Institute of Health and Humanities

The Institute of Health and Humanities (IHH) supports events and activities that bring the expertise, insights, and approaches of the humanities and social sciences to focus on the broad areas of healthcare and individual and community health and well-being.

About the Institute

The Institute of Health and Humanities [IHH] endeavors to foster the human dimensions of health, well-being and healthcare.  Founded in 1987 as a joint program between the University of Montana and St. Patrick Hospital, the program formerly operated as the “Institute for Medicine and Humanities.”  Since inception, it has employed both the traditional humanities and the fine arts to illuminate and understand major issues that confront healthcare in contemporary society.

The recent name change reflects an expanded focus to include population and community health, individual well-being, and recognition of the importance of all healthcare providers in the provision of care.  IHH is currently sponsored by the University of Montana.  In addition to sponsoring events and educational activities, IHH’s Ridge Endowment promotes scholarship and sponsors the Ridge Library Collection. 

Please contact us for further information or to suggest an event.