Faculty Profile

Natalie Abernethy

Abernethy, Natalie Administrative Associate

Office: LA 101
Email: natalie.abernethy@mso.umt.edu

Robert Acker

Acker, Robert Professor Emeritus, German / Chair Emeritus

Email: AckerRW@mso.umt.edu

Karen Ruth Adams

Adams, Karen Ruth Professor of Political Science (International Relations)

Office: Liberal Arts 350
Email: karen.adams@umontana.edu

Deborah Agbakwuru

Agbakwuru, Deborah PhD Student - Toxicology

Bryn Agnew

Agnew, Bryn Administrative Associate

Office: LA 117
Email: bryn.agnew@mso.umt.edu

Jay Albertson

Albertson, Jay Accounting Associate II

Office: HS 104
Email: jay.albertson@umt.edu

Jon Aliri

Aliri, Jon Adjunct instructor

Office: LA 402
Email: jon1.aliri@umontana.edu

Fred Allendorf

Allendorf, Fred Regents Professor Emeritus

Email: Fred.Allendorf@gmail.com

Heather Almquist

Almquist, Heather Faculty Affiliate

Email: heather.almquist@umontana.edu

Michihiro Ama

Ama, Michihiro Japanese Language and Culture

Office: LA 320
Email: michihiro.ama@mso.umt.edu

Nicholas Ambs

Ambs, Nicholas MA Student

Office: Corbin 344
Email: nicholas.ambs@umontana.edu

Elizabeth Ametsbichler

Ametsbichler, Elizabeth Professor Emerita, German / Chair Emerita

Email: liz.ametsbichler@mso.umt.edu

Stephen Amish

Amish, Stephen Research Scientist

Office: HS 110
Email: stephen.amish@mso.umt.edu

Carly Anderson

Anderson, Carly Neuro Graduate Student

Email: carly1.anderson@umontana.edu

Christopher Anderson

Anderson, Christopher Professor Emeritus, French

Email: christopher.anderson@mso.umt.edu

Rick Anderson

Anderson, Rick Interim Director of Student Services

Office: LA 133C
Email: rick.anderson@mso.umt.edu

Tim Anderson

Anderson, Tim

Office: CHCB 423
Email: tim.anderson@umconnect.umt.edu

Justin Angle

Angle, Justin Associate Professor

Office: GBB 313
Email: justin.angle@umontana.edu

Irene Appelbaum

Appelbaum, Irene Professor

Office: Social Sciences 211
Email: irene.appelbaum@umontana.edu

Jasper Aquino

Aquino, Jasper Graduate Student and Teaching Assistant

Office: HS 311
Email: jasper.aquino@umontana.edu

Claire Rydell Arcenas

Arcenas, Claire Rydell Assistant Professor of History; Director of Undergraduate Studies

Office: LA 261
Email: claire.arcenas@umontana.edu

Scott Arcenas

Arcenas, Scott Assistant Professor

Office: LA 263
Email: scott.arcenas@mso.umt.edu

Hiltrud Arens

Arens, Hiltrud Professor, German

Office: LA 441
Fax: 406-243-4076
Email: hiltrud.arens@mso.umt.edu

Ashley Arsenault

Arsenault, Ashley Graduate Student

Office: LA 339
Email: ashley.arsenault@umconnect.umt.edu

Hayden Ausland

Ausland, Hayden Professor, Classics

Office: LA 424
Email: hayden.ausland@mso.umt.edu

Nagashree Avabhrath

Avabhrath, Nagashree CMMB Graduate Student

Office: HS 301
Email: nagashree.avabhrath@umontana.edu

Teigan Avery

Avery, Teigan Economics

Office: LA 402
Email: teigan.avery@umconnect.umt.edu

Linda Azure

Azure, Linda Administrative Associate II

Office: Math 105
Email: azure@mso.umt.edu

Betsy Bach

Bach, Betsy Professor Emerita

Email: betsy.bach@umontana.edu

Grace Bagley

Bagley, Grace CMMB Graduate Student

Jessica Bailey

Bailey, Jessica CMMB Graduate Student

Office: HS 303
Email: jessica1.bailey@umontana.edu

Donna Bainbridge

Bainbridge, Donna Physical Therapist, EdD, ATC

Office: SB129
Email: donna.bainbridge@umontana.edu

Robert Baker

Baker, Robert Professor

Office: LA 219
Email: robert.baker@mso.umt.edu

Robert Balch

Balch, Robert Professor Emeritus

Office: Social Sciences 325
Email: rob.balch@umontana.edu

Julie Baldwin

Baldwin, Julie Associate Dean / Professor

Office: CHCB 307; LA 136A
Fax: (406) 243-4028
Email: jbaldwin@mso.umt.edu

Mara Baldwin

Baldwin, Mara Program Coordinator

Office: ISB 106
Fax: 406-243-6024
Email: mara.baldwin@mso.umt.edu

Ashley Ballantyne

Ballantyne, Ashley Associate Professor of Bioclimatology

Office: CHCB 435
Email: ashley.ballantyne@umontana.edu

Brooke Bannerman

Bannerman, Brooke EE Graduate Student

Leora Bar-el

Bar-el, Leora Professor

Office: Social Sciences 210
Email: leora.bar-el@umontana.edu

Johnathan Bardsley

Bardsley, Johnathan Department Chair, Professor

Office: Math 210
Fax: (406) 243-2674
Email: MathChair@mso.umt.edu

Jennifer Barnhill

Barnhill, Jennifer Computer Technician

Elizabeth Barrs

Barrs, Elizabeth PhD Candidate/Adjunct Instructor

Office: MC 310
Email: elizabeth.barrs@umontana.edu

Jim Battisti

Battisti, Jim Research Assistant Professor

Office: Health Sciences Room 510
Email: jim.battisti@umontana.edu

Celine Beamer

Beamer, Celine Research Associate Professor

Office: SB 282
Fax: 406-243-2807
Email: celine.beamer@umontana.edu

Cory Beatty

Beatty, Cory Research Lab Manager

Office: Chem 316
Email: cory.beatty@umontana.edu

Dustin Becht

Becht, Dustin Graduate Student

Email: dustin.becht@umontana.edu

David Beck

Beck, David Professor

Office: NAC 203D (closed) No in-person meetings, please e-mail
Email: dave.beck@mso.umt.edu

CPT Patrick Beckwith

Beckwith, CPT Patrick Assistant Operation Officer

Margaret Beebe-Frankenberger

Beebe-Frankenberger, Margaret Associate Professor of Psychology

Office: Skaggs Bldg 204
Email: mbeebe.frankenberger@umontana.edu

Annjeanette Belcourt

Belcourt, Annjeanette Professor

Office: Skaggs 306
Email: annie.belcourt@umontana.edu

Jill M. Belsky

Belsky, Jill M. Professor Emeratus of Rural & Environmental Sociology

Email: jill.belsky@umontana.edu

Tony Beltramo

Beltramo, Tony Professor Emeritus, Spanish

Email: anthony.beltramo@mso.umt.edu

Katie Benson

Benson, Katie Graduate Student

Office: LA 339
Email: katie.benson@umconnect.umt.edu

Avery Benton

Benton, Avery PhD Student - Pharmaceutical Sciences & Drug Design

Robyn Berg

Berg, Robyn Academic Advisor

Office: Remote during Fall 20 Semester
Email: robyn.berg@mso.umt.edu

Lara Berich

Berich, Lara Assistant Professor of Theatre

Office: PARTV 198
Email: lara.berich@umontana.edu

Orion Berryman

Berryman, Orion Associate Professor & Director of Small Molecule X-ray Diffraction Facility

Office: Chem 207
Fax: (406) 243-4227
Email: orion.berryman@umontana.edu

Lucas Bewley

Bewley, Lucas Student - Specialist in School Psychology

Email: lucas.bewley@umconnect.umt.edu

Julia Bezio

Bezio, Julia Graduate Instructor

Office: LA 339
Email: julia.bezio@umontana.edu

Sarah Bidwell

Bidwell, Sarah Instructional Microbiology Media Lab Tech

Email: sarah.weldon@mso.umt.edu

Richard Billstein

Billstein, Richard Emeritus

Office: Math 003
Fax: 406 243-2674
Email: rickb@mso.umt.edu

Raurie Birch, Psy.D.

Birch, Psy.D., Raurie Director, Clinical Psychology Center

Office: CPC, room 131
Fax: (406) 243-5549
Email: raurie.birch@umontana.edu

Jackson Birrell

Birrell, Jackson EE Graduate Student

Thomas Bisom

Bisom, Thomas Teaching Assistant

Email: thomas.bisom@umconnect.umt.edu

Polash Biswas

Biswas, Polash CMMB Graduate Student

Samir Bitar

Bitar, Samir Lecturer, Arabic

Office: Stone Hall 302 & LA 430
Email: samir.bitar@umontana.edu

Sabrina Black

Black, Sabrina Teaching Assistant; MFA Candidate Poetry

Email: sabrina1.black@umontana.edu

Martin Blair

Blair, Martin Executive Director

Office: Corbin 251
Email: martin.blair@umontana.edu

Maggie Blake

Blake, Maggie Research Associate

Office: Health Sciences 209
Email: maggie.blake@mso.umt.edu

Tre Blohm

Blohm, Tre Graduate Student (PhD)

Email: tre.blohm@umontana.edu

James Blundell

Blundell, James Ph.D. Graduate Student

Office: CHCB 338
Email: james.blundell@umontana.edu

Judy Blunt

Blunt, Judy Professor | English Dept Chair and Director of Creative Writing

Office: LA 112
Email: bluntj@mso.umt.edu

Heidi Boggs

Boggs, Heidi Director of Operations

Office: ISB 106A
Email: heidi.boggs@umontana.edu

Karen Boice

Boice, Karen Administrative Associate

Office: LA 301
Email: karen.boice@umontana.edu

Patrick Boise

Boise, Patrick Teaching Assistant

Romain Boisseau

Boisseau, Romain PhD student

Office: BRB 108
Email: romain.boisseau@umontana.edu

Benedicte Boisseron

Boisseron, Benedicte Associate Professor, French

Office: LA 440
Email: benedicte.boisseron@mso.umt.edu

Natalie Bond

Bond, Natalie Government Information Librarian/Assistant Professor

Office: MLIB 324
Email: natalie.bond@mso.umt.edu

Jeff Bookwalter

Bookwalter, Jeff Associate Professor

Office: Liberal Arts 405
Email: jeff.bookwalter@mso.umt.edu

Albert Borgmann

Borgmann, Albert Regents Professor Emeritus of Philosophy

Office: LA 149
Fax: (406) 243-4076
Email: albert.borgmann@umontana.edu

Keith Bosak

Bosak, Keith Professor of Nature Based Tourism and Recreation

Office: CHCB 466
Email: keith.bosak@umontana.edu

James Bosco

Bosco, James Graduate Student

Chloe Boucher

Boucher, Chloe

Office: CHCB 344
Email: chloe.boucher@umontana.edu

Sean Boushie

Boushie, Sean Equip/Lab Tech/Super

Email: sean.boushie@mso.umt.edu

Molly Bowlen

Bowlen, Molly Graduate Psychology Intern

Bruce Bowler

Bowler, Bruce Professor & Director of CBSD

Office: Chem 311A
Email: bruce.bowler@umontana.edu

Kathryn Boyle

Boyle, Kathryn Graduate Student, Vice President of the Linguistics Club

Email: kathryn.boyle@umontana.edu

Timothy R. Bradstock

Bradstock, Timothy R. Professor Emeritus,Chinese

Email: timothy.bradstock@mso.umt.edu

Creagh Breuner

Breuner, Creagh Associate Dean / Professor

Office: HS 105
Email: Creagh.breuner@umontana.edu

Richard Bridges

Bridges, Richard Regents Professor; Director of Neuroscience

Office: Health Sciences 409
Email: richard.bridges@umontana.edu

Kerry Bright

Bright, Kerry DBS Program Advisor

Office: Health Sciences 107
Email: biology.advisor@mso.umt.edu

Klara Briknarova

Briknarova, Klara Associate Professor

Office: CHEM 111
Email: klara.briknarova@umontana.edu

Ali Brill

Brill, Ali Teaching Assistant

Email: ali.brill@umconnect.umt.edu

Douglas Brinkerhoff

Brinkerhoff, Douglas Assistant Professor

Office: SS403
Email: douglas1.brinkerhoff@umontana.edu

Len Broberg

Broberg, Len Professor

Office: JRH 102
Fax: (406) 243-6090
Email: len.broberg@mso.umt.edu

Maggie Brock

Brock, Maggie Graduate Instructor

Office: ZOOM
Email: margaret.brock@umconnect.umt.edu

Jedediah Brodie

Brodie, Jedediah Assistant Professor; John Craighead Endowed Chair of Conservation

Office: NS 208A
Email: jedediah.brodie@mso.umt.edu

Barry Brown

Brown, Barry Dean (Interim) of the Maureen & Mike Mansfield Library / Professor

Office: MLIB 327
Fax: (406) 243-4067
Email: barry.brown@umontana.edu

Fletcher Brown

Brown, Fletcher Associate Professor

Office: 106 College of Education and Human Sciences
Email: fletcher.brown@mso.umt.edu

Joel Brown

Brown, Joel Ph.D., Boise State University, 2012

Office: CHCB 310
Email: joel.brown@umontana.edu

Jacqueline Brown, Ph.D.

