Economics Summer Classes

Economic Way of Thinking

hand drawing diagram

ECNS 101
3 credits
Session 1
Face to Face
MTWR 10:00 - 11:50am

Instructor:  Jeff Bookwalter

Economics is the study of how individuals, firms, and governments make economic decisions, and how those individual decisions make up the entire economy.  In addition to covering the basic tools of economic analysis in this course, considerable time will be spent on the issues of taxation, poverty and inequality, international trade, externalities discrimination, and market power. This course focuses on current economic issues being debated at the local, state, or national level. 

ECNS 101 is required for Journalism School students and Social Work students and will not be offered this spring nor next year. 

Principles of Microeconomics

pencil calculator and graph on paper

ECNS 201
3 credits
Session 2
Face to Face
MTWR  9:30 to11:20am

Instructor:  Staff (TBD)

This course covers the nature of a market economy, economic decisions of the household and firm, competition and monopoly, value and price determination, distribution of income and applied microeconomic topics.