Communication for Social and Behavior Change


Wednesdays 3:30 - 6:30 PM Spring Semester 2018

Do you aspire to make a difference in the world?  This course will equip you with the essential skills for bringing about positive change.

The world still faces significant health and development challenges –poverty, gender inequities, public-health problems, environmental degradation, unsustainable practices, and many others.  Social and behavior change communication (SBCC) strategies are valuable for positive progress on these and other issues.

SBCC is about using the power of communication to change behaviors by influencing people’s knowledge, attitudes, and social norms for the better.  By making specific changes at the individual, community, and/or societal levels, people can improve not only their own lives, but the wellbeing of generations to come. 

This course is one of the two core capstone courses of International Development Studies Minor; a content course for Global Public Health Minor; and an allied course for Organizational Communication.