Brown, Ph.D., Jacqueline Associate Professor of School Psychology and Program Director of School Psychology Graduate Programs

Office: Skaggs Bldg 204
Email: jacqueline.brown@umontana.edu

Rob Browning

Browning, Rob Lecturer

Office: Eck Hall 217
Email: rob.browning@mso.umt.edu

DeAnna Bublitz

Bublitz, DeAnna Assistant Research Professor

Email: deanna.bublitz@umontana.edu

Jackson Bunch

Bunch, Jackson Associate Professor

Office: Social Sciences 331
Fax: 406-243-5951
Email: jackson.bunch@umontana.edu

James Burchfield

Burchfield, James Retired, Professor of Forest Social Sciences

Email: james.burchfield@umontana.edu

James Burfeind

Burfeind, James Professor Emeritus of Sociology

Email: james.burfeind@umontana.edu

Jill Burke

Burke, Jill Administrative Associate

Office: HS 104
Fax: (406) 243-4184
Email: jill.burke@mso.umt.edu

Patrick Burke

Burke, Patrick Adjunct Instructor of Philosophy

Office: DHC 106
Fax: (406) 243-5313
Email: patrick.burke@umontana.edu

Timber Burnette

Burnette, Timber EE Graduate Student

Office: Natural Sciences 117
Email: timber.burnette@umconnect.umt.edu

Natalie Bursztyn

Bursztyn, Natalie Lecturer

Office: CHCB 367
Email: natalie.bursztyn@umontana.edu

David Busby

Busby, David

Office: CHCB 338
Email: david1.busby@umconnect.umt.edu

Alex Buscaglia

Buscaglia, Alex Graduate Clinical Psychology Student

Email: alexandra.buscaglia@umontana.edu

Maria Jose Bustos-Fernandez

Bustos-Fernandez, Maria Jose Professor, Spanish /Director Latin American Studies

Office: LA 437
Email: maria.bustos@mso.umt.edu

Heather Cahoon

Cahoon, Heather Tribal Governance and Policy

Office: NAC 203B
Email: heather.cahoon@mso.umt.edu

Lilian Calderón-Garcidueñas

Calderón-Garcidueñas, Lilian Professor

Office: SKAGGS 287
Email: lilian.calderon-garciduenas@umontana.edu

Ragan Callaway

Callaway, Ragan Professor

Office: Natural Sciences Annex 106
Email: Ray.Callaway@mso.umt.edu

Julia Cameron

Cameron, Julia Clinical Assistant to the Director

Office: Clinical Psychology Center (CPC)
Email: julia.cameron@umontana.edu

Jillian Campana

Campana, Jillian Professor of Theatre

Email: jillian.campana@umontana.edu

Gregory Campbell

Campbell, Gregory Professor

Office: Social Sciences 227
Email: gregory.campbell@mso.umt.edu

Duncan G Campbell, Ph.D.

Campbell, Ph.D., Duncan G Professor and Director of Clinical Training

Office: Skaggs Bldg 145 (in the main office)
Fax: 406.243.6366
Email: duncan.campbell@umontana.edu

Kevin Canty

Canty, Kevin Professor

Office: LA 130
Email: kevin.canty@umontana.edu

Zhen Cao

Cao, Zhen Associate Professor, Chinese

Office: LA 438
Email: zhen.cao@mso.umt.edu

Chad Carlson

Carlson, Chad Lieutenant Colonel

Claudia J. Carr

Carr, Claudia J. Associate Professor of Environmental Science

Office: 137 Giannini Hall, UC-Berkeley, CA
Email: claudiacarr@berkeley.edu

Ted Catton

Catton, Ted Associate Research Professor

Office: home
Email: ted.catton@umontana.edu

Cali Caughie

Caughie, Cali M.A., Clinical Psychology Intern

Sarah Certel

Certel, Sarah Associate Professor

Office: Health Sciences 303
Email: sarah.certel@umontana.edu

Brian Chaffin

Chaffin, Brian Associate Professor of Water Policy & Governance

Office: CHCB 464
Email: brian.chaffin@umontana.edu

Sree Chaliyakunnel

Chaliyakunnel, Sree Postdoctoral Research Associate

Email: sree.chaliyakunnel@mso.umt.edu

Casey Charles

Charles, Casey Professor

Office: 216 LA
Email: casey.charles@mso.umt.edu

Hila Tzipora Chase

Chase, Hila Tzipora PhD student

Office: HS208 and Field Research Station
Email: hilatzipora@gmail.com

Abhishek Chatterjee

Chatterjee, Abhishek Comparative Politics, Comparative/International Political Economy

Office: 355 Liberal Arts Building
Email: abhishek.chatterjee@umontana.edu

Eric Chesebro

Chesebro, Eric Professor

Office: Math 308
Email: Eric.Chesebro@mso.umt.edu

Zachary Cheviron

Cheviron, Zachary Associate Professor

Office: Interdisciplinary Science Building 317
Email: zac.cheviron@mso.umt.edu

Beverly Chin

Chin, Beverly Professor of English

Office: Liberal Arts 109
Email: beverly.chin@umontana.edu

Amy Christiansen

Christiansen, Amy Postdoctoral Research Associate

Office: Chemistry 013A
Email: amy.christiansen@mso.umt.edu

Xi Chu

Chu, Xi Associate Professor

Office: Chem 008A
Email: xi.chu@mso.umt.edu

Matthew Church

Church, Matthew Professor

Office: Flathead Lake Biological Station Rm 115
Email: matt.church@flbs.umt.edu

Janean Clark

Clark, Janean Administrative Associate Manager

Office: HS 105
Fax: (406) 243-4184
Email: janean.clark@umontana.edu

Bridget Clarke

Clarke, Bridget Professor of Philosophy

Office: LA 148
Fax: (406) 243-4076
Email: bclarke@mso.umt.edu

Sean Cleary

Cleary, Sean Graduate Student

Email: seancleary004@gmail.com

Samuel Clement

Clement, Samuel UM IT Technology Educator Consultant (TEC)

Cory Cleveland

Cleveland, Cory Professor, Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology

Office: CHCB 423B
Fax: (406) 243-6656
Email: cory.cleveland@umontana.edu

Bradley Clough

Clough, Bradley Associate Professor, Global Humanities and Religions

Office: LA 158
Email: bradley.clough@mso.umt.edu

Georgia Cobbs

Cobbs, Georgia Professor, Mathematics Education

Office: PJW Educ 105
Fax: (406) 243-4908
Email: georgia.cobbs@mso.umt.edu

Bryan Cochran, Ph.D.

Cochran, Ph.D., Bryan Professor of Psychology

Office: Skaggs Bldg 310
Email: bryan.cochran@umontana.edu

Maddy Cochrane

Cochrane, Maddy EE PhD Candidate

Office: HS 406
Email: madaline.cochrane@umontana.edu

Alina Cohen

Cohen, Alina MFA Candidate Fiction

Email: alina.cohen@umontana.edu

Shelby Cole

Cole, Shelby CMMB Graduate Student

Email: shelby.cole@umontana.edu

Chris Comer

Comer, Chris Professor Emeritus

Office: Corbin 256
Email: chris.comer@mso.umt.edu

Phil Condon

Condon, Phil Professor, EVST

Office: Earth
Email: phil.condon@mso.umt.edu

Anna Conley

Conley, Anna Adjunct Professor

Office: Missoula County Attorney's Office
Email: anna@annaconley.com

Manolita Connor

Connor, Manolita Adjunct Instructor, Spanish

Office: LA 422
Email: manolita.lopezconnor@mso.umt.edu

Lucian Conway, Ph.D.

Conway, Ph.D., Lucian Professor of Social Psychology

Office: Skaggs Bldg 239
Email: luke.conway@umontana.edu

Brandon S. Cooper

Cooper, Brandon S. Assistant Professor

Office: ISB 308
Email: brandon.cooper@umontana.edu

Kaetlyn Cordingley

Cordingley, Kaetlyn Assistant Dean and Director of Career Development, Community Partnerships, and Scholarships, Ph.D Student in Experimental Psychology

Office: DHC 103
Email: kaetlyn.cordingley@umontana.edu

Erin Costello Wecker

Costello Wecker, Erin Associate Professor of English & Irish Studies, Director of Composition

Office: LA 220
Email: erin.wecker@umontana.edu

Robert Crabtree

Crabtree, Robert Research Associate Professor

Office: Yellowstone Ecological Research Center
Email: bob.crabtree@umontana.edu

Mark Cracolice

Cracolice, Mark Professor

Office: Chem 101B
Email: mark.cracolice@umontana.edu

Bridget Creel

Creel, Bridget EE Graduate Student

Email: bridget.creel@umontana.edu

Matthew Croxton

Croxton, Matthew Doctoral Candidate

Email: matthew.croxton@umontana.edu

M. Ione Crummy

Crummy, M. Ione Professor, French

Office: LA 317
Email: ione.crummy@mso.umt.edu

Kristin Dahl Horejsi

Dahl Horejsi, Kristin Director

Office: Learning and Belonging Preschool
Email: kristin.horejsi@mso.umt.edu

Douglas Dalenberg

Dalenberg, Douglas Professor

Office: Liberal Arts 413
Email: doug.dalenberg@mso.umt.edu

Richard Darnell

Darnell, Richard Adjunct Instructor/Math Tutoring Services Supervisor

Office: Math 004C
Email: Richard.Darnell@mso.umt.edu

Anna-marie David

David, Anna-marie Grad Student, M.A.S.A Treasurer

Email: ad154151@umconnect.umt.edu

Wade Davies

Davies, Wade Professor

Office: NAC 203A
Email: wade.davies@mso.umt.edu

Kelly Davis, MA, LCPC

Davis, MA, LCPC, Kelly Clinical Assistant to the Director

Office: Clinical Psychology Center (CPC)
Fax: (406) 243-5549
Email: kelly2.davis@umontana.edu

Amanda Dawsey

Dawsey, Amanda Associate Professor, Chair

Office: Liberal Arts 408A
Email: amanda.dawsey@mso.umt.edu

Camilla de Mattos

de Mattos, Camilla Ph.D Candidate

Office: HS 515
Email: camilla.demattos@umontana.edu

Nicholas DeBellis

DeBellis, Nicholas School Psychology Graduate Student

Dan Decato

Decato, Dan NMR & SMXDC Core Manager

Office: Chemistry
Email: daniel.decato@mso.umt.edu

Michael DeGrandpre

DeGrandpre, Michael Professor of Chemistry

Office: Chemistry 318
Email: michael.degrandpre@umontana.edu

Remy Delplanche

Delplanche, Remy EE Graduate Student

Email: remy.delplanche@umontana.edu

Borries Demeler

Demeler, Borries

Office: CHEM 009
Email: demeler@gmail.com

Daniel J. Denis

Denis, Daniel J. Professor of Quantitative Psychology

Office: Skaggs Bldg 369
Email: daniel.denis@umontana.edu

Megan Denis

Denis, Megan Graduate Student (PhD)

Office: SS217
Email: megan.denis@umontana.edu

Joely DeSimone

DeSimone, Joely (she/her) EE PhD Candidate

Email: joely.desimone@umontana.edu

Shawn Devlin

Devlin, Shawn Assistant Research Professor

Office: Flathead Lake Biological Station 108
Email: shawn.devlin@umontana.edu

Diana Diakow

Diakow, Diana

Office: Skaggs Rm#368
Email: diana.diakow@umontana.edu

Kenneth Dial

Dial, Kenneth Professor Emeritus

Office: HS 416A
Email: kdial@mso.umt.edu

Philippe Diaz

Diaz, Philippe Associate Professor

Office: SB479
Fax: (406) 243-5228
Email: philippe.diaz@umontana.edu

Rachel Dierken

Dierken, Rachel Academic Advisor

Office: LA 133I
Email: rachel.dierken@mso.umt.edu

Paul Dietrich

Dietrich, Paul Retired Professor of Religious Studies and Liberal Studies

Office: LA 150
Email: paul.dietrich@mso.umt.edu

Kelly Dixon

Dixon, Kelly Professor

Office: Social Sciences 235 and Social Sciences SS 244 (laboratory)
Email: kelly.dixon@mso.umt.edu

Solomon Dobrowski

Dobrowski, Solomon Professor of Forest Landscape Ecology

Office: CHCB 438
Email: solomon.dobrowski@cfc.umt.edu

Chris Dombrowski

Dombrowski, Chris Visiting Professor

Office: LA 117
Email: christopher.dombrowski@mso.umt.edu

John Donahue

Donahue, John Emeritus Professor

Jessica Dougherty-McMichael

Dougherty-McMichael, Jessica Assistant Professor

Office: MC 404
Email: jessica.dougherty-mcmichael@umontana.edu

John Douglas

Douglas, John Professor

Office: Social Science 233
Email: john.douglas@umontana.edu

Brian Dowdle

Dowdle, Brian Japanese Language and Culture

Office: LA 326
Email: brian.dowdle@mso.umt.edu

Micaela Downey

Downey, Micaela Adjunct Instructor, Spanish

Office: LA 440
Email: micaela.downey@umontana.edu

Dan Doyle

Doyle, Dan Professor Emeritus of Criminology and Sociology

Email: dan.doyle@umontana.edu

Richard Drake

Drake, Richard Lucile Speer Research Chair in Politics and History

Office: University Hall 314
Email: richard.drake@umontana.edu

Dan Drecktrah

Drecktrah, Dan Associate Research Professor

Office: Clapp 204
Email: dan.drecktrah@mso.umt.edu

Sarah Drew

Drew, Sarah School Psychology Graduate Student

Email: sarah1.drew@umontana.edu

Patricia Duce

Duce, Patricia Lecturer

Office: SS 412
Email: ducepa@mso.umt.edu

John Duffield

Duffield, John Adjunct Research Professor

Office: Corbin 263
Email: john.duffield@mso.umt.edu

Kinsie Dunham

Dunham, Kinsie Clinical Assistant to the Director

Office: Clinical Psychology Center (CPC)
Fax: (406) 243-5549
Email: kinsie.dunham@umontana.edu

