Heart and Soul Staff Excellence Award

This award recognizes staff excellence in the College of Humanities & Sciences (H&S).

Nominations are due March 15.

The award will be presented at the H&S Dialogue on April 2.

Questions? Please write StaffAdvisoryBoard@mso.umt.edu

Selection Criteria

  • A state supported staff member in the H&S who has worked for the College at least one year.
  • Embodies the mission and values of H& S through some of these criteria:
  • Supporting the educational mission (in any capacity)
  • Promoting diversity
  • Creating a safe, inclusive, environment
  • Demonstrating leadership qualities
  • Providing a positive attitude about work and UM
  • Taking advantage of professional development opportunities
  • Working as a team player


(No more than seven pages)

  • Nomination Form
  • Statement from the nominator on how the nominee embodies the criteria above
  • Letter of support from the supervisor (unless the supervisor is the nominator)
  • Optional: A letter of support from a colleague, student, or faculty member (if nominated by the supervisor, there can be two of these)

The required documents should be combined into a single PDF and submitted to the Staff Excellence Award Nomination upload widget below.

Upload Nomination

Please combine the required documents into a single PDF.