English Summer Classes

Creative Writing

Introduction to Fiction Workshop

hands hold a book

3 Credits
Session 1
Face to Face

MTWR 11:30-1:20am

Instructors: Instructor: Michael Byrne

This beginning writing workshop emphasizes the reading, discussion, and revision of students' short fiction. Students will be introduced to the technical elements of writing fiction. No prior experience in writing short fiction required.

Gen Ed Attributes: Expressive Arts (A)

English Teaching

Teaching Reading & Holocaust Global Literature

hands holding a star of david

ENT 595
3 Credits
Special: June 11- June 22
Face to Face

MTWRF 7:30-11:30am

Instructors: Chin & Deschamps

The course is designed for middle school and high school educators who wish to help their students grow as critical, creative, and empathetic readers, writers, and thinkers.  We will experience and design lessons that integrate the current research and culturally responsive strategies for teaching Holocaust and global literature.

Fulfills the ENT 441 requirement for licensure.


Introduction to Film

hal the comuter from 2001

3 credits
Special: July 2 – July 13
Face to Face

M-F 8:00-12:30am

Instructor: Sean O’Brien

The history and development of the film medium. Emphasis on critical analysis of selected classic or significant films.

Gen Ed Attributes: Lit & Artistic Studies (L)


Introduction to Literature

stacks of books

LIT 110L
3 credits
Session 1

Instructor: Joe Campana

Study of how readers make meaning of texts and how texts influence readers. Emphasis on interpreting literary texts: close reading, critical analysis and effective writing.

Gen Ed Attributes: Lit & Artistic Studies (L), Writing Course-Intermediate


College Writing I

 close up of hands working on a paper

WRIT 101
3 credits
Face to Face

MTWR 9:30-11:20am

Instructor: Erin Wecker

Expository prose and research paper; emphasis on structure, argument, development of ideas, clarity, style, and diction. Students expected to write without major faults in grammar or usage. Grading A-F, or NC (no credit).

Gen Ed Attributes: Writing Course-Introductory