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Janet Finn

Janet Finn


Email: janet.finn@umontana.edu
Office: Jeannette Rankin Hall (JRH) 012
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Office Hours, Spring Semester 2015 by appointment

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School of Social Work
The University of Montana



SW 323 Women and Social Action in the Americas

SW 465 Social Work in a Global Context

SW 505 Foundations of Social Work Theory and Practice

SW 511 HBSE II: Difference, Diversity, Oppression

SW 530 History of Social Welfare, Justice, and Change

SW 577 Concentration Integrative Seminar I

SW 578  Concentration Integrative Seminar II

SW 595 Human Rights and Social Justice on US Mexico Border

Personal Summary

Janet Finn received her B.A. from The University of Montana. She earned her M.S.W. from Eastern Washington University and her Ph.D. in Social Work and Anthropology from the University of Michigan. Her dissertation, a cross-national multi-site ethnography of community, labor, and gender in two copper mining towns, was the basis for her first book, Tracing the Veins: Of Copper, Culture, and Community from Butte to Chuquicamata (1998). Janet teaches courses in social work, women's studies, and international development studies. Her interests are in the areas of community practice, gender, youth, international social work, and social work theory and history. She is co-author of Just Practice: A Social Justice approach to Social Work (2008).

Janet has been engaged in community-based research with women and grassroots organizations in Montana and in Santiago, Chile. Janet is the author of numerous articles in social work, anthropology, and women's studies. Her recent work critically examines the social construction of childhood, questions of children's rights, and the implications for social work policy and practice. In 2013 she completed a project on the social construction of childhood in Butte, Montana. The project uses childhood as the lens through which to examine questions of labor, immigration, gender, class, ethnicity, and community in the context of a dynamic site of 20th century industrialization and decline. She is currently engaged in exploration of human rights and social justice issues on the US Mexico border. Janet is committed to linking social work and social justice in her teaching, research, and practice. She served as Director of the MSW Program from 2005-2010, She loves the mountains and enjoys running, hiking, and skiing.


Ph. D, University of Michigan, Social Work and Anthropology, 1995

MSW, Eastern Washington University, 1982

BA. Psychology, University of Montana, 1978

Research Interests

Critical Social Work Theory

Social Work in a Global Context

Women and Social Action

Childhood, Youth, and Social Work

Community Ethnography

Selected Publications


Gender Oppression and Globalization: Challenges for Social Work (2013). (co-edited with Tonya Perry and Sharvari Karandikar). Alexandria, VA: CSWE Press.

Mining Childhood: Growing Up in Butte, Montana, 1900-1960. (2012). Helena, Mont.: Montana Historical Society Press.

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Motherlode: Legacies of Women’s Lives and Labors in Butte, Montana  (2005).(edited volume, with Ellen Crain) Livingston, MT: Clark City Press.

Just Practice: A Social Justice Approach to Social Work  (2003) (with Maxine Jacobson). Peosta, IA: Eddie Bowers Publishing.

Tracing the Veins: Of Copper, Culture, and Community from Butte to Chuquicamata. (1998). Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press.


Selected Articles and Book Chapters

“Judging childhood” (2013). Children and Youth Services Review, 35: 1166-1173.

Place, Power and Possibility: Remaking social Work with Children and Youth (2013) (co-edited with Lynn Nybell and Jeffrey Shook). Special issue of Children and Youth Services Review, 35.

“Globalization and gender oppression: Reflections on teaching and learning.” (2013) (with Kara Mileski). Chapter 12 in Janet L. Finn, Tonya Evette Perry, and Sharvari Karandikar (Eds.). Gender Oppression and Globalization: Challenges for Social Work. Alexandria, VA: Council on Social Work Education.

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"Walls and Bridges: Cultural Mediation and the Legacy of Ella Deloria," Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies, Fall 2000, 21(3): 158-182.

Home Department

School of Social Work 

Area of Expertise

Childhood, Youth and Social Work; Community Ethnography; Critical Social Work Theory; Social Work in a Global Context; Women and Social Action

Teaching Experience

In addition to teaching in School of Social Work, Janet is also a faculty member in the Women and Gender Studies and International Development Studies programs.

Professional Experience

 Janet has conducted a variety of community-based research projects in Montana and in Santiago, Chile.



Co-Chair "Unsettling Feminisms," National Conference on Feminism and Social Work Program committee, 2009-2011

Affilia Women and Social Work Corporate Board, 2007-2013,

CSWE Council on the Role and Status of Women, 2006 - 2013

Council on Social Work Education, 2002-present