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John Glendening

John Glendening

Professor Emeritus

Email: john.glendening@mso.umt.edu
Office: LA 119
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B. A., Wabash College

M.A., Ball State University

Ph.D, Indiana University

Research Interests

Victorian literature, retro-Victorian fiction, nineteenth-century literature and science, evolutionary theory

Field of Study

19th-century British literature

Selected Publications


Science and Religion in Neo-Victorian Novels: Eye of the Ichthyosaur, Routledge, 1013.

The Evolutionary Imagination in Late Victorian Fiction: An Entangled Bank, Ashgate, 2007.

The High Road: Romantic Tourism, Scotland, and Literature, 1720-1820, St. Martin’s, 1997.


"Recollection and Revision: Penelope Lively's Moon Tiger," English Studies in Canada 43 (2017): 67-81.

"Choice, Contingency, and the Crack of Doom: Penelope Lively's Judgment Day," Studies in the Novel 49.2 (2017): 209-27.

“The Seventh Seal”: Plague and Apocalypse in Literature and Film," Explorations 13 (2016): 25-54.

"Science, Secularism, and Chance in Penelope Fitzgerald’s The Gate of Angels." Journal of Language, Literature, and Culture 63 (2016): 61-76.

"Education, Science, and Secularist Ethics in Alasdair Gray’s Poor Things." Mosaic 49.2 (2016):75-93.

"Evolution and the Entangled Self in Kate Chopin's The Awakening."  American Literary Realism 43 (2010): 41-73.

“‘The World-Renowned Ichthyosaurus’: A Nineteenth-Century Problematic and Its Representation.”  Journal of Literature and Science 1 (2009): 23-47.

"War of the Roses: Hybridity in The Moonstone.”  Dickens Studies Annual  39 (2008): 281-304.

“Track of the Sphinx: H. G. Wells, the Modern Universe, and the Decay of Aestheticism.”  Victorians Institute Journal 32 (2005): 129-66.

“‘Green Confusion’: Evolution and Entanglement in H. G. Wells’s The Island of Doctor Moreau,”  Victorian Literature and Culture 30 (2002): 571-97.

“Darwinian Entanglement in Hudson’s Green Mansions,” English Literature in Transition 43 (2000): 259-79.

“John Keats in Scotland: Burns and the Anxiety of Hero Worship,” Keats-Shelley Journal 41 (1992): 76-99.

“’A Local Human Intensity’: The Clash of Oppositions in the Works of John Synge,” Éire-Ireland 26 (1991): 100-117.

“Young Fanny Burney and the Mentor,” The Age of Johnson 4 (1991): 281-312.

“Ezra Pound and Ezra Pound’s Blake: Method in Madness, Madness in Method,” Paideuma 20 (1991): 95-106.

“The Bartlettt Trial Revisited: Delicacy, Judicial Bias, and New Women,” The Dalhousie Review 70 (1990): 308-337.

Home Department

Department of English 

Area of Expertise

Evolutionary Theory; Nineteenth-Century British Literature; Nineteenth-Century Literature and Science; Retro-Victorian Fiction; Victorian Literature

Professional Experience

Instructor, Department of English, University of Missouri-Columbia, 1973-74

Instructor/Advisor, Department of English, Missouri State University, 1974-77 

Instructor and Dean, The Brunn School, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1978-88

Assistant Instructor, Department of English, Indiana University, 1988-92

Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Montana, 1992-98

Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Montana, 1998-2000

Associate Professor, Department of English, University of Montana, 2000-04

Professor, Department of English, University of Montana, 2005--