IDS App Tile

New IDS App Tile

As IDS student's who are taking advantage of UM's App may have noticed, IDS has sponsored an IDS App Tile within the UM’s App. The IDS tile brings IDS Students the latest information on , carefully selected internships in international development, scholarships, and IDS events right to their fingertips. IDS students can check in with the IDS tile for updates and watch for our push notifications letting you know when important information has been posted. To access the IDS Tile App download the UM App and, if you are a registered IDS student, the IDS Tile will automatically appear.

The IDS App Tile is the first program specific tile on the UM App so we are interested to hear your feedback. We hope to improve the app so it is not just a  tool for us to communicate with IDS students but also as a way for IDS students to connect with each other! Please email suggestions and feedback to!