Environmental Studies Summer Classes

Intro to Environmental Science

two researchers with nets in a river

ENSC 105
3 credits
Session 1

Instructor: Matthew Erickson

ENSC 105 builds skills in scientific literacy, critical thinking, research methods, and develops understanding of scientifically-informed active participation in social decisions and service.

Watersheds and Communities Working Together

students working in a river

ENST 191 & ENST 591 (co-convened)
1 credit
Face to Face
Special: 2-Weekends, May 19-20, May 26-27 (SaSu 9am-1pm)

Instructor: Laura Zanolli

ENST 191/591 covers basic watershed science, policy and community action. Students spend time on a nearby stream learning key assessment/monitoring protocols and interact with a local watershed group working on conservation-restoration-community engagement topics.

ENST 191 is designed for local advanced high school students, lower division college students, and interested community members. The co-convened graduate section ENST 591 is designed for graduate students and high-school teachers.

Music and the Natural World

coyote howling

ENST 391-02
3 credits
Session 1 & 2 (10 weeks)
Face to Face
MTWR 5pm-5:50pm

Instructor: Josh Davis

This class will cover the physics of sound, how music is organized in different cultures around the world, how animals use sound and song, how animal songs are organized, how human music and animal music are related, how natural sounds affect humans, and how human sounds affect the natural world.

ENST 391 meets UD elective requirements for all EVST majors and minors.

Where is Away: An Exploration of Waste

overflowing garbage can in a field

ENST 391
3 credits
Session 2
Face to Face
MTWTh, 9:00 to 10:50 am

Instructor: Peter McDonough

The idea of “away” is pervasive in industrialized society: when we don’t want something, it goes “away.” But physically there is no such place, so what happens to those things? Explore the science, history, ethics, and economics of waste in this collaborative, inquiry-driven course, where Missoula is our classroom and trash is our homework.

Summer PEAS Intensive Supervised Internship

two students washing carrots

ENST 396
6 credits
Special: May 21-Aug 18
Face to Face
MTWR 8am-12pm and F 8am-1pm

Instructor: Josh Slotnick

Students learn small scale sustainable vegetable farming in a hands-on work environment at the PEAS farm (15 minute bike ride from campus). Lectures, readings and reflection inform the work. Summer students also visit local farms on once-a-week field trips.

U.S. Environmental Movement

bearing tree next to river

ENST 420
3 credits
Session 1

Instructor: Theresa Duncan

Study of the American environmental movement as a social, political, and cultural movement. Examination of different approaches to environmental protection and restoration in view of the movement’s historical roots and contemporary debates.