H&S Advising Center

Liberal Arts 133

Academic advising is mandatory at the undergraduate level and enforced by an Advising Number that students obtain after meeting with their advisor each academic term. The College considers good academic advising to be a key ingredient in student satisfaction and academic success.

Every department in the College provides academic advising to undergraduate students, although there are several different advising models in place. In some departments, advising is done by individual faculty members. In other departments, advising is done by a professional advisor and/or trained student advisors. Some departments use a mixed model in which department staff members provide certain advising services that support the advising offered by faculty. Academic advising is an umbrella term that is used to describe various different activities. Academic advising includes the following, depending upon the needs of the student: course schedule advising, or selecting courses to take for any given semester; major and/or minor change or selection; academic planning, or developing a four year graduation plan; assistance for students encountering academic difficulty for various reasons; academic mentoring; advising about scholarships, internships, study abroad, careers or graduate school opportunities.