter Charlotte Toelle Bakken, who graduated from UM in 1944 with a degree in Botany and Spanish from the University of Montana. Both were deeply committed to the value of education and to the value of an energetic and inquisitive faculty. Faculty development opportunities were of special interest to them based on lifelong association with academic pursuits. The fund provides support for projects that demonstrate and advance novel and/or innovative ideas in teaching, research, and community service.

Annual Deadline: March 1

Eligibility: Students and faculty in the following areas who will be enrolled/employed at UM for the following academic year are eligible to apply:

  • Division of Biological Sciences,
  • Department of Anthropology,
  • Department of Chemistry,
  • Department of Geosciences, and
  • Alexander Blewett III School of Law.

The Toelle-Bekken Family Memorial Fund Application Criteria and Proposal Guidelines