Sam Dunnington

Dunnington, Sam MFA Candidate Fiction

Email: samuel.dunnington@umontana.edu

Armond Duwell

Duwell, Armond Professor of Philosophy

Office: LA 154
Fax: (406) 243-4076
Email: armond.duwell@umontana.edu

Courtenay Duzet

Duzet, Courtenay M.S Candidate

Office: CHCB 316
Email: courtenay.duzet@umontana.edu

Juniper Eastwood

Eastwood, Juniper Environmental Philsophy Graduate Student

Email: juniper.eastwood@umontana.edu

Lisa Eby

Eby, Lisa Professor of Aquatic Ecology; Undergraduate Program Director, Ecosystem Science & Restoration

Office: BioResearch 103
Email: lisa.eby@umontana.edu

Louise Economides

Economides, Louise Professor

Office: LA 119
Email: louise.economides@mso.umt.edu

Alysha Edwards

Edwards, Alysha PhD Student

Office: SS 216
Email: alysha.edwards@umontana.edu

John Eglin

Eglin, John Professor of History

Office: LA 255
Email: john.eglin@umontana.edu

Todd Ehlers

Ehlers, Todd Professor, University of Tubingen, Germany

Mary Ellenbecker

Ellenbecker, Mary Postdoctoral Fellow

Office: Integrative Science Building Rm. 221
Email: mary.ellenbecker@mso.umt.edu

James Elser

Elser, James Bierman Professor, Director of the Flathead Lake Biological Station

Office: HS 419A
Email: jim.elser@umontana.edu

Douglas Emlen

Emlen, Douglas Regents Professor

Office: Bio Research Building 105
Email: Doug.Emlen@mso.umt.edu

David Emmons

Emmons, David Professor Emeritus of History

Email: david.emmons@mso.umt.edu

Richard Erb

Erb, Richard Faculty Affiliate

Office: GBB 348-2
Email: richarderb@montana.com

Ronald Erickson

Erickson, Ronald Professor Emeritus

Johan Eriksson

Eriksson, Johan Associate Professor of Saxophone and Jazz Studies

Office: Room 201, School of Music
Fax: 406-243-2441 (attn: Johan Eriksson)
Email: johan.eriksson@umontana.edu

Jay Evans

Evans, Jay Research Professor, Director of CTM

Office: 1121 East Broadway Street, Suite 121
Email: jay.evans@umontana.edu

Kate Evans

Evans, Kate EE Graduate Student

Email: katherine1.evans@umontana.edu

Dominick Faith

Faith, Dominick CMMB Graduate Student

Email: dominick1.faith@umontana.edu

William E. Farr

Farr, William E. Professor Emeritus of History; Associate Director, Center for the Rocky Mountain West

Email: farr@crmw.org

Gerald Fetz

Fetz, Gerald Professor Emeritus, German / Dean Emeritus

Office: Corbin 159
Email: fetzga@mso.umt.edu

Richard Field

Field, Richard Professor Emeritus

Office: Chemistry 009
Email: richard.field@umontana.edu

Devin Filicicchia

Filicicchia, Devin

Office: JRHM5
Email: devin.filicicchia@umontana.edu

Janet Finn

Finn, Janet Professor

Office: Jeannette Rankin Hall (JRH) 012
Email: janet.finn@umontana.edu

Trevor Finney

Finney, Trevor Teaching Assisstant

Email: trevor.finney@umontana.edu

Christine Fiore, Ph.D.

Fiore, Ph.D., Christine Professor of Clinical Psychology

Office: Skaggs Bldg 238
Email: christine.fiore@umontana.edu

David Firth

Firth, David Professor

Office: GBB 360
Email: david.firth@umontana.edu

Naatosi Fish

Fish, Naatosi Adjunct Instructor

Office: NAC

Boris Fishman

Fishman, Boris Assistant Professor, MFA Program in Creative Writing

Office: LA 130
Email: boris.fishman@mso.umt.edu

Lila Fishman

Fishman, Lila Professor

Office: ISB 319
Email: Lila.Fishman@mso.umt.edu

Taylor Floming

Floming, Taylor School Psychology Graduate Student

Email: taylor.floming@umontana.edu

Dan Flores

Flores, Dan A.B. Hammond Professor Emeritus of Western History

Email: dlfnewmexico@aol.com

Thomas A. Foor

Foor, Thomas A. Professor Emeritus

Office: Social Sciences 201
Email: thomas.foor@umontana.edu

Ray Ford

Ford, Ray Emeritus Professor

Office: none
Email: ray.ford@umontana.edu

Kerry Foresman

Foresman, Kerry Professor Emeritus

Office: HS 203
Email: foresman@mso.umt.edu

Gisele Forrest

Forrest, Gisele Academic Advisor

Office: PFNAC 112D
Email: gisele.forrest@mso.umt.edu

Lance Foster

Foster, Lance PhD Student

Office: Corbin 351
Email: lance2.foster@umconnect.umt.edu

Jameson Frakes

Frakes, Jameson EE Graduate Student

Email: jameson.frakes@umontana.edu

Leif Fredrickson

Fredrickson, Leif Visiting Assistant Professor of History

Office: LA 260
Email: leif.fredrickson@umconnect.umt.edu

Linda S. Frey

Frey, Linda S. Professor Emeritus of History

Email: linda.frey@mso.umt.edu

Harry Fritz

Fritz, Harry Professor Emeritus of History

Email: harry.fritz@umontana.edu

Jacob Frydenlund

Frydenlund, Jacob Budget Analyst II

Office: Math 110 Chem 208
Email: jacob.frydenlund@mso.umt.edu

Megan Fylling

Fylling, Megan Research Director & Avian Ecologist

Office: Health Sciences 209
Email: megan.fylling@mso.umt.edu

Christina G. Yoshimura

G. Yoshimura, Christina Professor of Communication Studies (M.A., Ph.D.) and Mental Health Counselor (M.A.)

Office: LA 358
Email: christina.yoshimura@umontana.edu

Jeremiah Gaiser

Gaiser, Jeremiah PhD Student

Office: SS421
Email: jeremiah.gaiser@umontana.edu

James Gannon

Gannon, James Professor Emeritus

Office: HS 516A
Email: Jim.Gannon@umontana.edu

Suzanne Garcia Pino

Garcia Pino, Suzanne MFA Candidate Nonfiction

Email: suzanne.garciapino@umontana.edu

Payton Gardner

Gardner, Payton Assistant Professor

Office: CHCB 353
Email: payton.gardner@umontana.edu

Kristin Gates

Gates, Kristin MA Student

Office: Corbin Hall, 342
Email: kristin.gates@umontana.edu

Marissa Geiger

Geiger, Marissa Executive Assistant to the Dean and Administrative Associate Manager

Office: LA 136
Email: marissa.geiger@mso.umt.edu

John Gerdes

Gerdes, John Research Professor

Office: SB 471E
Email: john.gerdes@umontana.edu

Alyssa Germscheid

Germscheid, Alyssa School Psychology Graduate Student

Email: alyssa.germscheid@umontana.edu

Jared Gibbs

Gibbs, Jared Teaching Assistant

Email: Jared.Gibbs@umconnect.umt.edu

Rudy Gideon

Gideon, Rudy Professor Emeritus

Office: Corbin 260
Email: gideon@mso.umt.edu

Victoria Gifford

Gifford, Victoria

Office: Chemistry 304
Email: victoria.gifford@mso.umt.edu

Jordan Gilbert

Gilbert, Jordan

Office: CHCB 338
Email: jordan1.gilbert@umontana.edu

Claire Gilder

Gilder, Claire

Office: CHCB 338
Email: claire.gilder@umontana.edu

Elizabeth Gillaspy

Gillaspy, Elizabeth Assistant professor

Office: MATH 012
Email: elizabeth.gillaspy@mso.umt.edu

Linda Gillison

Gillison, Linda Professor Emerita, Classics

Email: linda.gillison@mso.umt.edu

Gillian Glaes

Glaes, Gillian Visiting Associate Professor of History

Office: LA 259
Fax: (406) 243-4076
Email: gillian.glaes@mso.umt.edu

Anisa Goforth, Ph.D., ABPP

Goforth, Ph.D., ABPP, Anisa Associate Professor of Psychology

Office: Skaggs Bldg. 367
Email: anisa.goforth@umontana.edu

Judie Goldberg

Goldberg, Judie Core Billing Manager

Office: ISB 106
Fax: 406-243-6024
Email: judie.goldberg@mso.umt.edu

Jeffrey Good

Good, Jeffrey Associate Professor

Office: Interdisciplinary Sciences Building (ISB) 308
Email: jeffrey.good@umontana.edu

Bethany Gorter

Gorter, Bethany BHWET Intern, Providence Health Center

Email: bethany.gorter@umontana.edu

Gabriella Graceffo

Graceffo, Gabriella Teaching Assistant; MFA Candidate Poetry; MA Candidate Literary Studies

Email: gg165708@umconnect.umt.edu

Rick Graetz

Graetz, Rick Lecturer

Office: Stone Hall 307A
Fax: (406) 243-4840
Email: rick.graetz@umontana.edu

Adelle Graham

Graham, Adelle Administrative Associate III

Office: Skaggs 143
Fax: 406-243-6366
Email: adelle.graham@umontana.edu

Jon Graham

Graham, Jon Professor, Data & Modeling Core Director

Office: Math 204
Fax: 406-243-2674
Email: jgraham@mso.umt.edu

Willard Granath Jr.

Granath Jr., Willard Professor Emeritus

Email: bill.granath@mso.umt.edu

Alecia Gray

Gray, Alecia Academic Advisor

Office: LA 133H (but currently working remotely)
Email: alecia.gray@umontana.edu

Rob Green

Green, Rob

Email: robert3.green@umconnect.umt.edu

Zoey Greenberg

Greenberg, Zoey Graduate Student, Environmental Writing

Email: zoe.greenberg@umontana.edu

Anne E. Greene

Greene, Anne E. Adjunct Faculty

Office: Health Sciences 205
Email: anne.greene@mso.umt.edu

Erick Greene

Greene, Erick Professor

Office: HS 203b
Email: erick.Greene@mso.umt.edu

Jeffrey Greene

Greene, Jeffrey American Government, Public Administration, and Public Policy

Email: jeffrey.greene@mso.umt.edu

Robert H. Greene

Greene, Robert H. Associate Professor of History

Ramona Grey

Grey, Ramona Classical, Modern & Contemporary Political Theory, American Political Thought

Office: Liberal Arts 353
Email: ramona.grey@mso.umt.edu

S. Neyooxet Greymorning

Greymorning, S. Neyooxet Professor

Office: Native American Center 203F, Social Sciences 221
Email: neyooxet.greymorning@mso.umt.edu

Forest Grieves

Grieves, Forest Comparative Government & Politics & International Relations

Email: forest.grieves@mso.umt.edu

Mark Grimes

Grimes, Mark Professor, DBS

Office: Health Sciences 306
Email: Mark.Grimes@mso.umt.edu

Jeffrey Gritzner

Gritzner, Jeffrey Emeritus Professor

Office: Stone Hall 204
Fax: (406) 243-4840
Email: jeffrey.gritzner@umontana.edu

Dalit Guscio

Guscio, Dalit Restoration Education Program Manager

Office: HS 112
Email: dalit.guscio@mso.umt.edu

Quan Manh Ha

Ha, Quan Manh Professor

Office: LA 213
Email: quan.ha@mso.umt.edu

Paul Haber

Haber, Paul Globalization, Latin America, Environmental Politics, Social Movements

Office: LA 349
Email: paul.haber@mso.umt.edu

Nabil Haddad

Haddad, Nabil Emeritus

Office: Skaggs Bldg 310
Fax: (406) 243 6366
Email: haddadnf@mso.umt.edu

Brad Halfpap

Halfpap, Brad Adjunct Associate Professor

Office: Room 232 CHCB
Email: bradford.halfpap@umontana.edu

Robert Hall

Hall, Robert Professor

Office: Flathead Lake Biological Station
Email: bob.hall@flbs.umt.edu

Stuart Hall, Ph.D.

Hall, Ph.D., Stuart Professor of Physiological Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology

Office: Skaggs Bldg 207
Email: stuart.hall@umontana.edu

Sarah Halvorson

Halvorson, Sarah Environment and Development in Mountainous Regions

Office: Stone Hall 211
Fax: (406) 243-4840
Email: sarah.halvorson@umontana.edu

MSG Travis Hambrick

Hambrick, MSG Travis Senior Military Science Advisor & MS III Advisor

Jordan Hamilton

Hamilton, Jordan TA

Email: jjjordanjjj@gmail.com

Jacobs Hammond

Hammond, Jacobs

Office: Social Sciences 305
Email: jacobs.hammond@mso.umt.edu

Ashley Hampton

Hampton, Ashley Adjunct Instructor/Research Assistant

Office: SS 206
Email: ashley.hampton@umontana.edu

Brian Hand

Hand, Brian Assistant Research Professor

Office: Flathead Lake Biological Station
Email: brian1.hand@umontana.edu

Patrick Hanni

Hanni, Patrick

Office: Skaggs 004
Email: patrick.hanni@umontana.edu

Brandon Hansen

Hansen, Brandon

Email: branhansen84@gmail.com

Kasper Hansen

Hansen, Kasper Associate Professor

Office: ISB 216
Fax: 406 243-6024
Email: kasper.hansen@umontana.edu

Mark Hanson

Hanson, Mark Adjunct

Office: DHC 004
Email: mark.hanson@umontana.edu

Max Hanson

Hanson, Max Mr.

