Geography Summer Classes

Sustainability Science: A New Approach to Local Development Planning

green space in a city

GPHY 391
3 credits
Session 2

Instructor: Edward J. Jepson

This course takes a “deep dive” into the concept of sustainability and explores the emergence of sustainability science as a way to integrate the scientific method into public policy. Still in its early stages of development, sustainability science has the potential to transform public institutions and decision making so that they are more evidence-based.

Internet GIS

example of ersi map


GPHY 485
3 credits
Face to Face
MTWR 9-11am

Instructor: Kyle Balke

This course will provide an introduction to the concepts and techniques used to design, develop, and implement web-based GIS solutions. It will also cover the use and application of Web GIS solutions across several disciplines including Local Government, Rural and Urban Planning, Native Peoples, Forestry, and Wildlife. The course will focus primarily on Esri’s ArcGIS Online for Organizations web GIS platform.