Faculty Profile

Tom Seekins, Ph.D.

Tom Seekins, Ph.D.

Professor Developmental Psychology

Email: ruraldoc@ruralinstitute.umt.edu
Office: 52 Corbin Hall


Psych 400 - History and Systems of Psychology
Psych 595 - Rural Community Psychology
Psych 595 - Program Development and Grant Writing

Personal Summary

I have both an academic and a research appointment. My research appointment is through the Rural Institute. I use methods of behavioral, ecological, and community psychology to address issues of rural health and disability, rural employment and economic development, and rural community development and independent living. Current lines of research address: (1) health promotion for people with various chronic impairments, (2) citizen leadership in small towns, (3) rural transportation, (4) community engagement of faith-based organizations, and (5) developing measures of community participation, and (6) developing measure of environments.


Ph.D., University of Kansas, 1983
M.A., University of Kansas, 1981
B.A., University of Montana, 1973

Field of Study

Rural and Community Psychology
Disability and Health
Applied Behavior Analysis
Developmental Psychology

Selected Publications


1.      Seekins, T., Arnold, N., & Ipsen, C. (in press).  A case study of grading accessibility of community infrastructure.  Journal of Urban Planning and Development.


2.      Ipsen, C., Rigles, B., Arnold, N., & Seekins, T.  (in press).  The use of telecommunications to deliver services to rural and urban vocational rehabilitation clients.  Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin.


3.      Seekins, T., Ravesloot, C., Katz, M., Liston, B., Oxford, M., Altom, B., White, G., Petty, R., & Kafka, B. (in press).  Nursing home emancipation: A preliminary study of efforts by centers for independent living in urban and rural areas.  Journal of Disability and Health.


4.      Ipsen, C., Ravesloot, C., Arnold, N., & Seekins, T. (in press).  Working Well with a Disability: Health promotion as a means to employment.  Rehabilitation Psychology.