Institute of Health and Humanities [IHH]


The Institute of Health & Humanities is a program of the University of Montana funded through endowments made to Providence Saint Patrick Hospital. As a non-profit organization, the Institute of Health & Humanities operates under the direction of an Executive Board comprising university faculty, hospital and university administrators, healthcare providers and representatives from the community. A part-time Executive Director heads the Institute of Health & Humanities staff.


The Institute is supported by St. Patrick Hospital and the University of Montana. In addition, the Institute of Health & Humanities seeks grant funds to support its programs, as well as charitable contributions. Programs are partially underwritten by St. Patrick Hospital, supplemented by private donations, and competitive grants. All donations are deductible as provided by law. For more information, please call (406) 243-4576.

A generous gift from an anonymous donor in 1990 enabled the Institute to begin a book and serial collection specific to the medical humanities. These collections, known as the Ridge Library, are housed in The Learning Center at St. Patrick Hospital. This important resource contains materials in fields of literature and medicine, medical history, pathography, bioethics, and similar disciplines. It also includes works of poetry and fiction that relate to illness and healing. The Ridge Library is available for students and scholars, hospital employees, patients and families and members of the public.