PCPP Advisors

Business and IT

David Firth Professor

Office: GBB 360
Email: david.firth@umontana.edu

Civic Engagement Specialization

Andrea Vernon Director of Civic Engagement, Montana Campus Compact and Public Administration/MPA Faculty

Office: DHC 020
Email: andrea.vernon@mso.umt.edu

Education Specialization

Phyllis Ngai Adjunct Associate Professor

Office: LA 415
Email: phyllis.ngai@umontana.edu

Environmental Specialization

Dan Spencer Professor

Office: JRH 103
Email: daniel.spencer@umontana.edu
Fax: 406.243.6090

Health Specialization

Peter Koehn Ph.D., Professor

Office: LA 348
Email: peter.koehn@mso.umt.edu

Curtis Noonan Professor

Office: SB 159
Email: curtis.noonan@umontana.edu

Youth in Community Development Specialization

Lindsey Nichols Associate Professor

Office: ED 211A
Email: lindsey.nichols@mso.umt.edu

Agriculture and Forestry Specialization

Keith Bosak Professor of Nature Based Tourism and Recreation

Office: CHCB 464
Email: keith.bosak@umontana.edu

Stephen F. Siebert Professor Emeritus of Tropical Forest Conservation & Management

Email: steve.siebert@umontana.edu