History Summer Classes

American History I

battle of new orleans

4 credits
Face to Face

MTWRF 9:30am-1pm

Instructor: Kyle G. Volk

What is the story of America? Develop your own answers while wrestling with early American history from Columbus and the Age of Exploration through Lincoln and the American Civil War.

Gen Ed Attributes: Historical and Cultural Studies (H) and Democracy and Citizenship (Y)

Eastern Europe: Life and Death on the Eastern Front, 1939-1945

stalingrad fountain

HSTR 363
3 credits

Instructor:  Robert H. Greene

The Second World War was unlike any war before or since, and nowhere was its destructive energy felt more forcefully than in Eastern Europe under Nazi and Soviet occupation.  Of the seventy million lives that the war claimed worldwide, nearly half were lost in Eastern Europe, an area roughly equivalent in size to the U.S. Midwest.   This online course will make use of primary sources, wartime documents, scholarly works, memoirs and diaries, visual arts, literature, and film to examine the mechanics and rhythms of life and survival, resistance and collaboration, commemoration and loss on the Eastern Front.