Email: maxwell.hanson@umontana.edu

Bruce Hardy

Hardy, Bruce Faculty- Davidson Honors College, University of Montana

Office: DHC 004
Email: bruce.hardy@umontana.edu

Joel T. Harper

Harper, Joel T. Professor

Office: ISB 406C
Email: joel@mso.umt.edu

Alice Harris

Harris, Alice Adjunct Instructor, Russian

Office: LA 328
Email: alice.harris@mso.umt.edu

Chuck Harris

Harris, Chuck Systems Administrator, Social Science Research Laboratory

Office: Social Sciences 259
Email: charles.harris@umontana.edu

Brady Harrison

Harrison, Brady Professor

Office: LA/Eck Hall 114
Email: brady.harrison@mso.umt.edu

Neva Hassanein

Hassanein, Neva Professor

Office: JRH 101A, Rankin Hall
Email: neva.hassanein@mso.umt.edu

F. Richard Hauer

Hauer, F. Richard UM Director-Institute on Ecosystems

Office: Interdisciplinary Sciences Building Rm 412
Email: ric.hauer@umontana.edu

Jesse Hay

Hay, Jesse Professor, DBS

Office: Health Science 302A
Email: Jesse.Hay@umontana.edu

Miyuki Hayashi

Hayashi, Miyuki Graduate Student

Office: CHCB 205
Email: miyuki.hayashi@umontana.edu

Sara Hayden

Hayden, Sara Professor

Office: LA 346
Email: sara.hayden@mso.umt.edu

Louis Hayes

Hayes, Louis Comparative Government & Politics & International Relations

Email: louis.hayes@mso.umt.edu

Mark Heirigs

Heirigs, Mark Assistant Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

Office: SS 323
Email: mark.heirigs@umontana.edu

Aaron Held

Held, Aaron PhD Candidate - CMMB

Office: HS 301
Email: aaron.held@umontana.edu

Marc S. Hendrix

Hendrix, Marc S. Professor, Department Chair

Office: CHCB 359
Fax: (406) 243-4028
Email: marc.hendrix@umontana.edu

Miranda Henrich

Henrich, Miranda Graduate Teaching Instructor

Office: LA 339
Email: miranda.henrich@umontana.edu

Nathanael Herrera

Herrera, Nathanael EE PhD Candidate

Office: ISB 305c
Email: nathanael.herrera@umontana.edu

Stephanie Hicks

Hicks, Stephanie Administrative Associate II

Office: Clinical Psychology Center (CPC)
Fax: 406-243-5549
Email: stephanie.hicks@mso.umt.edu

Denise Higgins

Higgins, Denise Adjunct Professor

Office: Health Sciences 106
Email: Denise.Higgins@mso.umt.edu

Sean Hill

Hill, Sean Visiting Professor

Office: LA 113
Email: sean.hill@umt.edu

Walter Hill

Hill, Walter Professor Emeritus

Office: Clapp Building 116
Fax: (406) 243-4304
Email: walter.hill@umontana.edu

Nancy W. Hinman

Hinman, Nancy W. Professor

Office: CHCB 316A
Fax: 406-243-4028
Email: nancy.hinman@umontana.edu

Madison Hinrichs

Hinrichs, Madison Graduate Teaching Assistant; MA Candidate Literature; MFA Candidate Fiction

Office: LA 228
Email: madison.hinrichs@umconnect.umt.edu

James Hirstein

Hirstein, James Professor Emeritus

Office: Corbin 261
Email: hirsteinj@mso.umt.edu

Melanie Hoell

Hoell, Melanie Director of H&S Advising

Office: LA 136
Email: HoellSM@mso.umt.edu

Michael Hofmann

Hofmann, Michael Ph.D., The University of Montana, 2005

Office: CHCB 372
Email: michael.hofmann@umontana.edu

William Holben

Holben, William Professor

Office: Health Sciences 503A
Email: Bill.Holben@mso.umt.edu

Zachary A. Holden

Holden, Zachary A. Ecologist

Office: 200 East Broadway St.
Email: zaholdenfs@gmail.com

Katie Holick

Holick, Katie Instructor

Email: katie.holick@umt.edu

David Holley

Holley, David Molecular Computation Core Facility Manager

Office: Skaggs 482
Email: dave.holley@umontana.edu

Colleen Holmquist

Holmquist, Colleen RESPIRATORY CARE: Dir. of Clinical Educ. / Assistant Professor

Office: MC 308
Fax: 406-243-7899
Email: Colleen.Holmquist@mso.umt.edu

Alexandra Honaker

Honaker, Alexandra UM Humanities Institute Intern

Martin Horejsi

Horejsi, Martin Associate Professor of Instructional Technology and Science Education

Office: Education 102
Email: martin.horejsi@umontana.edu

Angela Hornsby

Hornsby, Angela Curator, Philip L. Wrigth Zoological Museum

Email: angela.hornsby@mso.umt.edu

Lu Hu

Hu, Lu Assistant Professor of Environmental & Analytical Chemistry

Office: Chemistry 301A
Email: lu.hu@mso.umt.edu

Beth Hubble

Hubble, Beth Adjunct Assistant Professor of Women''s Studies

Office: LA 138A
Email: elizabeth.hubble@mso.umt.edu

Thomas Huff

Huff, Thomas Adjunct Professor in Law / Professor of Philosophy, Emertius Philosophy, Emeritus

Office: Law 150
Fax: (406) 243-5313
Email: tom.huff@umontana.edu

Larry Hufford

Hufford, Larry Professor

Office: Natural Science Annex 102

Travis Hughes

Hughes, Travis Associate Professor

Office: Skaggs Bldg. 478
Email: travis.hughes@umontana.edu

Rosemary Hughes, Ph.D.

Hughes, Ph.D., Rosemary Research Professor

Email: rhughes@ruralinstitute.umt.edu

Reed Humphrey

Humphrey, Reed Dean & Professor

Office: SB 344
Fax: (406) 243-4209
Email: reed.humphrey@umontana.edu

Farryl Elisa Hunt

Hunt, Farryl Elisa PhD Candidate

Email: farrylelisahunt@gmail.com

John Hunt

Hunt, John Professor

Office: Liberal Arts 127
Email: john.hunt@mso.umt.edu

Khaled Huthaily

Huthaily, Khaled Associate Professor: Arabic & Linguistics

Office: LA 431
Email: khaled.huthaily@umontana.edu

Richard Hutto

Hutto, Richard Professor Emeritus

Office: HS 211
Email: hutto@mso.umt.edu

Donald W. Hyndman

Hyndman, Donald W. Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley, 1964

Email: dshyndman1@gmail.com

Karie Hyslop

Hyslop, Karie Communications Director; Admin Assoc III

Office: CHCB 126
Email: karie.hyslop@umontana.edu

Ia Iashvili

Iashvili, Ia Associate Professor of Geography

Email: ia.iashvili@tsu.ge

Nathan Insel, Ph.D.

Insel, Ph.D., Nathan Assistant Professor, Behavioral & Systems Neuroscience

Office: Skaggs 362
Email: nathan.insel@umontana.edu

Joel Iverson

Iverson, Joel Professor

Office: LA 359 and Zoom
Email: Joel.Iverson@umontana.edu

Anya Jabour

Jabour, Anya Regents Professor of History

Office: LA 254
Email: anya.jabour@umontana.edu

Holly Jackson

Jackson, Holly EE Graduate Student

Office: NS 311
Email: holly1.jackson@umontana.edu

Yoonhee Jang, Ph.D.

Jang, Ph.D., Yoonhee Associate Professor, Cognitive Psychology

Office: Skaggs 205
Email: yoonhee.jang@umontana.edu

Charles Janson

Janson, Charles Professor Emeritus

Office: HS 105
Fax: 406 243-4184
Email: charles.Janson@mso.umt.edu

Paul Janzen

Janzen, Paul Associate Professor

Office: CHCB 128
Email: paul.janzen@umontana.edu

Kelsey Jencso

Jencso, Kelsey Associate Professor of Watershed Hydrology, Montana State Climatologist

Office: CHCB 423A
Email: kelsey.jencso@umontana.edu

Laura K. Jennings

Jennings, Laura K. Assistant Research Professor

Office: HS 510A
Email: laura.jennings@mso.umt.edu

Tiana Jensen

Jensen, Tiana Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Office: LA 133
Email: tiana.jensen@mso.umt.edu

Rosemary Jeter

Jeter, Rosemary Graduate Student Instructor

Email: mary.jeter@umconnect.umt.edu

Octavia Jimenez

Jimenez, Octavia MA Student

Office: Corbin Hall 342
Email: octavia1.jimenez@umontana.edu

Lixu Jin

Jin, Lixu

Office: CHEM 302
Email: lixu.jin@umontana.edu

Miles Jochem

Jochem, Miles MA Candidate Literature; MFA Candidate Poetry

Office: COR 258
Email: miles.jochem@umontana.edu

Eric John

John, Eric Graduate Student

Office: Chemistry 003
Email: eric.john@umontana.edu

Gregory Johnson

Johnson, Gregory Artistic Director, Montana Repertory Theatre / Professor of Theatre

Office: PARTV 101
Email: gregory.johnson@umontana.edu

Jesse Johnson

Johnson, Jesse Professor and Chair

Office: Social Science 417 or Interdisciplinary Science Building 406A
Email: jesse.johnson@umontana.edu

Ruth Johnson

Johnson, Ruth Budget Analyst II

Office: HS 105
Email: ruth.johnson@umontana.edu

Teresa Johnston

Johnston, Teresa Administrative Associate III

Office: Skaggs 143
Email: teresa.johnston@umontana.edu

Anthony Johnstone

Johnstone, Anthony Helen & David Mason Professor of Law & Affiliated Professor of Public Administration

Office: Law 312
Fax: (406) 243-2519
Email: anthony.johnstone@umontana.edu

Eleanor Jones

Jones, Eleanor Teaching Assistant

Email: eleanor1.jones@umontana.edu

Laura Jones

Jones, Laura Budget Analyst II

Office: LA 101-B
Email: laura5.jones@umontana.edu

Tate Jones

Jones, Tate PhD Student

Email: tate.jones@umontana.edu

Ashley Juric

Juric, Ashley (Advisor: Halvorson)

Stewart Justman

Justman, Stewart Emeritus Professor

Email: stewart.justman@umontana.edu

Leonid Kalachev

Kalachev, Leonid Statistical and Mathematical Consulting

Office: Math 309
Email: Kalachev@mso.umt.edu

Ulrich Kamp

Kamp, Ulrich Professor

Office: Stone Hall 307B
Fax: (406) 243-4840
Email: ulrich.kamp@umontana.edu

Kathleen Kane

Kane, Kathleen Associate Professor

Office: LA 111
Email: katie.kane@mso.umt.edu

Darshan S. Kang

Kang, Darshan S. Emeritus Professor

Sini Kantola

Kantola, Sini PhD Candidate, Geography

Office: Stone Hall, Room 207
Email: sini.kantola@oulu.fi

Michael Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh, Michael Professor, Director McLaughlin Research Institute

Office: Health Sciences 308
Email: michael.kavanaugh@umontana.edu

Mark Kayll

Kayll, Mark Professor

Office: MATH 209
Email: mark.kayll@umontana.edu

Michael Kayne

Kayne, Michael Graduate Research Assistant

Office: CHEM 218
Email: michael.kayne@umontana.edu

Joanna Keilp

Keilp, Joanna MFA Candidate Nonfiction

Office: Working Remotely Spring 2021
Email: joanna.keilp@umontana.edu

Derek Kellenberg

Kellenberg, Derek Professor

Office: Liberal Arts 404
Email: derek.kellenberg@mso.umt.edu

Erin Keller

Keller, Erin EE Graduate Student

Email: erin.keller@umontana.edu

Travis Kern

Kern, Travis

Email: tk179542@umconnect.umt.edu

Patty Kero

Kero, Patty Associate Professor

Office: ED 206
Fax: (406) 243-2916
Email: patty.kero@mso.umt.edu

D. Garry Kerr

Kerr, D. Garry Lecturer

Office: Social Science 215
Email: garry.kerr@umontana.edu

Damien Ketcherside

Ketcherside, Damien Graduate Student

Office: CHEM 302

Ardeshir Kia

Kia, Ardeshir Associate Director, Central and Southwest Asia Program

Office: Stone Hall 303B
Email: ardi.kia@mso.umt.edu

Mehrdad Kia

Kia, Mehrdad Professor of History; Director, Central and Southwest Asian Studies Center

Office: Stone Hall 303C
Email: mehrdad.kia@mso.umt.edu

Sara Killeen

Killeen, Sara Adjunct Instrutor

Office: Math 205 C
Email: sara.killeen@umconnect.umt.edu

John S. Kimball

Kimball, John S. Professor of Systems Ecology; NTSG Director

Office: ISB 416
Email: John.Kimball@umontana.edu

Shannon Kimball

Kimball, Shannon Herbarium Curator

Office: NS 302
Email: Shannon.Kimball@mso.umt.edu

Ashby Kinch

Kinch, Ashby Associate Dean of the Graduate School / Professor of English

Office: LA 221 (English) // Lomm 224 (Grad School)
Email: ashby.kinch@mso.umt.edu

Margie Kinnersley

Kinnersley, Margie Post Doctoral Researcher

Office: HS 513A
Email: margie.kinnersley@mso.umt.edu

Laura Kirsch, Ph.D.

