Faculty Profile

Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson


Email: holly.thompson@umontana.edu
Office: Chem 402

Personal Summary

Holly Thompson earned her Ph.D. in the laboratory of Brian S. Spooner at Kansas State University in 1982. She was an NIH Postdoctoral Fellow with Vincent Hascall in the Laboratory of Biochemistry, Mineralized Tissue Research Branch, National Institute for Dental Research, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland from 1982 to 1984. Following two years of teaching biochemistry at the University of Montana, Dr. Thompson entered the exciting world of a start-up biotechnology company, ChromatoChem Inc. She survived that experience, returning to the relative tranquility of university life in 1994. Dr. Thompson has taught courses ranging from freshman chemistry for nonmajors through upper division undergraduate and graduate level biochemistry.

Research Interests

My research experience and interests are diverse, and include: the role of extracellular matrix components such as proteoglycans in differentiation and morphogenesis, regulation of pattern formation during embryonic development, biosynthesis of complex carbohydrates such as proteoglycans, rational design of bioaffinity-based assays, and development of appropriate solid phase surfaces for bioaffinity and immobilized metal affinity chromatography applications.

Selected Publications

Hammen, R.F., Pang, D.C., Remington, K., Thompson, H.A., Judd, R. and Szuba, J., 1988. Rapid quantification of mouse IgG by protein A: high performance affinity chromatography. BioChromatog. 3, 54.

Spooner, B.S., Thompson-Pletscher, H.A., Stokes, B. and Bassett, K., 1986. Extracellular matrix involvement in epithelial branching morphogenesis. Developmental Biology, A Comprehensive Synthesis, Volume 3, Cell Surface in Development and Cancer, H. Steinberg, ed. Plenum Press, N.Y.

Spooner, B.S. and Thompson-Pletscher, H.A., 1986. Matrix accumulation and the development of form: Proteoglycans and branching morphogenesis. Biology of Extracellular Matrix, A Series, Regulation of Matrix Accumulation., R. Hocham, ed. Academic Press, N.Y.

Thompson, H.A. and Spooner, B.S., 1983. Proteoglycan and glycosaminoglycan synthesis in embryonic salivary glands: Effects of beta-D-xyloside, an inhibitor of branching morphogenesis. J. Cell Biol. 96, 1443.

Thompson, H.A. and Spooner, B.S., 1982. Inhibition of branching morphogenesis and alteration of glycosaminoglycan biosynthesis in salivary glands treated with beta-D-xyloside. Develop. Biol. 89, 417.