Peace Corps Prep Requirements

(As of January 1, 2016)

The University of Montana’s PC Prep Program (PCPP) is designed for students interested in applying for the US Peace Corps or other positions in international development. People with the PCPP certificate receive special consideration when applying to the Peace Corps. PCPP certificates are available in the six work sectors available in the US Peace Corps. If you are interested in the Peace Corps or post-graduation employment with other international organizations, the PCPP may be for you. To take full advantage of available advising and other opportunities, please contact the advisor for you preferred sector to register for PCPP as soon as possible!

Course Work

Core Requirements

  • 3 classes in your chosen sector(s) preferably upper-division courses (for course recommendations, meet with the advisor for your chosen sector)
  • 3 Intercultural Competence Courses (see list of courses under specialization)
  • Foreign Language skills based on your area of interest
    • Equivalent of 2 years college Spanish for Spanish speaking countries
    • Equivalent of 1 ½ years Romance Language for French speaking countries
    • For other countries, no language requirements

Professional and Leadership Development

  • Complete a minimum of 50 hours of internship, volunteer work, or paid employment in your chosen sector
  • Work with UM’s Career Services to develop a professional resume
  • Attend an interview preparation workshop at UM’s Career Services
  • Participate in at least one significant leadership experience while a student at UM