African American Studies Summer Classes

Black: From Africa to Hip-Hop

public enemy

3 credits
Session 1

Instructors: Tobin Miller Shearer and Breanna “Johnny” Barber

A face-paced journey from the west coast of Africa through to hip-hop U.S. In five short weeks of on-line engagement, earn three credits, watch energizing and entertaining videos, and become part of a virtual learning community.

Gen Ed Attributes: Historical and Cultural Studies (H) and Cultural & International Diversity (X)

elbow freeze move

Discovering Africa

 ancient egyptian farming

3 credits
Session 1

Instructor: Gillean Glaes

This five-week online course introduces you to the history of pre-colonial Africa, focusing on social, economic, political, and cultural institutions and traditions including the wealth, diversity, and complexity of ancient and classical African civilizations and cultures. Examines the history and peoples of Sub-Saharan Africa from approximately 800 until the nineteenth century and the beginning of formal European colonization.

Gen Ed Attributes: Historical and Cultural Studies (H)

gold precolonial africa jewelry
maasi herding cattle