Youth in Development Specialization

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Lindsey Nichols

Lindsey Nichols

Assistant Professor, Department of Counselor Education
Co-Director IYFD program


Core Requirements

  • Three approved courses in the specialization specific work sector (see specialization advisor for course recommendations)
  • 50 hours of hands-on experience in same sector as course work
  • Appropriate foreign language skills for placement site (Spanish-speaking countries two 200-level courses;  French-speaking countries one 200-level courses in any Romance Language; Everywhere else no explicit requirements)
  • Three Intercultural Competence Courses from list below
  • Professional and leadership development including: Professional resume feedback; professional interview prep; and demonstrated leadership experiences. (Professional resume and interview services are available through UM's Career Services.

Intercultural Competence Courses

Please take a total of 3 courses from the following two areas.

Area 1:  Diversity and Inclusion Courses

Take at least one of these (This course may not duplicate courses in your chosen sector.)

  • ANTY 122:  Race and Minorities
  • **ANTY 330X:  Peoples and Cultures of the World
  • ANTY 423:  Culture and Identity
  • ANTY 427:  Anthropology of Gender
  • AAS 141H:  Black:  Africa to Hip-Hop
  • AAS 260/NAS 260:  African-Americans and Native Americans
  • AAS 372:  African American Identity
  • *COMX 204X: International and Development Communication
  • COMX 380:  Gender and Communication
  • **COMX 415: Intercultural Communication
  • COUN 242:  Intimate Relationships
  • COUN 475:  Forgiveness and Reconciliation
  • GPHY 332:  Cultural and Global Competence
  • NASX 105H:  Introduction to Native American Studies
  • NASX 231X:  Indigenous World View Perspectives
  • NASX 260X:  Indigenous Community Development
  • NASX 306X:  Contemporary Global Issues of Indigenous People
  • NASX 405H:  Gender Issues in Native American Studies
  • PSCI 330: Transnational Competence for Global Leadership
  • SOCI 220S:  Race, Gender, and Class
  • SOCI 325:  Social Stratification
  • WGSS 150X:  Women’s Rights and Women’s Roles Around the World
  • WGSS 263S: Social and Political Perspectives on Women, Men, and Sexuality

Area 2:  International Development Courses

Take at least one of these (The courses may not duplicate courses in your chosen sector.)

  • *ANTY 333 Culture and Population
  • *ANTY 349 Social Change in Non-Western Societies
  • * ANTY 426 Culture Health and Healing
  • *ECNS 217X:  Economic Development
  • *ECNS 450:  Advanced Topics in Economic Development
  • *IDS 497-01:  Monitoring and Evaluation in International Development
  • * IDS 497-02: Communication for Social and Behavior Change
  • *GPHY 338 Mountains and Society
  • *NRSM (FOR/RSCN) 424:  Community Forestry and Conservation
  • *NRSM (FOR/RSCN) 475:  Environment and Development
  • *PSCI 428:  Politics of the World Economy
  • *PSCI 431:  Development Administration
  • *SOCI 270:  Introduction to Development Sociology
  • *SOCI 371:  Gender and Global Development
  • *SW 323:  Women and Social Action in the Americas
  • *SW 465:  Social Work in a Global Context

* IDS Core Course
** IDS Content Course