Kirsch, Ph.D., Laura Adjunct Professor

Office: Skaggs 364
Fax: 406-243-6366
Email: laura.kirsch@umontana.edu

Anna Klene

Klene, Anna Professor of Geography

Office: Stone Hall 216
Fax: (406) 243-4840
Email: anna.klene@umontana.edu

Casey Kleppel

Kleppel, Casey M.S. Student, Geosciences

Office: Room 113A
Email: casey.kleppel@umontana.edu

James Koch

Koch, James Visiting Professor of History

Office: 240 Keith Avenue
Email: jkoch@odu.edu

Peter Koehn

Koehn, Peter Chair of Political Science & Director of Migration Studies

Office: LA 348
Email: peter.koehn@umontana.edu

Peter Koehn

Koehn, Peter Ph.D., Professor

Office: LA 348
Email: peter.koehn@mso.umt.edu

Lynne Koester

Koester, Lynne Professor Developmental Psychology

Office: Corbin 338
Email: lynne.koester@mso.umt.edu

Anne Kolle

Kolle, Anne MFA Fiction

Email: anne.kolle@umontana.edu

Craig Koller

Koller, Craig (Advisor: Shively)

Emily Kopania

Kopania, Emily

Office: ISB 305D
Email: emily.kopania@umontana.edu

Mladen Kozul

Kozul, Mladen Associate Professor, French

Office: LA 423
Email: mladen.kozul@mso.umt.edu

Diane Krahe

Krahe, Diane Faculty Affiliate

Office: home
Email: dianekrahe@gmail.com

Rebecca Kranitz

Kranitz, Rebecca Academic Advisor

Office: LA 133
Email: rebecca.kranitz@mso.umt.edu

Eugene Kroll

Kroll, Eugene Research Associate Professor

Office: HS 505
Email: eugene.kroll@umontana.edu

Mike Krzywicki

Krzywicki, Mike Birds Eye View Education Program Coordinator

Office: Health Sciences 209
Email: michael.krzywicki@mso.umt.edu

Kathy J. Kuipers

Kuipers, Kathy J. Professor of Sociology, Director of Graduate Studies

Office: Social Sciences 311
Email: kathy.kuipers@mso.umt.edu

Keetje Kuipers

Kuipers, Keetje Visiting Professor

Office: LA 127
Email: keetje.kuipers@mso.umt.edu

Maria Kupper

Kupper, Maria Post-Doctoral Fellow

Email: maria.kupper@mso.umt.edu

Yubin Kwon

Kwon, Yubin Graduate Student

Office: CHEM 218
Email: yubin.kwon@umontana.edu

Rosalyn La Pier

La Pier, Rosalyn Associate Professor

Office: Jeannette Rankin Hall 104
Email: rosalyn.lapier@mso.umt.edu

Dora LaCasse

LaCasse, Dora

Office: LA 429
Email: dora.lacasse@mso.umt.edu

Bob Lambeth

Lambeth, Bob PhD Candidate

Office: Corbin 351
Email: robert.lambeth@umontana.edu

Jean-Marc Lanchy

Lanchy, Jean-Marc Research Assistant Professor

Office: CLAPP Building 205
Email: jean-marc.lanchy(at)umontana.edu

Erin Landguth

Landguth, Erin Associate Professor

Office: Skaggs Building 302
Email: erin.landguth@mso.umt.edu

Ian M. Lange

Lange, Ian M. Ph.D., University of Washington, 1968

Email: ianlange@rockisland.com

Bob Lankston

Lankston, Bob Faculty Affiliate

Email: rlankston@geogrations.com

Loralee Larios

Larios, Loralee Post-Doctoral Researcher

Office: 310 Natural Sciences
Email: loralee.larios@mso.umt.edu

Michael Larmann

Larmann, Michael PhD Student

Office: Corbin 352
Email: michael.larmann@umontana.edu

Gregory Larson

Larson, Gregory Professor

Office: LA 345
Email: greg.larson@mso.umt.edu

Zachary Lauffenburger

Lauffenburger, Zachary UM BRIDGES Ph.D. Student

Office: CHCB 113
Email: zachary1.lauffenburger@umontana.edu

Cindi Laukes

Laukes, Cindi Research Affiliate Faculty

Office: 204 McGill Hall
Fax: 406-243-6252
Email: CIndi.Laukes@mso.umt.edu

Paul Gordon Lauren

Lauren, Paul Gordon Regents Professor Emeritus of History and Distinguished Mansfield Fellow

Email: paul.lauren@mso.umt.edu

Adrea Lawrence

Lawrence, Adrea Dean & Professor, Phyllis J. Washington College of Education

Office: ED 321C
Email: adrea.lawrence@mso.umt.edu

J. Josh Lawrence

Lawrence, J. Josh Assistant Professor

Email: josh.lawrence@umontana.edu

William Laws

Laws, William Associate Professor of Chemistry

Office: Chem 304
Email: bill.laws@umontana.edu

Soazig Le Bihan

Le Bihan, Soazig Prof. of Philosophy, Director of the Prelaw Program, Co-Director of Graduate Studies

Office: LA 153
Fax: (406) 243-4076
Email: soazig.lebihan@umontana.edu

Dallas Lebel

Lebel, Dallas Graduate Programs Coordinator

Office: HS 104
Email: dallas.lebel@mso.umt.edu

Charles Leonard

Leonard, Charles Professor, Physical Therapy

Office: SB 108/015
Email: charles.leonard@umontana.edu

Ekaterina Leonova

Leonova, Ekaterina Fulbright Teaching Assistant

Office: LA 327
Email: kate.leonova@umontana.edu

Steven Levine

Levine, Steven Senior Fellow, Chinese History and Politics, and U.S.-China Relations

Email: steven.levine@mso.umt.edu

Nathaniel B. Levtow

Levtow, Nathaniel B. Associate Professor

Office: LA 150
Fax: 406-243-5313
Email: nathaniel.levtow@umontana.edu

Yan Li

Li, Yan Graduate Student

Email: yan1.li@umontana.edu

Bernice Lin

Lin, Bernice PhD Student - Neuroscience

Email: bernice.lin@umontana.edu

Jenny Lippold, MA (she/her/hers)

Lippold, MA (she/her/hers), Jenny Psychologist Intern

Office: Counseling Services, Curry Health Center

Ken Lockridge

Lockridge, Ken Professor Emeritus of History

Email: kenneth.lockridge@mso.umt.edu

J. Stephen Lodmell

Lodmell, J. Stephen Professor

Office: CHCB 202
Email: stephen.lodmell@umontana.edu

Clary Loisel

Loisel, Clary Professor, Spanish

Office: LA 428
Email: clary.loisel@umontana.edu

Anna Lokowich

Lokowich, Anna Adjunct Instructor, French

Office: LA 323
Email: anna.lokowich@umontana.edu

James Lopach

Lopach, James American Government & Public Law

Email: lopachjj@mso.umt.edu

Mark Lorang

Lorang, Mark Associate Research Professor

Office: Flathead Lake Biological Station
Email: mark.lorang@umontana.edu

Winsor Lowe

Lowe, Winsor Professor

Office: HS 410
Email: winsor.lowe@umontana.edu

Henriette Lowisch

Lowisch, Henriette Associate Professor

Office: Don Anderson Hall 431
Email: henriette.lowisch@umontana.edu

Brian Loyd

Loyd, Brian Assistant Professor

Office: SB 106
Email: Brian.loyd@umontana.edu

Jacob Lucero

Lucero, Jacob PhD candidate

Office: NS 115
Email: jacob.lucero@umontana.edu

Gordon Luikart

Luikart, Gordon Professor of Conservation Ecology and Genetics

Office: Flathead Lake Biological Station
Fax: (406) 982-3201
Email: gordon.luikart@mso.umt.edu

Angela Luis

Luis, Angela Associate Professor of Population & Disease Ecology

Office: FOR 207A
Email: angela.luis@umontana.edu

Diana I Lurie

Lurie, Diana I Professor

Office: SB 383
Fax: 406 243-5228
Email: diana.lurie@umontana.edu

Abigail Lynes

Lynes, Abigail MA Candidate English Teaching

Email: abigail.lynes@umontana.edu

David Macaluso

Macaluso, David Associate Professor

Office: CHCB 119
Email: david.macaluso@umontana.edu

Douglas MacDonald

MacDonald, Douglas Professor

Office: Corbin (Lab) 148
Email: douglas.macdonald@umontana.edu

Kymberly MacEwan

MacEwan, Kymberly PhD Student

Office: Corbin Hall 342
Email: kymberly.macewan@umontana.edu

Greg Machek, Ph.D.

Machek, Ph.D., Greg Professor

Office: Skaggs Bldg 240
Fax: 406-243-6366
Email: greg.machek@umontana.edu

Tom Macko

Macko, Tom

Office: Skaggs 359
Email: thomas.macko@umontana.edu

Rachel Madorskiy

Madorskiy, Rachel Assistant Professor

Office: Curry 033
Fax: 406-243-2362
Email: rachel.madorskiy@mso.umt.edu

Rachel Malison

Malison, Rachel Assistant Research Professor

Office: Flathead Lake Biological Station
Email: rachel.malison@umontana.edu

Lauren Manck

Manck, Lauren Post-Doctoral Researcher

Email: lauren.manck@flbs@umt.edu

Jason Mandala

Mandala, Jason Adjunct Instructor

Office: PEAS Farm
Email: jason.mandala@mso.umt.edu

Marco P. Maneta

Maneta, Marco P. Associate Professor

Office: CHCB 317
Email: marco.maneta@umontana.edu

Nikki Manning

Manning, Nikki Doctoral Candidate

Office: SS 244
Email: nikki.manning@umontana.edu

Marton Marko

Marko, Marton Associate Professor, German

Office: LA 435
Email: marton.marko@mso.umt.edu

Tabitha Marko

Marko, Tabitha Graduate Student

Office: SS 232
Email: tabitha.marko@umontana.edu

Marilyn Marler

Marler, Marilyn UM Natural Areas Specialist

Office: Natural Sciences
Email: marilyn.marler@umontana.edu

John Maron

Maron, John Professor

Office: Natural Sciences Annex 102
Email: john.maron@mso.umt.edu

Hilary R. Martens

Martens, Hilary R. Assistant Professor

Office: CHCB 329/330
Email: hilary.martens@umontana.edu

Brooke Martin

Martin, Brooke Research. Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Office: Chem 215
Email: brooke.martin@umontana.edu

Thomas E Martin

Martin, Thomas E DBS Associated Faculty

Office: NS 205
Email: tom.martin@umontana.edu

Caitlin Martin-Wagar, Ph.D.

Martin-Wagar, Ph.D., Caitlin Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology

Office: Skaggs 366
Fax: (406) 243-6366
Email: caitlin.martin-wagar@umontana.edu

Michael Mayer

Mayer, Michael Professor of History

Office: LA 253
Email: michael.mayer@mso.umt.edu

Levi McClelland

McClelland, Levi ISB Core Manager

Office: Chem 311
Email: levi.mcclelland@umontana.edu

Nate McCrady

McCrady, Nate Associate Professor

Office: CHCB 122
Email: nate.mccrady@umontana.edu

Donna McCrea

McCrea, Donna Head of Archives and Special Collections / Professor

Office: MLIB 412
Email: donna.mccrea@umontana.edu

Joyce McDonough

McDonough, Joyce Associate Professor, Linguistics and Brain & Cognitive Sciences, University of Rochester

Email: joyce.mcdonough@rochester.edu

Peter McDonough

McDonough, Peter Climate Change Studies Program Director

Office: DHC
Email: peter.mcdonough@umontana.edu

Lerene Mcfarland

Mcfarland, Lerene MA Student

Office: Corbin Hall 351
Email: lerene.mcfarland@umontana.edu

Craig McFarland, Ph.D.

