Faculty Profile

Stanley Rose

Stanley Rose

Professor Emeritus, Spanish

Email: stanley.rose@mso.umt.edu

Current Position

Professor Spanish and Portuguese



AY 2013

SPNS 301

SPNS 306

SPNS 331

SPNS 201, 202

SPNS 408

FILM 365/MCLG 358


B.A. Inter-American Studies/Spanish, University of Arizona, Tucson

M.A. University of Wisconsin, Madison (Spanish)

Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison (Romance Philology, Portuguese)

Field of Study

 Latin American Literature and Culture; Spanish  and Portuguese languages.

Specialized Skills

Portuguese language and literatures, Brazilian culture.

Professional Experience

 University of Oregon, Eugene, Assistant Prof. Spanish and Portuguese

The University of Montana, Assistant/Associate/Professor Spanish and Portuguese

International Experience

Foreign Study Group direction: Spain and Mexico (1970s to present): Salamanca, Pátzcuaro, Oaxaca.

Foreign travel and extended stays: Portugal, Europe.