McFarland, Ph.D., Craig Associate Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology

Office: Skaggs 202
Email: craig.mcfarland@mso.umt.edu

Fred McGlynn

McGlynn, Fred Professor Emeritus

Office: LA 159
Fax: (406) 243-5313
Email: fred.mcglynn@umontana.edu

Melanie McGrath

McGrath, Melanie Lecturer

Office: McGill 239
Email: melanie.mcgrath@mso.umt.edu

Kimber Haddix McKay

McKay, Kimber Haddix Professor

Office: Skaggs 154a
Email: kimber.mckay@mso.umt.edu

Mary McKenzie

McKenzie, Mary ASUM Senator

Office: Social Sciences 322
Email: mary.mckenzie@umconnect.umt.edu

Kelly McKinnie

McKinnie, Kelly Professor and Associate Chair - Graduate Program

Office: Math 111
Email: kelly.mckinnie@mso.umt.edu

Kevin McManigal

McManigal, Kevin Lecturer, Geographic Information Systems

Office: CHCB 439
Email: kevin.mcmanigal@mso.umt.edu

Scott Mcnall

Mcnall, Scott Faculty Affiliate

Email: scott.mcnall@umontana.edu

Deirdre McNamer

McNamer, Deirdre Professor

Office: LA 116
Email: deirdre.mcnamer@mso.umt.edu

George McRae

McRae, George Professor Emeritus

Office: Corbin 267
Email: george.mcrae@umontana.edu

Patrick Meere

Meere, Patrick Permanent College Lecturer, University College, Cork Ireland

Email: p.meere@ucc.ie

Emily Meick

Meick, Emily Graduate Teaching Assistant

Email: emily.meick@umconnect.umt.edu

Toby Meierbachtol

Meierbachtol, Toby Ph.D., The University of Montana, 2014

Email: toby.meierbachtol@umontana.edu

Marley Merchen

Merchen, Marley ASUM Senator

Email: marley.merchen@umontana.edu

Alexander L. Metcalf

Metcalf, Alexander L. Associate Professor

Office: CHCB 440
Email: alex.metcalf@umontana.edu

Elizabeth Covelli Metcalf

Metcalf, Elizabeth Covelli Associate Dean of Undergraduate Affairs; Joel Meier Distinguished Professor of Wildland Management

Office: FOR 108B
Email: elizabeth.metcalf@umontana.edu

Dominic Meyers

Meyers, Dominic Doctoral Candidate

Email: dominichmeyers@gmail.com

Scott Miller

Miller, Scott Professor

Office: ISB 318
Email: Scott.Miller@mso.umt.edu

Michael Minnick

Minnick, Michael Professor

Office: Health Sciences 509
Email: mike.minnick@mso.umt.edu

Dan Minor

Minor, Dan Senior Director of Development

Office: LA 138C
Email: dan.minor@supportum.org

CPT Tracy Mitchell

Mitchell, CPT Tracy Instructor/ROTC Recruiter

Email: tracy.mitchell@mso.umt.edu

Mizuki Miyashita

Miyashita, Mizuki Professor, Linguistics Program Director

Office: Social Sciences 213
Email: mizuki.miyashita@umontana.edu

Jakki Mohr

Mohr, Jakki Regents Professor of Marketing

Office: GBB 324
Email: jakki.mohr@umontana.edu

Alison Monroe

Monroe, Alison Teaching Assistant

Email: alison.monroe@umontana.edu

Jeff Monroe

Monroe, Jeff

Office: Chem 403

Jannine Montauban

Montauban, Jannine Professor, Spanish

Office: LA 426
Email: jannine.montauban@mso.umt.edu

Johnnie N. Moore

Moore, Johnnie N. Ph.D., University of California (Los Angeles), 1976

Office: ISB 406B
Email: johnnie.moore@umontana.edu

Kallie Moore

Moore, Kallie Collections Manager

Office: CHCB 322 (inside 323)
Email: kallie.moore@mso.umt.edu

Jack Morton

Morton, Jack

Office: GBB 324
Email: jack.morton@business.umt.edu

Tung-Chung Mou

Mou, Tung-Chung Assistant Research Professor and Integrated Structural Biology (ISB) Core Facility, Manager

Office: ISB 220
Email: tung-chung.mou@umontana.edu

October Moynahan

Moynahan, October ECOR Laboratories Manager

Office: ISB 320
Email: october.moynahan@mso.umt.edu

Irena Mrak

Mrak, Irena Assistant Research Professor

Office: Department of Geography, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Email: irena.mrak@siol.net

Paul Muench

Muench, Paul Professor of Philosophy

Office: LA 151
Fax: (406) 243-4076
Email: paul.muench@umontana.edu

Clint Muhlfeld

Muhlfeld, Clint Research Assistant Professor

Office: Flathead Lake Biological Station
Email: cmuhlfeld@usgs.gov

Lois Muir, Ph.D.

Muir, Ph.D., Lois Professor Developmental Psychology

Office: Corbin 334
Email: lois.muir@umontana.edu

Katrina Mullan

Mullan, Katrina Associate Professor

Office: Liberal Arts 412
Email: katrina.mullan@umontana.edu

Michael Murphy

Murphy, Michael Professor

Office: McGill 229
Email: michael.murphy@mso.umt.edu

Kirsten Murray

Murray, Kirsten Professor and Chair

Office: ED 337
Email: kirsten.murray@mso.umt.edu

Mirela Musić

Musić, Mirela MFA Candidate Nonfiction

Christopher Muste

Muste, Christopher American Politics, Public Opinion, Political Psychology, News Media & Co-coordinator of the M.A. Program

Office: 350 LA Building
Email: christopher.muste@umontana.edu

Nicholas R. Natale

Natale, Nicholas R. Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

Office: SB 477B
Email: nicholas.natale@umontana.edu

Helen Naughton

Naughton, Helen Research Professor

Office: Liberal Arts 403
Email: helen.naughton@mso.umt.edu

Jaylene Naylor

Naylor, Jaylene IT / Lab Instructor

Office: CHCB 228
Email: jaylene.naylor@umontana.edu

Cara Nelson

Nelson, Cara Professor of Restoration Ecology; Chair, Department of Ecosystem and Conservation Sciences

Office: CHCB 460C
Email: cara.nelson@umontana.edu

Michelle Nemetchek

Nemetchek, Michelle Graduate Student

Office: Skaggs 471
Email: michelle.nemetchek@umontana.edu

Precious Ann Nepomuceno

Nepomuceno, Precious Ann Graduate Student

Office: Chemistry 111
Email: preciousann.nepomuceno@umontana.edu

Phyllis Ngai

Ngai, Phyllis Director, International Development Studies and Adjunct Associate Professor, Communication Studies

Office: Eck Hall/LA 415
Email: phyllis.ngai@umontana.edu

Curtis Noonan

Noonan, Curtis Director

Office: SB 159
Email: curtis.noonan@umontana.edu

Alex Nord

Nord, Alex Research Assistant, Travis Wheeler Lab

Email: alexander.nord@umontana.edu

Anna Noson

Noson, Anna Research Director

Office: Health Sciences 209
Email: anna.noson@umontana.edu

Jack Nunberg

Nunberg, Jack Professor and Director, Montana Biotechnology Center

Office: CHCB 221
Email: Jack.Nunberg@umontana.edu

Haley O'Brien

O'Brien, Haley Zooarchaeologist/Forensic Anthropologist

Office: SS 217
Email: haley.obrien@umontana.edu

Sean O'Brien

O'Brien, Sean Director of Film Studies

Office: LA 145
Fax: (406) 243-5313
Email: sean.o'brien@mso.umt.edu

Sarah O'Keefe

O'Keefe, Sarah BRIDGES Program Coordinator

Office: CHCB 371
Email: sarah.okeefe@mso.umt.edu

Traolach O'Riordain

O'Riordain, Traolach Director of Irish Studies

Office: LA 125
Email: traolach.oriordain@mso.umt.edu

Catherine Off

Off, Catherine Associate Professor & Interim Chair

Office: Curry 034A
Fax: (406) 243-2362
Email: catherine.off@umontana.edu

Edgar Orozco

Orozco, Edgar

Office: Skaggs Room 053
Email: edgar.orozco@umontana.edu

Emory Padgett

Padgett, Emory Graduate TA, MA candidate

Office: SS 254
Email: ep144834@umconnect.umt.edu

Charles Palmer

Palmer, Charles Professor

Office: Skaggs 281
Email: charles.palmer@mso.umt.edu

Christopher Palmer

Palmer, Christopher Professor

Office: Chem 203A
Email: christopher.palmer@umontana.edu

Cory Palmer

Palmer, Cory Associate Professor

Office: Math 004E
Email: cory.palmer@umontana.edu

Caleb Pan

Pan, Caleb Research Scientist

Office: ISB 415
Email: caleb.pan@mso.umt.edu

Keith Parker

Parker, Keith Associate Professor

Office: SB 393
Fax: (406) 243-5228
Email: keith.parker@umontana.edu

Mary Parrish

Parrish, Mary BHWET Program Manager and WMT/AHEC Training Coordination

Office: Missoula College
Email: mary.parrish@mso.umt.edu

Sierra Paske

Paske, Sierra

Office: CHMY 107
Email: sierra.paske@umontana.edu

Sarjubhai Patel

Patel, Sarjubhai Assistant Research Professor

Office: SB 481
Fax: 406-243-5228
Email: sarjubhai.patel@umontana.edu

David Patterson

Patterson, David Professor

Office: Math 208
Email: david.patterson@umontana.edu

Jody Pavilack

Pavilack, Jody Associate Professor of History; Director of Graduate Studies

Office: LA 265
Email: jody.pavilack@mso.umt.edu

Dean Pearson

Pearson, Dean Research Ecologist - USFS

Office: Forestry Sciences Lab, 800 E. Beckwith Ave.
Email: dean.pearson (at) usda.gov

Jessica Peatee

Peatee, Jessica Clinical Assistant

Office: CPC 129
Fax: (406) 243-5549
Email: jessica.peatee@umontana.edu

Frederick Peck

Peck, Frederick Associate Professor

Office: Math 201
Email: frederick.peck@umontana.edu

Patrick Peel

Peel, Patrick Visiting Assistant Professor

Email: patrick.peel@umontana.edu

Logan Peoples

Peoples, Logan Post-Doctoral Researcher

Email: logan.peoples@flbs.umt.edu

Javier Perez Alvaro

Perez Alvaro, Javier Assistant Professor

Office: Math 301
Email: javier.perez-alvaro@mso.umt.edu

Alison Perkins

Perkins, Alison Adjunct Professor

Office: Don Anderson Hall 432
Email: alison.perkins@umontana.edu

Wade Permar

Permar, Wade Graduate Student

Office: CHEM 302
Email: wade.permar@umontana.edu

C. Logan Pierpont

Pierpont, C. Logan CMMB MS Student

Office: ISB 323B
Email: christopher.pierpont@umontana.edu

Beverly Piggott

Piggott, Beverly Assistant Professor

Office: HS 304A
Email: beverly.piggott@mso.umt.edu

Mark Plonsky

Plonsky, Mark Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre

Office: PARTV 112
Email: mark.plonsky@umontana.edu

Thomas M. Power

Power, Thomas M. Research Professor

Email: tom.power@mso.umt.edu

Chris Prange

Prange, Chris

Office: JRH -- M1B
Email: chris.prange@umontana.edu

Anna Prentiss

Prentiss, Anna Regents Professor of Anthropology

Office: Social Sciences 205
Fax: 406-243-4918
Email: anna.prentiss@umontana.edu

Christopher Preston

Preston, Christopher Professor of Philosophy

Office: Eck 157
Email: christopher.preston@umontana.edu

George Price

Price, George Lecturer

Office: NAC 203E
Email: george.price@mso.umt.edu

Nigel Priestley

Priestley, Nigel Professor of Chemistry

Office: Chem 312A
Email: nigel.priestley@umontana.edu

Sierra Pritchard

Pritchard, Sierra Peer Advisor Intern

Office: Missoula, MT
Email: sierra.pritchard@umconnect.umt.edu

Tatianna Pugmire

Pugmire, Tatianna

Office: Social Sciences 312
Email: tatianna.pugmire@umontana.edu

Liz Putnam

Putnam, Liz Chair, Professor

Office: SB 395B
Email: elizabeth.putnam@umontana.edu

CPT Kris Pyette

Pyette, CPT Kris Operation Officer & MSII Advisor

Gilbert Quintero

Quintero, Gilbert Professor

Office: Skaggs 153A
Fax: 406-243-4525
Email: gilbert.quintero@umontana.edu

Judith N Rabinovitch

Rabinovitch, Judith N Karashima Tsukasa Prof. Emerita of Japanese Language and Culture

Email: rabinovitchj@mso.umt.edu

Douglas Raiford

Raiford, Douglas Research Professor

Office: Social Science -- 4th floor, main office
Email: Douglas.Raiford@umontana.edu

Andrew Ranck

Ranck, Andrew Departmental Research Associate

Office: UH 116
Email: andrew.ranck@mso.umt.edu

Diane Rapp

Rapp, Diane Academic Advisor

Office: LA 133D
Email: diane.rapp@mso.umt.edu

Amy Ratto Parks

Ratto Parks, Amy Assistant Director of Composition

Office: Liberal Arts 212/ ZOOM
Email: amy.ratto-parks@mso.umt.edu

Andrew Rau

Rau, Andrew Research Assistant Professor

Thomas Rau

Rau, Thomas Assistant Research Professor

Office: Skaggs 478
Email: thomas.rau@mso.umt.edu

Craig Ravesloot, Ph.D.

Ravesloot, Ph.D., Craig Research Associate Professor Clinical Psychology

Office: 244 Corbin Hall; mail to 52 Corbin Hall
Email: cravesloot@ruralinstitute.umt.edu

Charlotte Reed

Reed, Charlotte PhD Student

Office: NS 117
Email: charlotte.reed@umontana.edu

Sarah Reese

Reese, Sarah Interim BSW Director

Email: sarah.reese@mso.umt.edu

Richard Reeves

Reeves, Richard Supplies manager

Debra Regan-Wagner

Regan-Wagner, Debra Budget Analyst II

Office: LA301
Email: debra.regan-wagner@mso.umt.edu

Zach Rehm

Rehm, Zach

Office: SS 306
Email: zachary.rehm@umconnect.umt.edu

Eric Reimer

Reimer, Eric Associate Professor | Director of Graduate Studies

Office: LA 226
Email: eric.reimer@umontana.edu

Yolanda Reimer

Reimer, Yolanda Professor

Office: Social Science 416
Email: yolanda.reimer@umontana.edu

Kim Reiser

Reiser, Kim Department Chair/Associate Professor

Office: MC 424
Email: kim.reiser@umontana.edu

Mark Reiser

Reiser, Mark Adjunct Professor & Planetarium Director

Office: CHCB 120
Email: mark.reiser@umontana.edu

Ona Renner-Fahey

Renner-Fahey, Ona Professor, Russian

Office: LA 329
Email: ona.renner@mso.umt.edu

Jeff Renz

Renz, Jeff Clinical Professor (Retired)

Office: Law 113
Email: jeff.renz@umontana.edu

Asia Riel

Riel, Asia Post-Doctoral Chemist

Email: asiamarie.riel@umontana.edu

Sam Robison

Robison, Sam MFA Candidate

Email: sam.robison@umontana.edu

Tricia Rodriguez

Rodriguez, Tricia Project Manager

Office: Health Sciences 209
Email: tricia.rodriguez@mso.umt.edu

Jenna Rolle

Rolle, Jenna Research Assistant

Email: jenna.rolle@umontana.edu

Daisy Rooks

Rooks, Daisy Professor, Department Chair

Office: Social Sciences 313
Email: daisy.rooks@umontana.edu

Matthew Roscoe

Roscoe, Matthew Associate Professor

Office: Math 213
Email: matt.roscoe@umontana.edu

Stanley Rose

Rose, Stanley Professor Emeritus, Spanish

Email: stanley.rose@mso.umt.edu

Edward Rosenberg

Rosenberg, Edward Professor

Office: CHEM 301
Email: edward.rosenberg@mso.umt.edu

Frank Rosenzweig

Rosenzweig, Frank Professor

Office: HS 416
Fax: (406) 243-4184
Email: frank.rosenzweig@umontana.edu

J.B. Alexander (Sandy) Ross

Ross, J.B. Alexander (Sandy) Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Office: ISB 219
Fax: 406-243-4227
Email: sandy.ross@umontana.edu

Tom Roy

Roy, Tom Professor Emeritus

Steve Running

Running, Steve Professor Emeritus of Ecosystem and Conservation Sciences

Email: swr@ntsg.umt.edu

Hope Ruskaup

Ruskaup, Hope MA Candidate Literature; MFA Candidate Poetry

Email: hope.ruskaup@umontana.edu

Ethan Ryan

Ryan, Ethan Adjunct Instructor/Research Assistant

Office: Corbin Hall 346/Social Science 030
Email: ethan.ryan@umontana.edu

Brent Ryckman

Ryckman, Brent Associate Professor

Office: Interdisciplinary Science Building (ISB) 215
Email: brent.ryckman@mso.umt.edu

Kendal Ryter

Ryter, Kendal MSCF Core Director & Associate Research Professor

Office: Skaggs 391
Email: kendal.ryter@mso.umt.edu

Rayna Sage

Sage, Rayna Adjunct Instructor/Research Project Director

Office: Corbin 244
Email: rayna.sage@umontana.edu

Robin Saha

Saha, Robin Associate Professor

Office: JRH 018
Fax: (406) 243-6090
Email: robin.saha@umontana.edu

Jun Saito

Saito, Jun PhD Student

Office: ISB 406
Email: jun.saito@umontana.edu

Anna Sala

Sala, Anna Professor

Office: NS 117 A
Fax: (406) 243 4164
Email: anna.sala@umontana.edu

Erin Saldin

Saldin, Erin Assistant Professor

Office: DHC 003/LA 225
Email: erin.saldin@mso.umt.edu

Robert Saldin

Saldin, Robert Director, Mansfield Ethics and Public Affairs Program

Office: Liberal Arts 354
Email: robert.saldin@umontana.edu

Emily Sallee

Sallee, Emily Assistant Professor

Office: PJW Education #335
Email: emily.sallee@mso.umt.edu

D. Scott Samuels

Samuels, D. Scott Professor

Office: CHCB 207
Email: samuels@mso.umt.edu

Fernando Sanchez

Sanchez, Fernando Affiliate

Office: Stone Hall 207
Fax: (406) 243-4840
Email: Fernando.Sanchez@mso.umt.edu

Alex Santos

Santos, Alex PT, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Office: SB 106
Email: alex.santos@mso.umt.edu

Jolyn Schleiffarth

Schleiffarth, Jolyn Director of Fiscal and Personnel Services

Office: LA 136
Email: jolyn.schleiffarth@umontana.edu

Jacob Schmidt

Schmidt, Jacob MA Student

Office: Corbin 351
Email: jacob1.schmidt@umontana.edu

Jennifer Schoffer Closson

Schoffer Closson, Jennifer Clinical Assistant Professor

Office: Curry 023
Fax: (406) 243-2362
Email: jennifer.closson@mso.umt.edu

Sara Schroeder

Schroeder, Sara Director

Office: International Center 110
Email: sara.schroeder@mso.umt.edu

David Schuldberg, Ph.D.

Schuldberg, Ph.D., David Professor Emeritus / Grant Evaluator

Office: Skaggs Bldg 206
Fax: (406) 243-6366
Email: david.schuldberg@umontana.edu

Eric Schultz

Schultz, Eric MSCF Core Manager

Email: eric.schultz@mso.umt.edu

William Schuman-Kline

Schuman-Kline, William MA Student

Office: Corbin 344
Email: william.schuman-kline@umconnect.umt.edu

Evelyn Schwartz

Schwartz, Evelyn

Office: Chem Building 305
Email: evelyn.schwartz@umontana.edu

Steve Schwarze

Schwarze, Steve Professor

Office: LA 357
Fax: 406-243-6136
Email: steven.schwarze@umontana.edu

Rena Schweizer

Schweizer, Rena Postdoctoral Fellow

Email: rena.schweizer@umontana.edu

Dane Scott

Scott, Dane Professor of Ethics

Office: CHCB 460A
Email: dane.scott@mso.umt.edu

James Scott

Scott, James Professor Emeritus, Classics

Email: scottjm@mso.umt.edu

Jolie Scribner

Scribner, Jolie Academic Advisor

Office: H&S Advising Center LA 133H
Email: jolie.scribner@mso.umt.edu

James W. Sears

Sears, James W. Ph.D., Queen's University, 1979

Office: CHCB 362
Email: james.sears@umontana.edu

Patrick Secor

Secor, Patrick Assistant Professor

Office: HS 513C
Email: patrick.secor@mso.umt.edu

Caleb Seeton

Seeton, Caleb MA Candidate English Teaching

Office: LA 227
Email: caleb.seeton@umontana.edu

Vanessa Selimovic

Selimovic, Vanessa Post-Doc

Office: CHCB 415/416
Email: vanessa.selimovic@umontana.edu

Matthew Semanoff

Semanoff, Matthew Associate Dean / Associate Professor

Office: LA 425
Email: matthew.semanoff@mso.umt.edu

Monica Serban

Serban, Monica Associate Professor

Office: 394 Skaggs Building
Email: monica.serban@umontana.edu

Rachel Severson, Ph.D.

Severson, Ph.D., Rachel Associate Professor, Developmental Psychology

Office: Skaggs 371
Fax: 406-243-6366
Email: rachel.severson@umontana.edu

Kathryn Shanley

Shanley, Kathryn Professor & Special Assistant to the Provost Native American and Indigenous Education

Office: NAC 112
Fax: 406-243-6432
Email: shanleykw@mso.umt.edu

Tobin Miller Shearer

Shearer, Tobin Miller Professor of History; Director of African-American Studies

Office: LA 262
Email: tobin.shearer@umontana.edu

Jared Sheffield

Sheffield, Jared Manager of Enrollment Technology & Analytics

Office: Lommasson 220
Fax: none
Email: jared.sheffield@mso.umt.edu

Joanna Shelton

Shelton, Joanna Faculty Affiliate

Email: joannashelton@montana.com

David Shepherd

Shepherd, David Professor

Office: SB 284
Email: david.shepherd@umontana.edu

Steven D. Sheriff

Sheriff, Steven D. University of Wyoming, 1981

Office: CHCB 325
Email: steven.sheriff@umontana.edu

David Sherman

Sherman, David Professor of Philosophy

Office: LA 159
Fax: (406) 243-4076
Email: david.sherman@umontana.edu

Bethany Shetler

Shetler, Bethany Graduate Student

Office: Chemistry 202
Email: bethany.shetler@umontana.edu

Michaela Shifley

Shifley, Michaela PhD Candidate, Cultural Heritage & Applied Anthropology

Email: michaela.shifley@umconnect.umt.edu

David Shively

Shively, David Retired Professor

Email: david.shively@umontana.edu

Andrea Shiverdecker

Shiverdecker, Andrea

Office: SS 216
Email: Andrea.Shiverdecker@umontana.edu

Elizabeth Sholey

Sholey, Elizabeth Graduate Student Instructor

Email: elizabeth2.cook@umontana.edu

Nader Shooshtari

Shooshtari, Nader Professor/Director of College of Business International Programs

Office: GBB 302
Email: nader.shooshtari@umontana.edu

Ranjan Shrestha

Shrestha, Ranjan Assistant Professor

Office: Liberal Arts 405
Email: ranjan.shrestha@mso.umt.edu

Stephen F. Siebert

Siebert, Stephen F. Professor Emeritus of Tropical Forest Conservation & Management

Email: steve.siebert@umontana.edu

Alan Sillars

Sillars, Alan Professor

Office: Liberal Arts 345
Email: alan.sillars@mso.umt.edu

Ari Silverman

Silverman, Ari M.A., BHWET Intern at Partnership Health Center; Clinical Psychology Intern

Nick Silverman

Silverman, Nick Research Scientist

Office: ISB 419
Email: nicholas.silverman@umontana.edu

Paul Silverman, Ph.D.

Silverman, Ph.D., Paul Professor Developmental Psychology; Chair, Interdisciplinary Minor in Human and Family Development

Office: Skaggs Bldg 366
Fax: (406) 243-6366
Email: paul.silverman@umontana.edu

Indy Singh

Singh, Indy Office Manager, Financial Manager

Office: CHCB Room 128
Email: indrajit.singh@umontana.edu

Diana Six

Six, Diana Professor of Forest Entomology/Pathology

Office: Bioresearch 104
Email: diana.six@cfc.umt.edu

Randall Skelton

Skelton, Randall Professor

Office: Social Sciences 226
Email: randall.skelton@umontana.edu

Frederick Skinner

Skinner, Frederick Professor Emeritus of History

Email: frederick.skinner@umontana.edu

Rebekah Skoog

Skoog, Rebekah PhD Candidate & Accelerate Montana Program Manager

Office: Missoula College 241
Email: rebekah.skoog@umontana.edu

Deborah Slicer

Slicer, Deborah Professor of Philosophy, Graduate Advisor

Office: LA 155
Fax: (406) 243-4076
Email: deborah.slicer@umontana.edu

Laurie Slovarp

Slovarp, Laurie Associate Professor

Office: Curry 031
Fax: (406) 243-2362
Email: laurie.slovarp@umontana.edu

Ethan Smith

Smith, Ethan

Office: M-9 Jeannette Rankin Hall
Fax: 406-243-6090
Email: Ethan.Smith@mso.umt.edu

Garon Smith

Smith, Garon Professor of Chemistry

Office: Chem 002
Fax: 406-243-4227
Email: garon.smith@umontana.edu

Sarah Smolka

Smolka, Sarah (Advisor: Dao)

Meradeth Snow

Snow, Meradeth Associate Professor & Co-Chair of Anthropology

Office: Social Sciences 213
Email: meradeth.snow@umontana.edu

Teresa Sobieszczyk

Sobieszczyk, Teresa

Office: Social Sciences 303
Fax: 406-243-5951
Email: teresa.sobieszczyk@mso.umt.edu

John Sommers-Flanagan

Sommers-Flanagan, John Professor

Office: ED 341
Email: john.sf@mso.umt.edu

Kathleen (Annie) Sondag

Sondag, Kathleen (Annie) Professor

Office: Skaggs 173D
Email: annie.sondag@mso.umt.edu

Regina Souza

Souza, Regina Lecturer

Office: MATH 104
Email: regina.souza@umontana.edu

Clarissa Spain

Spain, Clarissa GrizTech Supervisor

Tyler Sparing

Sparing, Tyler PhD Student

Bonnie Spence

Spence, Bonnie Adjunct Assistant Professor

Office: Education 307
Email: bonnie.spence@umontana.edu

Dan Spencer

Spencer, Dan Professor

Office: JRH 107A
Fax: 406.243.6090
Email: daniel.spencer@umontana.edu

Mark Spero

Spero, Mark MFA Candidate Poetry ; MA Candidate Literary Studies

Email: mark.spero@umconnect.umt.edu

Stephen Sprang

Sprang, Stephen Professor, DBS & Associate Director, CBSD

Office: ISB 218
Fax: 406 243-6024
Email: stephen.sprang@umontana.edu

Bharath Sriraman

Sriraman, Bharath Professor

Office: Math 310
Email: sriramanb@mso.umt.edu

Kimberly Stanek

Stanek, Kimberly Adjunct Professor

Office: Chemistry 206
Email: kimberly.stanek@mso.umt.edu

Jack Stanford

Stanford, Jack Bierman Professor & Director of Flathead Lake Biological Station

Office: Flathead Lake Biological Station

George Stanley

Stanley, George Professor Emeritus

Office: CHCB 302
Fax: (406) 243-4028
Email: george.stanley@umontana.edu

John Statz

Statz, John PhD Student, CMMB

Office: ISB 323A
Email: john.statz@umontana.edu

Brian Steele

Steele, Brian Professor

Office: Math314
Email: brian.steele@umontana.edu

Caroline Stephens

Stephens, Caroline PEAS Farm Lecturer

Office: JRH 102
Email: caroline.stephens@mso.umt.edu

Andrea Stierle

Stierle, Andrea Research Professor

Office: Skaggs 397
Email: andrea.stierle@umontana.edu

Donald Stierle

Stierle, Donald Research Professor

Office: Skaggs 397
Email: donald.stierle@umontana.edu

Emily Stone

Stone, Emily Professor

Office: Math 004B
Email: stone@mso.umt.edu

Sarah Straughan

Straughan, Sarah EE Graduate Student

Email: sarah1.straughan@umontana.edu

Kali Strickland

Strickland, Kali Graduate Psychology Intern

Karel Stroethoff

Stroethoff, Karel Professor

Office: MA 307
Email: karel.stroethoff@umontana.edu

Matthew Strohl

Strohl, Matthew Professor of Philosophy

Office: LA 147
Fax: (406) 243-4076
Email: matthew.strohl@umontana.edu

Robert Stubblefield

Stubblefield, Robert Lecturer; Director of BFA in Creative Writing

Office: LA 231
Email: robert.stubblefield@umontana.edu

Kent Sugden

Sugden, Kent Professor and Chair of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Office: CHEM 306 & CHEM 116B
Email: kent.sugden@umontana.edu

Jingjing Sun

Sun, Jingjing Associate Professor of Educational Psychology

Office: ED 103
Email: Jingjing.Sun@umontana.edu

Jiyu Sun

Sun, Jiyu Graduate Student

Office: Chemistry 004
Email: jiyu.sun@umontana.edu

Mark Sundeen

Sundeen, Mark Assistant Professor

Office: Jeanette Rankin Hall
Email: mark.sundeen@mso.umt.edu

Supanut Suntikoon

Suntikoon, Supanut Mr.

Office: CHCB368
Email: supanut.suntikoon@umontana.edu

Gyda Swaney, Ph.D.

Swaney, Ph.D., Gyda Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology

Email: gyda.swaney@umontana.edu

Matthew Swarr

Swarr, Matthew Research Assistant

Office: CHCB 344
Email: matthew.swarr@umontana.edu

Sarah Sweezy

Sweezy, Sarah

Office: Skaggs 359
Email: sarah.sweezy@umontana.edu

Brenna Swinger

Swinger, Brenna Economics, MA

Office: LA 402
Email: brenna.swinger@umontana.edu

Allen Szalda-Petree, Ph.D.

Szalda-Petree, Ph.D., Allen Professor, Experimental Psychology and Department Chair

Office: Skaggs Bldg 146
Fax: (406) 243-6366
Email: Allen.Szalda-Petree@umontana.edu

Leigh Taggart

Taggart, Leigh BSN, MPH

Office: Atlas Cultural Foundation
Email: leigh.taggart@mso.umt.edu

Matthew Taylor

Taylor, Matthew Associate Professor, Graduate Advisor

Office: Liberal Arts 406
Email: matthew.taylor@mso.umt.edu

Madeline Tecmire

Tecmire, Madeline Teaching Assistant; MFA Candidate Poetry

Email: Madeline.tecmire@umontana.edu

Amber Thatcher

Thatcher, Amber

Office: Skaggs 004
Email: amber.thatcher@umontana.edu

Nicholas Thiros

Thiros, Nicholas PhD Candidate, Geosciences

Email: nicholas.thiros@umontana.edu

Aaron Thomas

Thomas, Aaron Associate Professor, Director of Native American Research Laboratory

Office: Chemistry, 201
Email: aaron.thomas@mso.umt.edu

Camille Thomas-bulle

Thomas-bulle, Camille Post-Doctoral Fellow

Office: BRB 108
Email: camille.thomas-bulle@mso.umt.edu

Adelle Thompson

Thompson, Adelle Administrative Associate

Office: Jeanette Rankin Hall 106
Email: adelle.thompson@mso.umt.edu

Chuck Thompson

Thompson, Chuck Professor

Office: SB 477A
Email: charles.thompson@umontana.edu

Graham R. Thompson

Thompson, Graham R. Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University, l97l

Email: graham.thompson@umontana.edu

Jennifer Thomsen

Thomsen, Jennifer Program Director of Recreation, and Tourism Management

Office: CHCB (Clapp) 410
Email: jennifer.thomsen@umontana.edu

Bret Tobalske

Tobalske, Bret Professor, Director Field Research Station

Office: Health Sciences 208 and Field Research Station
Email: bret.tobalske@mso.umt.edu

Jodi Todd

Todd, Jodi Grant Support Specialist

Office: SS 259C
Email: jodi.todd@mso.umt.edu

Jon Tompkins

Tompkins, Jon Professor Emeritus

Julie Tompkins

Tompkins, Julie Budget Analyst

Office: JRH 102
Email: julie.tompkins@mso.umt.edu

Meg Ann Traci

Traci, Meg Ann PhD, Research Associate Professor

Office: Corbin 52
Email: meg.traci@mso.umt.edu

Tyler Trettin

Trettin, Tyler Forensic Anthropologist

Email: tyler.trettin@umontana.edu

James Tuttle

Tuttle, James Assistant Professor

Office: Social Sciences 307
Email: james.tuttle@mso.umt.edu

Eijiro Uchimoto

Uchimoto, Eijiro Professor

Office: CHCB 127
Email: eijiro.uchimoto@umontana.edu

Nikea Ulrich

Ulrich, Nikea EE PhD Candidate

Email: nikea.ulrich@umontana.edu

Michel Valentin

Valentin, Michel Retired Professor, French

Email: michel.valentin@umontana.edu

H. Maurice Valett

Valett, H. Maurice Professor of Systems Ecology

Office: HS 513A
Email: maury.valett@umontana.edu

Linda Vance

Vance, Linda Senior Ecologist/Spatial Analysis Lab Director

Email: livance@mt.gov

Ruth Vanita

Vanita, Ruth Professor

Office: Liberal Arts Room 146 A
Email: ruth.vanita@umontana.edu

Melodie Velasco Stenger

Velasco Stenger, Melodie

Office: Liberal Arts/Eck Hall 158
Email: melodie.velasco@mso.umt.edu

Andrea Vernon

Vernon, Andrea Director of Experiential Learning & Student Success | Clinical Professor

Office: DHC 020
Email: andrea.vernon@mso.umt.edu

David Victor

Victor, David PEAS Farm Co-Director

Kyle G. Volk

Volk, Kyle G. Associate Professor of History; Chair of the Department of History

Office: LA 252
Fax: 406.243.4076
Email: kyle.volk@umontana.edu

Christiane von Reichert

von Reichert, Christiane Professor of Geography

Office: Stone Hall 210
Fax: (406) 243-4840
Email: c.vonreichert@umontana.edu

Nikolaus Vonessen

Vonessen, Nikolaus Professor and Associate Chair - Undergraduate Program

Office: Math 207
Email: nikolaus.vonessen@umontana.edu

Heather Voorhees

Voorhees, Heather Assistant Professor

Office: LA 356
Email: heather.voorhees@umt.edu

Ekaterina Voronina

Voronina, Ekaterina Associate Professor

Office: ISB 217
Email: ekaterina.voronina@umontana.edu

Edward Waali

Waali, Edward Professor Emeritus

Office: Chem 201
Email: edwaali@gmail.com

Alisa Wade

Wade, Alisa Affiliate

Office: Charles H. Clapp 355
Email: awade@usgs.gov

Clint Walker

Walker, Clint Associate Professor, Russian

Office: LA 330
Email: clint.walker@mso.umt.edu

Arlene Walker-Andrews

Walker-Andrews, Arlene Associate Provost and Emeritus Professor of Psychology

Email: a.walker-andrews@umontana.edu

Jennifer Waltz, Ph.D.

Waltz, Ph.D., Jennifer Professor of Clinical Psychology

Office: Skaggs Bldg 241
Email: jennifer.waltz@umontana.edu

Dong Wang

Wang, Dong Assistant Professor

Office: Chemistry 217
Email: dong1.wang@umontana.edu

Zifan Wang

Wang, Zifan BCRL Manager

Email: zifan.wang@mso.umt.edu

Andrew Ware

Ware, Andrew Professor

Office: CHCB 130
Fax: 406-243-2085
Email: andrew.ware@umontana.edu

Kendra Watkins

Watkins, Kendra NS Instructional Lab Support

Office: NS 210
Email: kendra.watkins@mso.umt.edu

Vicki Watson

Watson, Vicki Professor Emeritus

Office: Natural Science 101
Email: vicki.watson@umontana.edu

Terry Weidner

Weidner, Terry Senior Fellow, International Relations & Comparative Politics

Email: terry.weidner@umontana.edu

G.G. Weix

Weix, G.G. Professor

Office: SS 223
Email: GG.Weix@umt.edu

Christopher Wellman

Wellman, Christopher Professor

Office: Schreiber Gym
Email: christopher.wellman@mso.umt.edu

Scott Wetzel

Wetzel, Scott Associate Professor

Office: Charles H. Clapp Building, Room 216
Email: scott.wetzel@umontana.edu

Travis Wheeler

Wheeler, Travis Associate Professor

Office: Social Sciences, Rm 420
Email: travis.wheeler@umontana.edu

Ashley White

White, Ashley Computer Technician

Luke White

White, Luke CMMB Graduate Student

Office: CHC 205
Email: luke.white@umconnect.umt.edu

Andrew C. Wilcox

Wilcox, Andrew C. Professor

Office: CHCB 357
Email: andrew.wilcox@umontana.edu

Patrick Williams

Williams, Patrick Theory/Compostion

Office: Mus 106
Email: patrick.williams@umontana.edu

Rachel Williamson, Ph.D.

Williamson, Ph.D., Rachel Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology

Office: Skaggs 203
Fax: (406) 243-6366
Email: rachel.williamson@umontana.edu

Allison Wilson

Wilson, Allison Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education

Office: ED 301
Email: allison.wilson@mso.umt.edu

Delyla Wilson

Wilson, Delyla Program Coordinator: International Development Studies, Peace Corp Prep Program & Global Public Health

Office: SS 302
Email: delyla.wilson@mso.umt.edu

Paul Wilson

Wilson, Paul Emeritus Professor

Stanley Wilson

Wilson, Stanley (Advisor: Gritzner)

Tucker Wilson

Wilson, Tucker Graduate Student Instructor

Office: LA 339
Email: tucker.wilson@umontana.edu

Jeff Wiltse

Wiltse, Jeff Professor of History

Office: LA 251
Email: jeff.wiltse@mso.umt.edu

Celia Winkler

Winkler, Celia Professor

Office: Social Sciences 323
Fax: 406-243-5951
Email: celia.winkler@mso.umt.edu

Donald Winston

Winston, Donald Ph.D., University of Texas, 1963

Email: don.winston@umontana.edu

Willard Wiseman

Wiseman, Willard Graduate Asisstant

Office: SS234
Email: willard.wiseman@umontana.edu

Ian Withrow

Withrow, Ian Media and Information Coordinator

Office: LA 136
Email: ian.withrow@mso.umt.edu

William W. Woessner

Woessner, William W. Ph.D., University of Wisconsin (Madison), 1978

Office: CHCB 325
Email: william.woessner@umontana.edu

Julie Wolter

Wolter, Julie Associate Vice Provost for Innovation and Online Learning, Professor

Office: Todd Building 306
Fax: 406-243-2362
Email: Julie.Wolter@umontana.edu

Erica Woodahl

Woodahl, Erica Professor

Office: Skaggs 480
Email: erica.woodahl@umontana.edu

Art Woods

Woods, Art Professor

Office: BioResearch Labs 005
Email: art.woods@mso.umt.edu

Alden Wright

Wright, Alden Emeritus Professor

Office: 407 Social Science
Fax: 406 243-5139
Email: alden.wright@umontana.edu

Natalie Wright

Wright, Natalie

Office: Field Research Station
Email: nataliestudiesbirds@gmail.com

Ke Wu

Wu, Ke Professor

Office: Math 304
Email: Ke.Wu@mso.umt.edu

Patrick Wurster

Wurster, Patrick PhD Student

Office: CHCB 113
Email: patrick.wurster@umontana.edu

Denghui Xing

Xing, Denghui Manager of Genomics Core Facility

Office: ISB 321
Email: Denghui.xing@umontana.edu

Robert Yokelson

Yokelson, Robert Research Professor

Office: Science Center 418 (Clapp Building)
Email: bob.yokelson@umontana.edu

Stephen Yoshimura

Yoshimura, Stephen Professor

Office: LA 347
Email: stephen.yoshimura@umontana.edu

Fischer Young

Young, Fischer Graduate Student

Office: Chemistry 317
Email: fischer.young@umontana.edu

Matt Young

Young, Matt Laboratory Assistant

Office: CHCB 367
Email: matt.young@mso.umt.edu

Ben Yturri

Yturri, Ben MA Student

Office: Corbin 352
Email: ben.yturri@umontana.edu

Laurie Yung

Yung, Laurie Professor of Natural Resource Social Science; Chair, Department of Society & Conservation

Office: CHCB 463
Email: laurie.yung@umontana.edu

Alivia Zubrod

Zubrod, Alivia

Office: Skaggs 053
Email: alivia.zubrod@umontana.edu